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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Xbox One

Geld verdienen met affiliate marketing Leer hoe je een succesvolle affiliate marketing business opzet Ontdek wat jij heb gemist

Гаразд есе відправити, а якщо катка серйозна? За що ти так, інтернет 😭😭 ________

(headphones) Spy Chameleon gameplay walkthrough 1440p 60fps developer: Unfinished Pixel publisher: Unfinished Pixel YouTube video link:

So YouTube nagged exclusive rights to all Activision Blizzard esports in a multi-year deal. As part of the deal Google Cloud is now the preferred provider for AB's hosting infrastructure and expect AB to push more in game offers

So.. that's chewing-gum, a large coffee, and a box of flares to survive the dark areas of the Meganoid? Here you go: enjoy!

Reminder: Do you live in the Euregio Meuse-Rhine ? Are you between 12 & 26 years old or 55+? Please help us and fill in the Euregional Health survey before 31 January. Questions are about . Thank you!

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Might not be IKEA long, but it’s how you use it

Why are so many viruses aimed at windows ? It crashes just fine on its own thank you!

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Well, my gf and I may have broken up a handful of months ago and I’m still getting over it. And I did just get laid off this Thursday from a position that I’d killed myself at for five months and was told I was a shoe-in for hire. But at least my chair game is on point. So I got that going for me.


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Trails of Cold Steel

Aight I’m not even out of the first dungeon at the academy but

Wow I love this game????

The characters and dialogue are fun and the combat system is what dreams are made of, I love how it’s turn based and uses actual space so it’s like fast moving tactics. Throws you in the deep end at first but then it’s really easy to pick up

Playing the ps4 version of the first one and so far I’m really impressed! Rpgs can be hit or miss with me but I’ve fallen for this one fast, it feels so nice to play