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Working on improving the maps for v1.1. Paths between systems now visible on map, names of planets, and markers for mission objectives.

Testing the multiplayer survival mode. Join your friends in mowing down ever increasing waves of monsters! ⚔👹

MISSION LOG 4 I think I've figured out this program. When I tap "Select World," I can pick from a handful of different looking worlds with... codenames? "Wonderland." "Malicious Mundane..." Where are these? Beta Signup:

Lag plays a huge role on first impressions — don’t let that be the case for your game —

Are your players getting into game matches quickly, consistently and efficiently? —

Top in : 'hey artists I know it can be tough to to animate large birds' wings, but it's easy if you remember this simple trick. ' , see more

Walked into the studio early today before the sun was up and got a nice shot of all the equipment LEDs. Kinda like a game developer's starry sky. :-)

At all times through out a run, you can check your inventory for your current abilities and relics. | |

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Thinking about how to make a friendly rocket launcher next. Also I should add an enemy that carries one too.

I love the The Witness trees style and I wanted something similar for my game, I think I got it! I have retexturized a Unreal's Kite Demo tree and this is the result. I think is fantastic! :D

MISSION LOG 6 {ID } Spies! Magic! Heroes! The stories are all true! I think this Lens lets me see the worlds that different creators have been able to see in human history. What else might I find? Beta Signup:

The Micro Anniversary Update hits January 19! Woah, that's like, 2 DAYS from now! Fast paced minigame action!

Shoot, destroy, equip, so they say. Command and upgrade a heavily armed and armored battlecruiser as you attempt to forge a fleet capable of stopping the enemy intelligence that has decimated mankind. Link:

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Goblins + their adopted feathery garbage son.

Proud supportive parents.

The Settlers IV

Have been playing The Settlers for a short while now again, one of the games I played like a child quite often. One of the reasons that I went back is that I bought the History Edition, so it finally runs on my PC and as one of the references games for Valley Kingdoms.

Since I’ve been thinking about territorial growth of your kingdom, I was interested in how The Settlers did this back in the day. Also the production chains and military combat were interesting topics for me.

The way that territory is grown is to build manned guard towers, this creates a circle of territory around it, but can only be placed in your lands. Meaning that:

1) You effectively get only 60% of the territory, since the rest is already yours.

2) You end up with tedious tower placement, I ended up with 20 towers all across the map, which half of them were not even relevant anymore, since I just had to protect the borders.

I did enjoy the production chains, they were easy to understand though felt a bit too easy at times. I think that for Valley Kingdoms, if there will be any, that the chains need to be more complex. Also I think that it was hard for me to understand how much of what resource I actually had, since it’s hidden in menus. (This was super easy to understand by watching the stockpile in Stronghold Crusader.)

I loved the environmental animations, trees flowing with the wind, animals running around, building animations. It all looked very cool. I was sad to realize again how mundane the character design was from your settlers… I played the Romans which is basically all black haired dudes with a red robes. At the end game, I had around 200 haulers, and on the mini-map it looked like I was playing the Goths in Age of Empires.

The military aspect was also a bit dull in my opinion. It felt like I just had to have more units than the other one. There was little to no strategy involved. I would’ve loved to have horses and use them as an offensive attack, while archers could stand on a mountain and shoot from above.

The last aspect which I really disliked is the time. It felt like I was playing days, while it had (only) been 2.5 hours. The whole game feels like it goes really slow, I assume there’s a speed control (Couldn’t find it, should’ve Googled.), which made it sometimes pretty boring.

All in all I enjoyed playing it again. Next game to play is Company of Heroes.

Collisions and Textures

Unlike a lot of 2D platformers, Teleportium does not actually use tiles for collision.  Instead, it uses axis-aligned rectangles that I call “brushes”, which probably isn’t the most accurate use of the term, but it’s entrenched now. 

Until recently, these brushes were drawn using tiles, but they now use a texture system, as tilemaps were causing issues, and I could see them causing more later on.  While this means that each individual brush is less detailed than before, it pretty trivially allows for textures that have their own surface properties, like friction:

Or elasticity:

And more to come in the future, like teleport blocking, among others. 

As of now, all textures are placeholders.  I also plan on changing how friction affects player acceleration.

This system also allows for differently sized textures, whereas every tile needed to be 16x16px earlier, which may come in handy once I really get going with graphics.

I’m working on many in-game rewards that you can unlock through loot chests! The Phaser 3 sticker is a placeholder for now.


#furcifer v0.5.4 is now live!
Download now by heading to our profile page, link in the description.
Added the 3rd world.
Accumulative difficulty for 2nd world.
See ya next update!
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Where are bluegreen, blue, purple tiles? Did you remember them in that order?

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What’s up blog. Freedom2Fight here. Was testing the new, smarter camera.

Previously, it only knew to lock-on on a specific player instance. If the instance were to be destroyed, the game would crash.

This is all in preparation for being able to switch between the 3 protagonists seamlessly.


It looks like Equaland will be available on Google Play sooner than we expected! We will share the big news as soon as it happens! 😆

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Been working on enemy scripts and so far I have the wizard casting fire spells when it gets close enough to you. I can’t seem to get the spell to actually go in your direction though. So far it just goes right. I do have a raycast that follows the player transform but for some reason the fire won’t go in that direction. For now I guess it’ll just go to the right 🤷🏻‍♂️

I do like the fire animation I made tho 😋