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I get so mad sometimes bc I rly wanna wrap my legs around ppls waists when we’re, um, close n that always has that submissive connotation of “fuck me” but that’s not it all all I’m just a Koala who like to thoroughly attach themself to ppl they like. Let that be it ok

Hi my name is esi. I’m from Australia, I am 15 in April. I’m pansexual I love reading and Netflix I’ve finished Titans and is rewatching shameless. I love, Harry Potter,One direction, Why don’t we, Doctor who,Gotham, Fantasy and mythology. I speak, Spanish and Latin ( English too).

January 27, 2020


idk if straight people get this, but you can’t “turn” a person no matter what sexuality

however you can show someone who thinks they’re straight the (possibly unknown) world of the lgbtq+ community and they might find out that they aren’t as straight as they thought… looks a lot like “turning”, has the same effect. the difference is: one is possible the other one is not.

okokok dont get me wrong, girls? vv pretty. i like to look at them. so beautiful, gorgous absolutely stunning. No creature is as beautiful as girls but like… being more that best friends with girls? kissing girls? ew no thanks. I think im realizing im just a big ol’ homosexual


The visit with Haruko’s family was terrible and humiliating, Damian hated every second of it and it hurt seeing his fiancé in so much pain.

They left after just a few hours of putting up with the Oda’s shit.

Haruko’s been in denial about his family wanting almost nothing to do with him if he doesn’t meet their expectations and his own family never had the decency to tell him straight up about what they think about him, cause telling him was never their first priority.

Haruko just wanted to introduce Damian to them cause whether they accept him or not, they’ll all be family very soon.

Damian>> @sleepytime-moga


Why do I have to have two ideas for a book at once?

One story is the wlw book I was talking about in my other post which would supply accurate and healthy representation of different wlw sexualities with it also having a mlm relationship in it too and a nonbinary character.

Then I have another which I have thoroughly planned out. It is a futuristic fantasy novel focusing on the main character who is nonbinary. It would have a poly relationship and would tackle multiple different important issues like mental health, child abuse, etc.

fellas is it gay to cuddle a girl for like four hours 

and then she kisses you on the head 

like ‘oh i do this with everybody’ but like, do you? 

I held her in my arms, as her favorite movie faintly played in the background. My head resting on her chin, my fingers tangled in her faded, crimson hair. I looked down at her, seeing her eyes glued to the screen. She noticed I was looking at her, and our eyes locked.
I didn’t want to stop looking at her, the longer I looked into her eyes, the more I felt my heart pound harder, the warmer my body was, the fuzzier my soul become to be, and the butterflies my stomach couldn’t contain.  She was breathtaking, but suddenly … She smiled at me, her eyes shimmered with joy and comfort. As she muttered, ‘Stop staring at me.’ I was speechless, yet. I kept gazing into her eyes helplessly, as she would smile more and wonder why I couldn’t stop staring at her.
I realized that … I am in love with her.That this - this feeling I have, I never want it to end with her. I want her to be my forever. I hope she wants that with me, too.
—  my angel