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TNS Review: "A dummy proof way to grow the plants you were meant to smoke..." (link = review)

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but also the soul. --Alfred Austin . Tag a gardener buddy here!

Check out this tweet from ForesInMyGarden: Reach for the sky Bamboo. M.I. Fla [1480x320{it’s an iphone}]

Reach for the sky Bamboo. M.I. Fla [1480x320{it’s an iphone}]

We accept the customization of our customers. We will try our best to solve any difficulties. I believe that you will like this beautiful lawn.

Our European friends with our chickens! How many of you raise your own chickens!

They’re unstoppable! Sharing how stoked I amπŸ’ƒ Gardeners will surely understandπŸ˜πŸ€­πŸ€”πŸ€—

Wood Chips are all spread out in the gardens, the strawberry beds and the berm. Should help keeps weeds down & the garlic warm this winter.

Wait what's this?! FREE VINTAGE SHOVELS??! I frickin love op shops, you'll never know what you can find.

Every needs a . This beautiful folding knife is thought to be a soldier's knife. Anyone know?

Just Pinned to Garden and Gardening Ideas: How to Build a 50 Dollar Greenhouse β€” See how to build this fantastic greenhouse for around 50 bucks or less if you can use your head!

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Meet Pablo, my new plant 🌱

Need advice: hugelkultur beds as a way to cut down on fire risk?

Hi Permaculture! I am new to this, and am wondering if anybody can offer me insight into how to do this, pitfalls I should be aware of, and plants to consider.

My situation: I recently moved to a poorly maintained property in a high wildfire risk zone in California. Lots of piles of brush, semi-rotted pine logs, and dead but still standing tan oak trees mixed in among redwoods and oaks. Most of the land is not forested – was probably cleared about 50 years ago, but has a lot of more recent brush piles and logs across it. We are not eligible for controlled burns, but I’d really like to reduce our wildfire risk. I’d guess we’ve got the equivalent of 20 large trees (30+ feet tall) in dry brush piles. Largest logs are ~30 inches across, but most are 10-20 and are varieties not good for firewood. Bonus: super flammable stuff like pine!

Can I move these logs and brush piles into big hugelkultur beds and plant them as a way of disposing of them?

The area I’m considering is about 2 acres in a flat-ish pasture with about 5 trees that has very poor soil, massive mole/ground squirrel infestations, as well as yellow jackets starting to use these holes as nests. This area is very dry, as there are no trees to catch condensation to water the land. This is reasonably farmable land though, and I’d like to find some relatively sustainable ways to plant/use it that can also earn a bit of income. I have in my head that this would be a great area for lavender and bees at some point.

Other questions I’d love help with:

What do I need to consider for getting water to this area, at least initially? Daily/weekly waterings?

And if hugelkultur beds are possible, should I be angling/curving them to catch additional water off the slopes above? Are there ideal layouts to limit erosion?

Do I need to consider larger plants/trees to make this work?

Seeds, plants, or a mixture of the two?

Any suggestions for plants I should be considering? I’m looking at drought-resistant plants that are not super tempting to deer.

Any practical suggestions/advice on how to tackle a project of this magnitude?

What time of year would I want to start a project like this? I’m thinking maybe building the beds in the winter/rainy season, since there will be some moisture as I’m building. Is that ridiculous? (We almost never get snow here.)

Are there any better ways to deal with the dead brush/logs that I should be considering?

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Tree seed swap

Hi all, I have a little veganic Permaculture place in the UK. I have been collecting acorns and other tree seeds from the oldest trees I can find. I would love to do a swap for any particularly old acorns and as I’m trying to also breed eating acorns I’d love some North American varieties with lower tannin content. I also have been collecting stone fruit and nuts of wild amd cultivated varieties

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The Plan.

So today didn’t work like it was supposed to. We were supposed to plant out our onion and garlic sets in the allotment to over winter. The plan was to get started in one of the beds we had spent ages prepping and researching, our dreadful clay soil and high water table was foxing everyone. We took the easy route of a no dig option, layering up with wet newspaper, fertiliser. dry leaves and straw then rinse and repeat (pics to follow when we actually do get out there..)

The problem was that the teenager and I had had an appalling night’s sleep each and so when my alarm went off this morning, I’m afraid I let the dog out for her pee and when she came back in, we both went back to bed. I woke shortly before 10, arms wrapped around the pooch who was still snoring softly into my ear. The teenager was nowhere to be seen or heard so I took the opportunity to have a rare uninterrupted mug of tea.

We eventually started work just after 11 and spent the day Englishing, sciencing and reading, before finishing with a critical dissection of the language used in the 1970′s Protect & Serve nuclear war prep infomercials..everything is a lesson if you look hard enough..

But the onions didn’t get planted. They’re still sitting on the dresser in the hall, next to the garlic sets, also not planted. I guess we’ll have to Cape the shit out of another Diem, or at least, to quote a friend grab it by the testicles.


Daisy: I managed to get Alan interested in gardening with me in the yard!,,, Its really calming for the both of us, we need it. He’s distracted by a butterfly on his hand right now. BUT!! When its too cold to go in the garden we like to play video games together, Read kitchen princess, cook, and paint.

I brought this basil home like is shown in thr first picture. Full, a lot of flowers but already starting to wither. I cut all the flowers away immediately and thought it would be ok. But two days after it was almost dead!

Here comes the witchy part where I felt the plant energy, it’s living force, a bit weak but still there! I cut most of the branches out and left just the youngest ones.

I swear the plant felt so light and happy! My hands vibrated with joy and happiness. It was so special!

And now it’s growing back again! I got the seeds from the flowers and will plant soon too.

I’m happy.


I want - to do more speed draws…

retro style

but maybe not this style - imagine vaporwave speeddraw or chillwave or like - old 80′s speed draw - idk i wanna try harder next time but im done with this drawin i need a new one to edit down lol.