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Good morning Twitter! Welcome to a new week :-) I've got a lot on today - a bunch of that needs doing (lots happening behind the scenes there), followed by some :-) What are your plans for this week folks? :-)

Wondering where you might end up after graduation? Last week we visited and made this picture of 17(!!) of our alumni currently working there! ;)

Create a Graph: Bar Chart Visual Object (Unity Tutorial) Continuing the series let's create an Interface so we can later update our Graph with ease.

I've been finally playing some and wanted to see how close my toon shader could get to its style! I grabbed a Link model () and I'm not disappointed with how it turned out with just a few small adjustments! ✌️

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This blog was left abandoned for a long time, sorry. Currently, I’m dealing with depression and I can’t tell that I’m good with it. So don’t be surprised if once I’ll stop posting things here again. 

Okay, enough! Everything is not as bad as it seems! Day by day I’m working on my game and now it looks so close to final demo version! 

Thank YOU.

Loadout grid UI is pretty much feature complete, and even handles for special cases. Icons all change depending on the store, and they even change depending on the station’s limits. It even mirrors launcher hardpoints to match the station so that the multiples get loaded correctly on the opposite wing.

I’m really happy with how this has come out. To match the prototype’s functionality, there is only one last remaining major feature. This UI needs to be used to actually load these weapons. This also includes the return of the loadout mode when landed. As before, there’s still a lot of work left, but just as much is now behind me.

Part of getting the loadout work is the ability to load different numbers of munitions per station. Here’s a Mk82 being loaded in different quantities. When singly loaded, it’s attached directly to the hardpoint, but when loaded in multiples, it uses a bomb rack.

Another new feature is that launchers know when they need to load things mirrored. For example, in the example above where only 2 bombs are loaded, the launcher will be told by the station that it needs to load mirrored when it’s on the opposite wing.


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So normally, the boss is launched off the roof and kind of stays in the exact same position since I just add force to his rigidbody. HOWEVER, I had the genius idea of setting up an INVISIBLE TRAP for him to bump into so that there’s more of a… topsy-turvy flippy-floppy motion to his fall from grace. Maybe it’s a little lo-fi, but whatever gets the job done!

Set the time per hour to .05 seconds to show this feature, I added a neat little daytime indicator, I have mixed feelings about it - mostly that its not centered on noon, and it feels like daytime is shorter than nighttime. For now it’ll be left as is.
Also, when it hits midnight it updates the day counter. It didn’t do this before but now it does update the players. I’m wanting very minimal ui.

Who Wants Skatebork Lore?

I am probably the least qualified to talk about how the concept of Skatebork came to be, but for the sake of proving myself as a worthy bearer of the “Skatebork Developer” title, I can expose a little bit about what happened behind the scenes when it came to making this game.

When it came to making this particular game, the other two devs and I were tasked with making a game with limitations, because as it turns out, limiting yourself is the best way to get creative. It just goes to show that working in spite of something is better than working with absolutely nothing at all.

Our limitations were eventually decided as a game with an unconventional vehicle as a form of transport, and making a shooting game without a gun.

The dog was just something put in for fun, but its inclusion eventually also helped shape the shooting game aspect by allowing us to focus on a game where you can only carry one projectile at a time (because dogs only have one mouth (I think)).

Choosing the game’s setting took place upon looking at the alternative idea we had for an unconventional vehicle - a shopping trolley. Skateboards and shopping trolleys have one thing in common besides wheels: skating in a supermarket parking lot. This also allowed us to come up with a cartoony and light-hearted source of ammo and therefore cartoony and light-hearted combat: food.

A dog on a skateboard, at the time, was primarily decided on because dogs are cute and dogs doing human things is also cute, but as it turns out, turning a skating game into a third person shooter turned out to be a fun experience! The increased mobility and acrobatic pirouettes you can pull off can serve to make the act of aiming and lobbing projectiles at a target all the more satisfying.

The scope of the game was intentionally kept very small, because we only had a few weeks to make the game a reality: it’s a single boss battle. Nothing more, nothing less. I also had ideas for a kind of race or survival mode, but we settled on a boss battle in order to establish a hierarchy of a supermarket boss and his trolley boy lackeys (mainly for aesthetic purposes).

And the game is called Skatebork because I’m a comedic genius who loves puns.

Demon Bunny Game

MIA Intel: Atm the local indie group has teamed up and have been working on our first game together! We have made everything for the game so far, just need a solid day to get together to wrap it up and then we can show it off! :)


Slight revision to the various item types- yesterday I was saying that sub-types were not going to be unique. As an example, you could have a “solid” resource that could either be artificial or natural. I had designed a frequency table in order to decide, if we were going up a type from solid, whether that new category would be artificial or natural. Anyway, I’ve scrapped that, because I think it makes the item categorisation way more messy than it needs to be. 

Now, I’m making it so that each sub-type is unique to the type above it. That is, if the item is solid, the preceding type can ONLY be natural, and the preceding type from that can ONLY be resource. You can see in the upper chart how everything flows, and is segmented from one another. To that end, I wrote a super useful and general function that searches any grid (in this case my item database) and outputs a grid with all unique type combinations, so that I can easily find any type’s preceding type without scanning through the full item database. In essence, this is sort of a look-up table. You can see the various sample types I’ve put in the second picture.

I WAS working on the function that parse’s an enemy’s drop table into a useful data structure, but realised that I needed to get item types sorted beforehand, as that would 100% be informing the code I was writing. Hopefully I can finish that function and the function that scans the enemy drop table and outputs a list of actually dropped items tomorrow!

Zashiki’s Hostel is looking for Guest Cameos!

I finished programming in-game room booking system this weekend and started working on some guest character design, SO !!

If any project from rpg maker community would like their human character to be featured as special guest in Spooky Zashiki’s Hostel, please send the character design/reference and in-game title (such as Dessert Lover or Local-Mascot Actor) to my inbox 💌

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Dev Blog #3 - The most basic fundamentals

 I’m slowly but surely moving through my C++ introductory books and I’m learning a lot about how to program. There are a lot of things to remember and I’m beginning to realize that my goal of making a game is much further away than i initially anticipated. I know there are a lot of tools and assets that allow for more rapid game development but I really want to develop the skills and knowledge on not just game creation, but computers in a much broader sense. I would like to develop the know-how to develop all of the cool stuff on my computer.
I want to be able to craft applications, software, all of the neat stuff that allows the computer age to function. I want to use skills to make things that make life better for people, to make the information age less awful. I have never been much of a tinkerer but over the last few weeks I have found myself looking at a lot of code for a lot of different open-source projects and beginning to realize that I think that’s what I want to do. So much of the software I use is open-source (and the vast majority of it is free to use) and I want to contribute rather than just consume.
C++ has been a lot of fun so far and it’s so low-level. I’m learning about the machine itself as well using the language to make rudimentary games. Everything so far has just been text based user input and output but I’m enjoying making it all come together. I have not done much in the grand scheme but I’m very much excited and motivated to continue to writer and learn as much as I can. One of my current technical goals is lay the ground work for developing my own engine to make games. The “Heroic Engine” for all of my creations.  
My game design books are also being been great reading. I’m learning about systems and interactions and it’s really forcing to me to re-think how I play games and more interestingly how I live. Not exactly in a profound philosophical manner but I have a increased awareness of  my interaction with some of the basic systems of my life. My game design book is highlighting the importance of teaching the player how to play and I’m realizing so many of the systems in my life haven’t really taught me how to play. A lot of the “grown-folk” never really imparted upon the rules of adulthood.
I’m still learning so much for this whole experience so far, but the more I learn the more I realize I don’t know enough to do the things I want. Programming, designing, writing, and many other of my interests are still in basic stages. If my path of becoming a creator were a video game I’d be a level one character with none of the cool skills and abilities. Right now, it’s the beginning of Fallout 1 where I’m outside the vault 13 entrance and I learning what my inventory is. I’m just poking around with my Pip-boy examining the interface. I haven’t even killed a rat yet, but I have a feeling this is going to be a great adventure.