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Ubisoft, EA, Steam and Epic Games' PC client (+ shop) train, the Grand Theft Auto series producer Rockstar Games also participated. Rockstar Games has released its new digital client for PC.

Sorry guys, no stream tonight 😭 im still feeling sick and i havent stopped coughing or sleeping all day 😴🥴 im so sore right now 😭😭 anyways, i hope to be up and running again soon 💪

crypto in game has been found. Been seen in the wraith labs next to the audio laptop you could find. Go check him out. 😲. Sneaky lil hacker

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A Synopsis of All My Characters

Auremire, Human Guardian:  a loyal and stalwart fellow, Auremire is never hesitant to do what’s right, nor to defend his friends. He fights for the good of all Tyria and its inhabitants, even if it means killing a god or an elder dragon.  Raised by tavern keep in Divinity’s reach, he never really knew his parents.  Little did he know, that his small deeds around Queensdale, would take him to the far reaches of the Crystal Desert as the champion of a dragon and her scion, and Commander of the Pact, with plenty of adventure, joy, and tragedy along the way. Now, he faces the looming influence of Jormag, the Elder Dragon of Ice and Persuasion. He’s killed Elder Dragons before, and will do it again.

Atara Hrafnfjodr, Norn Ranger:  a dark huntress gifted with wings from Raven. She adored Eir, has a hatred for Mordrem beyond belief (she was trapped in a blighting pod for a short time, thus why her eyes are the colour they are now, the corruption of Mordremoth still tangling at the edges of her mind) and is a softie at heart within her tall, stoic, Norn body. She welcomes adventure, and the cold never bothered her anyway. Word of Jormag’s influence returning, has been whispered amongst the spirits. She stands ready with her loyal companions, and her bow. The frosty bastard killed her people, Owl, and drove them from their homeland. Atara has no love for him like the blind Sons of Svanir do. Her arrows will fly swift and true into Jormag’s icebrood minions, and hopefully Jormag themself.

Xausha, Charr Revenant:  with her memory fuzzy of just how her Mist-born abilities came to be, and the knowledge of her sire being a shaman with shady predjudice against them, all she knows is this, and that she somehow has a gift from the Mists themselves. Inspired by the Tribune, Rytlock Brimstone, she hopes to live past the reputation of her sire and to become as great as a revenant as her idol. A stalwart member of the Blood Legion, she more than makes up for her small stature as a Charr, pulverizing through her enemies with finesse and unmatched force unlike any other. Bullied by the other cubs in the Fahrar for her size and lineage, she grew up using her unbound ferocity to face her enemies, and spits in the face of death and danger. Although she is stand-offish in personality, Xausha is rather kind-hearted and humble once you earn her trust. A loyal friend and ally, she would gladly die for her companions. A recent call to the Blood Legion Homelands has been sent her way, and with what’s to come, she’s ready with a somewhat apprehensive approach already from the chill that has suddenly swept over the valley.

Gwylme Thornbough, Sylvari Elementalist:  was brought under the influence of the Nightmare Court shortly after his Awakening. The whispers of the jungle dragon tainted and infected the Dream and his pod, before he could awaken and escape. After some time, and under the mercifulness of the Pale Tree, the young Sylvari found a new, true home and redemption beneath the bows of his Mother’s warm glow. Gwylme soon found a love with his connection to the elements, fire calling his name. Although destructive to the very plant life that created him, he uses it to burn out the evils of the Nightmare Court, and the jungle dragon that has left a taint upon his people. The forests murmur of Jormag, their name bringing a chill in the air. Gwylme will be ready to warm the people with his fire.

Riella Novus, Asura Mesmer:  belonging to an ancient bloodline of the fabled Rata Novus, Riella grew up mesmerized by her father’s illusions and alchemical skill. She had excelled in the College of Dynamics, a real progeny with her VAL-A golem, mesmer skills, and the respect towards her from her lineage. But, her VAL-A fell short, scoffed at by her superiors. She’ll show them someday, knowing her intelligence sparkles above their short-sightedness.  She smiles behind a grinning mask, unafraid of what will be tossed her way. Jormag has been rumoured to be around again? Maybe Taimi will get to tell her the facts!


When everyone quits the lobby right as the game starts. 

2 vs Jason Guess who wins?! Friday the 13th Game!

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Borderlands 3

Just finished the campaign and oh geez the feels… Sirens definitely had a rough time this game 😰

Started playing Mayhem Mode 2 to finish my side quests because I’m too much of a chicken to attempt Mode 3 lol. Since Guardian ranks transfer to True Vault Hunter mode imo this is the best way to gain the most amount of those and get some sweet loot. Once the side quests are done I’ll be moving onto True Vault Hunter mode… wish me luck!


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1: Lets go on foot
2: yeah lets go (steals 1’s ride)
2: nah I’m playing, I’m going back
How are yall enjoying @borderlands 3 so far? #borderlands #borderlands3 #game #games #gamer #gamers #gaming #videogame #videogames #videogamer #videogamers #gmls #gamerslifestyle

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Ciri (Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon)

First appearance (in a video game) Witcher 3 (2015) based off a character in Sword of Destiny (1992 in original Polish version).

For Cirilla is also a highly-skilled witcher, heiress to several thrones, the last bearer of the Elder Blood, a powerful Source endowed with exceptional magic talent and the Lady of Time and Space. Her hair color and date of birth seem… rather incidental now, don’t they? 

Ciri in the Witcher 3 has multiple fates depending on the actions of the player throughout the game. She can possibly die, become a Witcher, or an Empress. 


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Ciri is unable to cast signs, cannot drink potions, cannot parry or use strong attacks and does not possess Witcher senses. Ciri instead possesses three special abilities as a result of her Elder Blood. One of them is called “blink”, which allows Ciri to teleport behind her foes and hit multiple enemies in a row, sometimes going in a kill streak. Another ability is called “magic stone”, which is received during the Battle of Kaer Morhen. It allows Ciri to summon a fireball towards her position, which could however hurt her if she does not move away. The third ability is called “charge”, which allows Ciri to dash at enemies and deal a colossal amount of damage to any enemy on her path.