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Gadget Lab Podcast: Google Takes on Microsoft, Amazon in Gaming Google’s just-announced cloud gaming service, Stadia, holds the promise of seamless, multi-device gaming. Is it too good to be true?

'Neon Genesis Evangelion' comes to Netflix June 21st Netflix's flood of content includes a significant anime push -- Ghost in the Shell, Ultraman -- and as part of that it's going to be the first streamer with Neon Genesis Evangelion ...

この間見てきたのに……もうギアが見たくなってる_(:3 」∠)_ 4月のシフト早く出ないかなー✩.*˚

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今週2回転、今年5回転、通算31回転のギア 祐香ドールは去年9月から半年ぶりだったけどヤッパリすごい! 逆に赤ロボ・大熊さん3連続、青ロボ・山下さんは2連続 まさかの動きの連発で大笑いしてしまった。 山下さんのマジックミニ講座で教えてもらったタネ、どこかで使おうっと。

Yeah, I'm super impressed with the $1200 Xelento Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Watch my YouTube review to find out why they're so fantastic and the latest gadget to add to your wish list:

Knowledge is often much more valuable in a survival situation than survival items or . However, there are a few essential items that can mean the difference between life and death.

カメオシリーズピンクのバレッタ Timさまのパーツで作りました。 3/30大須ファンフェスにてこちらは販売します。 petalite ruby quartz rosegold

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Lesson to all of yall motorcyclists: wear your fucking gear.

My crash was at <15 mph and I high sided after slipping on gravel. My helmet looked ok but that is a chunk of CARBON FIBER missing.

My jacket elbow protector saved me from shattering my elbow. My collar bone was broken into 5 pieces (damn near a compound fracture) and I fractured my wrist.

I am miraculously ok after a plate was put on my collar bone with screws, and I have great movement and dexterity despite the sutures. But between my jacket taking all the road rash and my helmet taking a seemingly small hit, I suffered no road rash on my body and my helmet saved me from smashing my skull.

Love ya’ll, be safe.

Dress for the SLIDE. NOT THE RIDE.

And wear your bucket for fuck’s sake.


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