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Pot decoration ideas that are super simple and easy to make! Paint your clay pots like a ladybug or a bee with these step by step instructions! …

37mm of rain in last 48 hours in SW France. I can hear the plants breathing out a sigh of relief!

Vimal is our latest hire as the at . He hails from Pune and is a graduate from . Apart from work, he is a who loves and . Welcome aboard! 😊 😊

What's your favourite hobby? is a healthy and stimulating physical activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It also helps maintain mobility and flexibility in older people.

Plant breeder, Kerley & Co and wholesale distributor, Ball Colegrave, are working together to bring plant sales donations to the David Colegrave Foundation (DCF) to support students studying horticulture in the UK -

Tulips, blossom, and the sweet peas are planted. At last.

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Today is a wonderful and beautiful amazing day as each day is be amazing

How to create a sustainable (easy) garden (without having to glue yourself to anyone's fence): inc

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸŒΎ Morning all! This week I put out feelers for a business in my little village...already have 3 jobs on! 😊 Will be working on this small section today to make a for 3 children!

Class 2 have been planting Marigold seeds in science, so we can learn about how seeds grow and the different parts of a plant. πŸŒΏπŸƒπŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ’πŸŒ»

Here is your Thursday fix of inspiration. Share on your timeline to inspire others to get in the garden, eat and grow delicious organic vegetables and spread the planting revolution.

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Did you know that every month we manage over 200 gardens in South Liverpool.
Fischerco are gardeners in Aigburth, Liverpool.
The benefits from using Fischerco gardening company are:

1. Your garden will be taken care of by one of our experienced gardeners.
2. Our gardeners are uniformed.
3. Our gardeners will attend in one of our branded company vehicles.
4. Our gardeners will be equipped with the latest petrol motorised equipment, tools and machinery to get the job done.
5. We are a professional gardening maintenance company.
6. We manage hundreds of gardens in South Liverpool.
7. We supply plants a lot cheaper than garden centres and shops.
8. We are a local family run business.
9. Every customer and every garden is important to us.
10. We have a waste carrying licence.
11. We are insured.
T: 0151 727 5630

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Praying Mantis release!


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Why is Turf Grass a Discourse?

Like, this is a thing actually happening right now on tumblr? Are we for real? This is hilarious only because otherwise it would be horrifying. 

When I first saw signs of the discourse on the nice green plant covering most of our yards I thought for sure it was a joke. We had already done this before and the results were not great *coughcough-as-the-increase-in-astroturf-in-cough-southern-United-States-would-show-cough*, we couldn’t possibly be doing this again, right? I was apparently very wrong as I saw more and more posts about it.

Grass and lawn owners were being called out, but why? People were left with many many questions I am sure; and as a Horticulture graduate in North America with a course of Turf Care under their belt, I’m hoping to make some clarifications for a few people.

The grass in most well-kept lawns on your average residential street today originated in Europe. Livestock grazing caused the grass there to begin to grow naturally shorter. This, in turn, became used as a defensive strategy for walled cities as the shorter grass surrounding them gave them a better line of site to approaching enemies. In the 17th century recreational grass came into use as formal open turf areas gained popularity with the rich for garden parties and polo matches. In the 18th century open space between gardens would be filled with turf in estates and parks, but still be grazed. That is until in 1830 when Edwin Budding invented the lawnmower.

Soon, turf grass came to the Americas during colonization and grew in popularity as cities established and then even more so when suburbia did after WWII.

This is where our issues begin. 

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Perlite vs. Vermiculite Uses, Differences, and Misconceptions

My Plant Light 🌱💡

One of my succu babies has been stretching forever and my window is East facing anyways so I got one~

It’s pretty sturdy!! I didn’t think it was gonna be a whole machine but i guess it should be if it’s gonna last 😅

It’s bright af so if you need a night light, this will supply you real nice lol

And it has a clip to it can hang off a deck or your window ledge.

The remote is easy to understand. It has a 3, 6, 12 hour setting, you can schoose between red, blue and both, and 1, 2, or all 3 lights.

And it came with tiny shovels!!

We’ll see how my babies will grow after awhile. I have high hopes 🥰