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It's a long time since I don't post a for but I am quite busy with trying to complete the last unlockable and also adding new features. Here is the last one! :)

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The journal in now tracks your best time in the ring races, for anyone who wants to do speedruns and compare their times.

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After a long time without any progress, I finally found some time to work on Flixel Studio. It's slowly taking shape. Follow the development at

I'm always so sorry for that non-existent bassist that has to play my maladjusted bass riffs. I don't like bass that's boring to listen to.

Life update: started a 9-6 "dream job" in the games industry! Finally came back to my own project, though, and you could say morale's a little low. And these guys won't even look at me. Need some ๐Ÿ’€

MSX Turbo R and others: Colour Split in Screen 5. More than 40 Colours on Screen ...

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Activity log:

Added more detail to generators, shrunk snow particles, added steam particles, added more rocks to background cliff.

To do:

Fix lighting to hilight hero prop more, fix weird chunky wall cap asset, add detail to skull.

Not a lot of excitement, but a lot of improvements for me. Spending the time to add some variation to the attacks and stabilizing the head  made the attacks feel better, and non-destructively tweaking the animation lenght is all in all great. next up i’m going to tweak and try to mix up enemies movement speed and animation timings to get more tactical decision making, instead of having the good old kung-fu “fighting 2 guys at the time” trope.

This redoing made consider adding a build-up meter to then unleash the bullrush or a hadouken, since i’ve found those to be pretty OP to be allowed to be used just like that, so it’s probably to UI grafix when the animation stuff get too daunting.


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San Francisco Trip (2019): GDC

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It’s a wrap for this year’s Game Developers Conference! It was nice to connect with colleagues from the video game industry. The Expo was also interesting with lots of developer-focused stuff to see!

Check it out in 4K 60FPS ▶️


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Chronotopia March Update: Enjoying the view

This is going to be yet another short update but fear not, great things are in store~ So let’s talk progress! As announced last time, I’ve been steady in editing Chronotopia’s C1 route while working on other stuff. I’ve passed the halfway mark (around 130 pages out of 210) and should exceed the three-quarters one next week. My plan is to finish editing in early April to move on to scripting the C2 route.

This is rather incidental but, upon calculating my progress, I realized that I had made a mistake with the scripting bar: we’re not 40% done but 44% done! Suffice to say that I like it better when numbers work in my favor. Again, this is merely a detail but being closer to our goal than expected is always good news to me, and even a small blah means a lot of work.

Art-wise, as I had predicted, PyriteKite has completed all of the game’s backgrounds. I’m going to miss seeing new ones appear in the team chan because they were always gorgeous but it’s ultimately a great milestone.

In the meantime, character art is in a bit of a weird place: @jubberry and @adirosa have started many cool assets (sprites and CGs alike) but Mae had to go on a trip for several weeks, so with half of our duo away we could not finish all of them yet. They did finish a new illustration of the fairy though. It’s not exactly as romantic as the previous one, the mood is more relaxed, but it’s astounding, as always. Plus, it gives you another peak of the magical realm~

It’s been a quiet month again but once Mae is back and I’m done with editing the C1 route, expect our progress to surge! With a bit of luck, we could release the next build in May. I’m crossing fingers here~


Dario Argento’s Dreadful Bond - Teaser

Clod Studio Dev Diary

Kickstarter Page

ÓvÒ Hello everyone, this is another announcement post unlike the last one which I say something but later got scared and nervous this one I been thinking about a bit longer. I will also remember that dev work is for fun and not a job so no stressing myself out. Just wanted to say I been working back on Verloren this year after the whole burn I had last year and left me in a hiatus.

What I learn:

Something I learn which I think is helpful to anyone is you need to not compare peers work to your own. Everyone has a different style and that’s a good thing. I used to look down on how I draw or make things since it didn’t look cool or my style doesn’t fit horror. This lead to me not being able to even take postive feedback since I kept thinking I was doing something bad and my close friends won’t tell me when in reality they were telling the truth. This state of hating my work led to me overworking myself since I thought “this doesn’t look done, it looks like a sketch. No one will like this” and I spend days or hours into that work.

(a old map which I kept thinking was bad)
This state of perfectionism was something I was trap in and later started to even hurt non dev stuff. Thinking I was doing horrible and that I was a failure. This wasn’t because of dev work, or because of anything. This was something inside of me which would take things I care about and make me think I’m not doing good enough. The first step to getting better is finding out the problem after learning this I was able to get help and start to recover from all of this.

I won’t say all the stuff since >:3cc classified information yo, but able to fixing this able me to get back to working on dev stuff and getting back to Verloren after the year hiatus. ÒvÓ)b And I been working really hard also not just me but also the team. Maybe in a future post I’ll explain this further.

This time with Verloren I’ll remember I can take breaks and mess with other projects for fun and I don’t need to announce every time I want to relax. I really do feel much better and I can actually create this game this time. I been redoing the whole game in a empty rpg maker file and I just been feeling super happy. Just remaking everything to make it better. Having this confidence boost really helps since I now I can make this game. 

Here’s a comparison to the intro map of the game:

I hope you look forward Verloren as this time I’m more confident in myself that I can do it. I also closed down my patreon for the time being well I just hide the tiers since I been having a fear with it though I may rework it to improve how I feel about it in the future. 

Thank you everyone for being really kind to me all these years and I hope you look forward to Verloren!