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Serious Sam: Tormental - Action Packed Top-Down Roguelike Shooter Set in the Serious Sam Universe! by

is soon to be the - & of & . We at are eager to work hand in hand with on this Exciting Together! The platform is the perfect place to showcase our titles

We're excited to be at this year! Building new connections in the gaming industry, Let's meet @ GDC 2019 and talk about Cudo Gamer the platform that uses Blockchain computation for hardware monetisation.

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Ok stream pc fixed had to get some help he soon fixed it had to make a new account and delete the old 1 onward to higher quality streams! Dont forget to checkout youtube vlog

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Join Akamai's Jonathan Singer at GDC to learn how to better support microservice communications for your game. Session details here:

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Press F in the chat…
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their vision was not clear

Yaotome Gaku: Sweets Rabbit Chat Part 4

Gaku: Good work, Tsumugi. Today’s CM shooting, I’m glad it finished smoothly.

G: It was the shooting with Izumi-otouto so I didn’t know what to say, but surprisingly he talked normally to me.

Tsumugi: Gaku-san, good work! Thank you for filming with Iori-san.

T: Thanks for caring for him… What did you talk about?

G: The conversation was about work from the beginning (lol). Like how to do vocal training or stretching.

G: I thought I couldn’t keep up on talking with him since we have a huge age difference, but the way Izumi-otouto thinks is adult.

G: Like, it’s like Tenn, he’s precocious. (lol)

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NIER: AUTOMATA #03 – Selbstzerstörung

In der neuen Folge von NieR: Automata begeben wir uns weiter durch eine Anlage auf der Suche nach dem sogenannten Goliath den wir dann auch treffen. 9S setzt sich für uns ein das wir diesen zur strecke bringen doch dann tauchen noch mehr auf und die einzige Möglichkeit ist eine Selbstzerstörung…


Episode 8 of Let’s Play Little Big Planet with @eldritch-enigma