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At the time of writing, wondering if I should play some on my laptop. But the bed is too comfy. ;w;

Langeweile? Dann mach doch bei meinem am heutigen Smastag mit, es gibt 2 mal ne Klasse Collection für Adventure Fans

What word games did you play as a child? We've just been discussing one of our next YouTube videos which will be about why children's word games are so great for learning languages- be it your native or your extra languages. Tell us which ones you played!

Really I try my best for my channel since 2017 I started to stream & walkthrough games & this year was my best year but still miss 1000 subscribe 😔 Please help me to hit 1000 subscribe

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イベントで無限に手榴弾が出るスキルで 手榴弾のみで6キル。(スクワッド) コツは地下や建物をうまく使って倒し、 助けに来た敵の味方もまとめて倒す。 今やってるイベントで手榴弾のスキル選択すると 手榴弾のダメージがめっちゃ減るスキルもついてくるから 思い切って投げまくろう。

1 week down 1 to go! This classic-inspired limited edition will be printed with help from in & won't be made again. Digital DLC begins at $30, get a box & collectibles for $70. ->>

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5 star uber driver

When you, the reader, play video games… Do you talk at all while playing? Like, do you ever say anything while playing?

I don’t, really. Occasionally I might say a word of profanity, but it’s been quite some time since I did that. The only other thing is chuckling, but that rarely happens either.

EDIT: The purpose of this post was to see if anyone actually talks when they play alone. If there’s someone watching it doesn’t count for my question! If you do or do not speak while playing alone I would like to hear about it.


The Outer Worlds #4 ► Долгое завтра | PC 1080 60 fps
MADE TO ORDER!!! Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy Lace Front Cosplay Wig

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Aloy wig from Horizon Zero Dawn game.

This wig is being made to order. Please notice, I need time to order base wig and after it will be delivered I will make a hairstyle for you.
Wig delivery to me takes 14-21 days, I will make your order as soon as possible. Proceeding time might depends on numbers of orders.

Cap: 24"
Length: 20-22"
Parting Space: 2-2.5"


1. Air Mail
Standart Delivery, estimate time is 14-21 days.
2. EMS
Fast Delivery, estimate time is 7-14 days.

!!!Please notice, exact delivery time depends on your location.!!!

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