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The 3rd edition of CII National Public Procurement Conclave was held at India Habitat Center, New Delhi on 5th-6th December 2019. Sundeep Mohindru, CEO-M1xchange, introduced MSMEs to the benefits of TReDS and its importance in the GDP growth of India.

A hidden restaurant between temples and tudigongs in Guangzhou, China. If you are lucky an old, bearded chinese man comes out and gives you the best advice on how to cook noodles.

■クリプレ■ プラズマ22 ドル/円&ユロドル 1分チャート 設置費:5000円 プレゼント=無料 にします =月利約20% 口座:XM 証拠金:20万円 完全無料でスタート 最新情報 新型 EA・インジ情報グル招待 ↓ 『EA情報希望』とトーク

Don't you think you guys owe Kenyans an explanation, as to how and why this recall letter has been written and signed by one Moses Karakacha who left Gem FAM office 2 years ago? How has he written this letter dated 9th December, 2019 and even signed it yet he isn't in Gem?

A communication network is 1 of the most vital pieces of infrastructure for any educational institution. 4 tips for perfect inbound strategy. Reach out to us +254 757 128959 – at Krishna Centre

Secluded in the Eastern Cape, bordering the Lesotho Mountains, Tenahead Lodge & Spa is truly a secret gem in the Eastern Cape. Find out more -

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The new website really looks beautiful ! 🔥 2020 undoubtedly will be an excellent year to Is a 💎

Hats off to the team at Isla’s school. I can’t claim credit for this little 🍎 we love these moment card. Lovely idea 👍

Dynamite the gold rocket🚀🚀 👌 price is always very cheap only 0,56 dollar for 277400 dynamite in circulation... Market cap only 157000 dollar.

Fresh Asia Music Weekly Chart - Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan (Dec 2-8): TOP3 1. Full Stop - 2. Exclusive Contract - 3. An Unpleasant Song -

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Fusion between Nephrite and Hessonite

s are appreciated


While walking around the forest with his pearl, steven saw a rustling in the leaves, he came closer to investigate his pearl following close behind

He moved past the shrubs and twigs and saw a small twitching bird, taking deep breaths,

“Why is it not moving? Is it defective?” steven asked showing it to his pearl. The pearl shows a hologram of the same bird “This is a rare type of bird, it is called a "Lanm-gam” and is only found in the island of “Naunsa”, “ she showed another image "And it is not defective, it is merely wounded” pearl responded, pointing at the wound in its chest

Steven felt saddened looking at the eyes of the bird that is slowly dying

Tears flooded his eyes and one by one dripping on his cheeks steven closed his eyes and hummed a small tune

But what he didn’t know is that some of the tears hit the bird near its wound and pink sparks lit up and the pearl gasped!

Steven opened his eyes to see the once dying bird now is filled up with life and energy

The bird sang a song to steven, is giving thanks for bringing him back to life

It flew around him, still singing the tune steven giggled at the sight and the bird flew away, singing happily.

Steven nodded to his pearl, wiping away tears that was still in his eyes, and continued their walk.

unpopular opinion(?): PP getting hurt was not abuse

yall PD lost her SHIT and went absolutely wild? And wrecked PP super bad. Yeah checks out! But it ain’t abuse! 

Why do I think so? Because it was totally unintentional.

Not ‘unintentional’ as in like someone having a bad life and being pissy! people rarely ‘intend’ to be abusive. I mean ‘unintentional’ as in ‘it’s like actually legit an accident’ unintentional. Like a kid losing control of her powers!

That doesn’t make it ok! what PD did was absolutely fucked! 100% terrible! On many levels, it doesn’t even matter, because PP was still terribly hurt and it’s still PD’s fault. What she did was actually awful and hurt PP a lot and that’s never justified!

But I don’t think the incident makes her ‘abusive’ towards PP. 

Emotional tantrums = collateral damage–We’re seeing the exact same thing w/ Steven! He freaked out b/c of his mom, just like PD freaked out because of the colony. The only real difference is that nobody got hurt. And if someone DID get hurt I really don’t think we could or should label Steven as an abuser OR call it abuse. 

It’s not like PD had her tantrums to just flex? there’s no hint of that anywhere and we shouldn’t automatically assume otherwise until we get more info.

Which still doesn’t make it ok at all. but isn’t that a huge leap from abuse? 

It’s not like this is an UNCOMMON trope? Naruto (Naruto) loses his shit because of the fox. Ichigo (Bleach) goes off because of his inner demon hollow thing. Mob from MP100 has the same emotions = wrecking someone thing going on. Deadass there’s TV Tropes pages with varying degrees of relevance (See: Power Incontinence). But my point is none of those characters are considered abusive because of THAT.

TLDR: if we call PD’s actions ‘abusing’ PP, it could also apply to Steven, and that doesn’t check out

Note: everything is subject to change with reveals in future episodes. but rn calling PD abusive b/c of this specific incident makes no sense to me


Our #Holiday #Gem #Show was Fantastic!
We had a terrific time and lots of wonderful people showed up! We hope Our #Metaphysical #Madness #Spring #Gem #Jewelry #Art #Show will be even more fun! March 21-22! Look out for Another Fabulous show! (at Cobalt Off Broadway)

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Un tempo pensavo fossi quello che voglio,

nel mare in tempesta eri lo scoglio,

tu, la mia cartina nel portafoglio.

- Gemello, Gemitaiz; Stanotte

How long has it been since I made adopts? Probably not that long honestly, but multiple days at least. I just really like to draw gem oc designs and sometimes splash in other adopts to hide the fact that I’m absolutely just designing a truck ton of gems.

Sea Glass - CLOSED
Little notes: Hardness of 6, frosted glass, started as normal glass that was tumbled for 40 years in the sea
Purchased by @volkswagen-lesbian

Pearl - 50 DA Points - OPEN
Little notes: Hardness of 4.5

Feel free to message me if you’re interested, once you buy the design, you can add or take away details, as long as you don’t make it too unrecognizable! Please don’t resell them for a higher price, but you can give them away to a friend if you want! If you want me to put this character on hold (to hold dear Harley at bay), the character can be on hold for up to 2 weeks before I put them back as open!


“I made ice sculptures for the diamonds.” #stevenuniverse #stevenuniversefuture #stevenuniverseedits #stevenuniverseedit #cuteedits #art #gem

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Steven Universe Animatic - Make The Grade
Am I right in that it sounds a little bit like Stevens voice or am I crazy? Follow me on Instagram: Tumblr...

cartoon network pls hire me