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"Test rendering the new Octane farm system. This 4k render cost 224 tokens." 🔥 👉 via Aleksey Voznesenski (artist portfolio - )

Lazr takes place in Alpha City One, a megacity ruled by corrupt corporations. The big 3 corporations are Voth, Syntel, and Humacorp, each with their own branding and architectural styles. Kickstarter Jan 25th!

BETA Access is now available to EVERYONE that backed our Kickstarter campaign and InDemand by purchasing the game! If you'd like a taste of WoF before launch, you can still make a pledge here

I hope someone out there will appreciate this full res version of the gravestone texture in .

-Summerford- A 3rd person action adventure game that balances action, exploration and puzzle solving and requires careful planning to survive.

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Further exploration on my previous silhouettes page on the treehouse design😎 Which page is ur fave? Any other feedback?😇

there is one day left! I have two offers on the go: 1) 3 hours of consulting, currently at $100 2) Gimble Mini-Epic autographed by the team! Currently at $45 Please RT!

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Praise the Sun Catagrum is a jrpg with light adventure game style narrative coming pretty soon. Heavily influenced by and . Follow Catagrum on Itchio

I've decided to move on from making for the Gamebuino META and focus on a web version! 😀 Here's some footage of game in its current state (the web version will look about the same) 🙂

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Incluso cuando trabajo, tengo ideas para mi . Aquí haciendo un borrador del segundo jefe del juego.

Y más ilustradores haciendo su jale. El Wonder-kid, César y el nuevo intern haciendo lo propio. Por favor, comparte.

"Good to know that you’re feeling like yourself, Maxwell. Always very honest and true to your soul." Here's the sprites Geline Harp.

The plan for tonight is to stream some learnin'. If I don't make it, it's because the kids got me sick. I'll let you know if I can't make it tonight :) Cya at 9pm MDT (11pm EDT) if I make it lol

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"Overture features the same type of one-more-run gameplay that makes The Binding of Isaac so appealing" AlphaBetaGamer

As much as I don't actually want my characters hurt it's still a thing I have to draw. I've sketched out a couple of different versions of damage to test later on!

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A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art.
Paul Cezanne


Just released the final update for ShapePlacer! The game is finally complete and available for a free download on Itch io Game Jolt and Kartridge

Jan 12th - 19th Update

Aetherials of Aurora RPG devlog Update:

  • Foraging System furthered:
    • Mushroom picking integrated into foraging system.
    • Now works with seasons.
    • Leveling up grants perks.
  • Fishing system started. (25% done)
  • Better Custom Home (decorations /furnishing) system implemented – just needs assets & costs.
  • New crafting system implemented with 24 crafting stations!
    • Works but needs some QoL updates and other tweaks.
    • Mechanics, Cooking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Weapon / Armor Smiting, Clothing, Woodworking being the major categories.
  • Fixed Bugs:
    • Title Image no longer takes like 5 seconds to load after starting the game and skipping splash screen.
  • Tweaked Tool system for more streamlined implementation.
  • Tweaked NPC interaction for more options.
  • Designed/conceptualized new optional job.
  • Designed/conceptualized new optional hired / created help.
  • Designed more of the NPC system.

The image show cases a bit of character creation, still needs some tweaks even on this text box!  Right now it displays the class (general attunement) instead of starting element and it’s translation from Consi. Pinku is entropy btw!

Woah, a new game! Yep, I’ve been working on a new project for the last few weeks! I finally got a shader for the background working, it’s supposed to be similar to Earthbound. I’ve posted GIF’s of this game in it’s primal state before, but this time I’ve really finalized the gameplay and art direction and am ready to work it to completion:) I’ll post a little more info on it in the coming weeks!
As far as Gun Rounds goes, I’m still working on it, and it’s nearly done! Unfortunately, while I was initially having promising talks with various publishers, they’ve all dropped out on me for various reasons:( but that’s okay, I think what I’ll aim for is releasing it on, and hopefully using the money from that to port it to mobile. As always, thanks for your support:)

North to the Secluded Chalet is the Destiny Grotto.

The cavities in the stone are said to produce a whistling sound when the wind howls. Due to the waves, erosion makes the walls unstable.

In this peculiar cave, Sam will meet his first Pokémon depending on the path he takes.