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Happy yous guys! ♡ Question! What game gets you the most emotional? How so? ☆

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Escuchando a Francisco Espinosa y Victor Cerezo hablar sobre diseño en

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What if I wanted to make a tactical game where you can set up ambushes BEFORE the turn based fight starts? You can watch me develop this prototype on .

Rework for Maggy & Kiki's gameplay, our two-in-one hero who's our first support hero ! Animation work has already begun ! 😉

Am I the only one who's tired of how audio logs and diaries are used in games? It's always the same thing. 'Dear diary, soon the world will be mine...' 'Day 15 of the experiment... OH NO THE MONSTERS ARE HERE AND THEY'RE EATING ME!'

Based on research done on , we’ve created a concise guide for mapping the “fun” in games to the essential elements needed for learning to happen.

These brushes can be used to easily add hair to a character, both by drawing them out as a curve and by stamping on hair spikes!💎 Find them here

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👾Free to use 8 Bit track “Old Village”. Link in bio. Thanks to everyone that voted on the poll, will do more of those in the future! Will also be creating more free 8 bit styled music! Follow @gravity.sound for more free music.
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Inspiration and Conceptualization

Title Concepts: Cloudhead, Rise, Dreamer, Climb, 


I really like the simplistic look  Slime Rancher as well as the simplicity of the geometry without the game itself looking particularly low-poly, and I also really like the very vibrant colors that each area has. This game is a very big inspiration for the look that I will be trying to achieve in the next few weeks.

It overall is very calming and relaxing to look at, which is something I hope to achieve in my game. It isn’t meant to be intense, rather the opposite, so I feel this look is something that would be very fun to emulate with my own style added to it as well. 

This is also an inspiration for how I want the crystals that stick out from the islands and the mountainside to look as well - very geometric and long. A lot like quartz. 

This is a quick overall look of how I want the scene to look - a large mountain that is the one that the player climbs, with the top of it surrounded by floating islands.


I figure since I don’t add anything else to this I would at least add my Dev diaries. This is the third one. Added a lot of features/mechanics.

Let Let it Go Go

Haynah na hey a na naaaaa. Okay that’s enough of that, Arendelle! Frozen world was an absolute visual and eventful treat that definitely leaned into the fact that it is such a popular IP. Also, this was a long level so very long review incoming!


Once again a world where it’s a rehash of the movie but with Sora, Donald, and Goofy mixed up in things as well. There seems to be some sort of overall link to the princesses in the worlds that Org13 needs and it’s nice to see them mention it more and more as you progress through the worlds.

Donald comments at some point about being worried about falling down. Donald, you don’t take fall damage, I have seen you fall 15 stories and shrug it off like you just went down one step. Calm down.

Now, I am a fan of Let it Go, but why did we have to have the entire thing as a shot for shot remake of the film? (Probably because it’s so popular) But it does seem odd and out of place considering we don’t get entire other songs from all the other IPs. Tangled didn’t replay “I have a dream” and I friggin love that song. Though Sora’s comments at the end were hysterical and it made it abundently clear that some of the writers/designers didn’t quite get why it was there too. (Sidenote: If Donald or Sora sang this instead I would’ve fallen over with laughter =D)

Almost immediately after we got “Let it Go” we started “Do you want to build a snowman”, which would’ve felt odd and out of place as well but if that is a constant in this world than I am more okay with it. My problem was Anna recalling the events of the start of the film OVER the song itself. Thank goodness for subtitles or I would’ve had no clue what anyone was saying. A character talking over a singing childhood version of herself does not make for a good cutscene.

Kristoff comes off as sort of a creepy guy in this version. If you didn’t see him earlier talking to Sven and voicing Sven himself than it just comes off as creepy. Kristoff makes that voice so he has someone to talk to due to his loneliness at the start of the film, this is charming and kinda sad which makes you feel sympathy for the character. Without setting that as a groundwork then you get some weirdo who voices his animal in the presence of his friends. Odd.

Elsa’s giant ice monster (whom this moment forward I am calling Frosty, because I can) gets so much more personality in this world. You see them (cause I don’t know what gender they are, mixed in with who knows if snowmen have genders) striving to catch up and protect Elsa after she gets kidnapped. Their concern for their master makes them strive to fight heartless and team up with Sora to save them. Hell, Frosty even holds up a giant heartless moon towards the end to protect Sora. I was devastated when they fell into a giant void of darkness. Good job KH3 for making me care about Frosty just to kill them off, good storytelling, sad feels.


It can be really hard to make a land of just ice and mountains appear visually stunning, but for the most part they did a great job. The ice and mountains were varied and there were multiple shapes, sizes, and shades of ice to keep things varied amungst the world. The sledding scene had such gorgeous reflective ice on the ground I was sad it passed by so quickly.

The heartless in this world were particularly great. The ice deer heartless were so friggin adorable! I felt bad when I had to murder them all. The ice dragons on the other hand were terrifying and the final boss was stunningly gorgeous! Excellent job art team who designed these heartless’s looks!

Only small nitpick about the look was we didn’t ever visit Arendelle itself. The level is called Arendelle yet we didn’t set one foot inside the village. Tangled let us go into the city and it was an absolute treat! I would’ve loved all of the Nordic designs of the town had we had a chance to enter. Ah well, there’s always the next KH and Frozen 2.


The ice labyrinth at the beginning of the level was an absolute treat. It felt like a classic dungeon crawl and was filled with areas to explore, enemies to kill, and “puzzles” to solve. It might’ve dragged just a touch too long but overall it was an absolute blast to play through and got me pumped for the rest of the level. It was a completely pointless part of the level, didn’t contribute to the story in any way, but was quite fun!

Up and down, up and down. That was the basics of the level itself and overall I can’t complain too much, but why did it have to be the same thing so many times? Going up and down the mountain once, possibly twice, would’ve been fine. But constantly trying to get back to the Ice Palace and not once going to the village to change things up felt very repetitive.

So going down on Goofy’s shield. The first third was a nightmare. Terrible movement, locked camera, and fidgety enemies. Not being able to see the enemies mixed with not being quick enough to dodge said enemies attacks got frustrating rather quickly and I found myself hoping it wouldn’t last long. The second third was a quick turn around as flying down the mountain collecting munny (as my friend described it) felt like Snowkids on the N64, which is a good thing. The last part was fighting said Ice Dragons and they were medium difficulty. Having three of them was a tad harsh at this point into the event but overall it was alright.

On a brighter note, when Frosty appeared and we trekked through the snow storm beating up heartless together, it felt very random but definitely a warm welcome to my party. Yes, I made a pun, get over it.

The final boss was an absolute cinematic masterpiece. The design of the ice wolf mixed in with the floating wolf heads was challenging and gorgeous. There was a moment of awe and stupor as the wolf turned into a frackin moon and crashed down upon Sora and gang. Great fight that kept up the action without making me feel overwhelmed, while simultaneously just being beautiful to look at. No goop monster this time.

Final Thoughts:

This level was on the longer side and it definitely feels like it’s because Disney knows how well received Frozen was. There was also a lot of hype built up during marketing that revolved around Frozen, so I get this being a long level that pays homage to it’s source material. Thankfully it was a 1080 spin of fun from start to end, though it went a little heavy on some of the Frozenness of it all. As I said in the title, Let Let it Go Go.

Level of Enjoyment: Fat body Olaf (Large and in charge)

A Scary Good Time

Monstropolis! Home of monsters, children and tons of heavy machinery. Overall this level seemed very straight forward and kept me engaged the entire time.


Very simple story in which it’s essence is returning Boo to her door. The rest of the level is all of the events and persons that get in the way of returning Boo. The explanation for Randall’s return and how it ties into the overarcing KH story felt natural and not like some hokey excuse to have the villain return. Boo’s laughter and its ability to power the environment also tied in nicely throughout the level, forcing us to stop and make her laugh in order to continue through.

Towards the end I was happy with Vanitas appearing and attempting to steal part of Sora’s heart, but was even more surprised when Sully stopped him. Usually Sora and the gang go into the worlds and help their inhabitants with their problems, it was nice for a change to see the opposite where a worlds characters directly help/save Sora.


So overall the world didn’t feel too large (which I personally was a fan of) in that most of the time you are going from corridor to large room back to corridor. It definitely funnels you the direction you are supposed to go but litters the entire level with lots to smash, fight, and discover.

Halfway through the world you encounter parts that are on fire, which upped the stakes a bit by surrounding you with fire that could actually hurt you! A small criticism is that we don’t get much notice that the fire will directly hurt you and that you should stop to equip water spells on the quick bar to make the fighting easier. Still, I had very little problem smashing and slicing my way through it.

The door rooms and factory were both gorgeous, though parts of the factory seemed to not have enough variability in their environment. One part they went into this sort of boiler/water room and I got so excited to see different parts of the factory and what they do, but this was only one room.

Also, Goofy’s eyes are terrifying!!! All the disguises looked gorgeous and appropriate for the characters but Goofy’s eyes gave my nightmares nightmares.


Each fight felt like it flowed well from one to the other with plenty of variability of the Unversed. Some big, lots of small, allowing for each keyblade, spell, or any other ability to have some sort of use in it.

While sliding on the rails that carry the doors I felt like the heartless appeared and attacked a tad too quickly for me to react. Frequently I got hit not because I couldn’t dodge, but because I was attacking while their spells were already being flung at me. They cast them so quickly after appearing that it didn’t give me much time to choose to attack or defend. These went quickly though so it never got annoying.

Randall’s evil villain death traps was a great example of giving you a simple problem with multiple solutions. Get to the other side of this dangerous area: You can use the covers, dash through, or go around each laser in some way or another. It really allows freedom of movement and environment to solve the room in any way you want. I also enjoyed Randall’s chastisizing of us the entire time we are running through.

The final pile of goop they called a boss, while not being the most imaginative of enemies, was a rather enjoyable one. I felt like I had to memorize his pattern of attack and block accordingly so that I had my own chance to attack. This felt very Dark Souls (a game I don’t play because it is far too hard (Yes, I am a filthy casual =P)) and I really enjoyed it. Waiting for the moment to strike made the hits much more satisfying. Medium difficulty, quite fun!

Side note: There are ladders in the world but Sora can’t climb them!? The boy can scale 90 degree horizontal walls but not a friggin ladder? Sora continues to laugh at the laws of physics

Final Thoughts:

While never being a huge fan of the original Monsters Inc movie, I certainly enjoyed the world and characters of this one. The story felt engaging and heartfelt from start to end. The fights were fun and frequent and I have to say I really loved this level.

Level of Enjoyment: Bowling for cyclopes

New Year, New Challenges

Slight update - So its been an interesting few months. Game has not really made any progress over this time unfortunately, but i am happy to say things are now set up to move forward. 

Moving North - So I packed up and moved everything to the beautiful bay. The 14 hour drive was not the highlight of move, but had to be done. Once there set up was made fun with trying to figure out how to use the space i had available. 

Once getting an idea of the layout, a few small speed bumps presented themselves. 

The new work desk was too small to fit anything, and with the space i had, a custom desk had to be built, plus the internet port was set on the other side of the house, so had to get an electrician in to make up and run custom cords. Nothing too major, but doing things over the Christmas period was slow. 

Work space is now done. On top of that, the new phone got in as did the Wacom, so testing will carry on as usual. Small things like hanging items up and making the area nicer to be in still needs doing, but i can now carry on working at least.

As long as i keep away from the beaches in this heat :D