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Converting your garage could add £45,000 to the value of your house – here’s how to do it! Do I need planning permission? How much does it cost? What about my car? Read more here >>

A fold-down workbench is a good addition to a that can make better use of space.

You might already have the solution you need for keeping tools organized in your .

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Microsoft's iPhone keyboard app experiment is no Swiftkey
Microsoft’s Garage team makes all kinds of experiment apps and then usually puts them out onto competitors’ devices. Sometimes, they’re a different approach to connected life, other times it’s a mystery why Microsoft made them in the first place. This time, it’s brought the Hub Keyboard (previously seen on Android) to the iPhone. If you’re using Office 365 regularly, the ability to search and pull from your documents and your contacts (from just above the keyboard), is a timesaver – no more switching between your work apps and email. It’s like function keys, reinvented in a world of mobile typing. But, if you’re not an Office 365 user, like me, then there’s less here to pull you away from either the baked-in iOS keyboard or Swiftkey – now a Microsoft thing itself. Read more

Hats off to all the mechanics, builders, dreamers and parts keepers! You know who you are!! #sandiego #cars #mechanic #garage#pacificcoasthwy #car #auto #buildit (at Encinitas, California)

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The Heavy Minds - Austria
70’s inspired-Heavy-Psychedelic-Blues-Rock
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The Heavy Minds, based in Upper Austria, are a Psychedelic-70’s-Blues-Trio. After some earlier musical experiments and band´s line-up changes, the group was founded in 2013 by Lukas (guitar, vocals), Tobias (guitar/bass) and Christoph (drums). The band took its debut at the “Night Of Fuzz” at the Posthof Linz. Since then, the three guys played several gigs throughout Austria, including festivals like the Stick and Stone Fest 2013 (East Tyrol), Lake On Fire Festival 2014 (Upper Austria) and shared stages with bands like Mars Red Sky, Colour Haze, Red Fang,…Debut album “Treasure Coast” out now on 12" vinyl and as a digital download at Bandcamp.

Retired Boeing 737 repurposed as garage-kept flight simulator (video)

A fresh concept it’s not, but a fresh look? Yeah, we’ll take that. California resident, air traffic controller, pilot and all-around gentleman James Price has converted the actual nose of a 1969 Boeing 737 into his own personal flight simulator. According to the man himself, he “gutted” the bird, installed “all new” parts, slid it into his garage and… well, took a few minutes to show it to the world. While pretty much any flight sim owner would claim that his or hers was “just like the real thing,” it’s hard to deny that fact with this one. We’re told that it took some three years to complete, and the end result leaves no doubt of James’ toiling. Head on past the break for the vid.

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Having interdimensional fun with this super cool Rick and Morty playset! ♥︎

I got my hands on a couple of super cool Rick and Morty merchandise, as I’m becoming a big fan now. On local TV they don’t broadcast new Simpsons episodes anymore, they stopped doing that last year in autumn. So I needed something to watch on a weekly base. Every Friday there’s a Rick and Morty episode instead, which I really enjoy watching and looking forward to it every week. ◠◡◠ 

My favourite character is Rick, by the way…but I like the whole Smith family too and Snuffles and Mr. Meeseeks were awesome too!


OH SEES - “Poisoned Stones” from the album ‘Face Stabber’, out on Castle Face Records August 18th, 2019.

Video by Eaten Alive Illustrations


Paul Benjamin & Carl H - On My Mind // Thirst Records (1998)