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Schönen guten Morgen! Und einen tollen Freitag euch! Kommt gut ins Wochenende! 🤗 😘

入ったら船や飛行機が消息を断つ魔の海域『バミューダトライアングル』 に4万人が一斉突入!? とんでもない企画が実施へwwww …

After 3 classes of studying with 0 experience in . I everyday from lines to anatomy and muscles! Inspired by art style! Practice for !

4D Lottery Online Betting Brings Real Smiles There are many types of and with and then once people become good at the , there are lots of to take into their accounts. Visit here:

Hey, it's Kidaoart, I think I have got the right format to post these feedback based stories. Do leave comment about what you wish to happen next.

Foi incrível ter conhecido o projeto (ARISE - Interativa e Simulações Eletrônicas), ficamos apaixonados pela proposta deles! Segue a cobertura para Arise para do . Matheus Cruz teve oportunidade de jogar nosso .

Quality Games TX is one of the famous online stores that are well known to offer superior quality with artisan-crafted .

new NSFW game version SHF v27 offline Download folder and run this game with palemoon browser. Maybe work win another browser but with chrome or chrome based browsers not works.

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This is me playing the new relam! Sunset island is so fun and u can win a lot of diamonds from it too! Good job I think it’s really well done! 👍🏾

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Nintendo delays new 'Zelda' to 2017, announces NX version

There’s good news and bad for Nintendo’s upcoming Legend of Zelda open-world title for the Wii U console. First the bad: It’s been delayed again, so it won’t arrive now until 2017. The good news is that it’s going to come out on the next-gen Nintendo NX console, which, by the way, Nintendo just revealed. In a (roughly translated) tweet, Nintendo Japan says that it pushed back the game “for further quality improvement,” adding that it will be released “simultaneously” on the Nintendo NX.

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Google's DeepMind AI will take on a Go champ tomorrow night

Google’s DeepMind AI is already the first computerized system to best a champion Go player, and you can watch its next big game in less than 24 hours. The AlphaGo program will take on Lee Se-dol in the first match (of a planned five game series) at the Four Seasons hotel in Seoul, Korea tomorrow, at 1PM local time (10:30PM ET). The match will be broadcast live on YouTube, and you can find the stream right here.

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Hi, everyone~ Stoked to present to you today our first full color gamesprite. Please feast your eyes on Miguel! Isn’t this ex-conquistador turned swanky club owner the shiniest? 🍸🕶👑⚔💖
[ID: Left upper corner: SANGUINARIA; directly beneath: Miguel. On a burgundy parchment paper background, full color, thighs up illustration of a man. Under an unbuttoned, single breasted, black brocade blazer, he wears a forest green waistcoat and slacks. Over a black dress shirt, he sports a green floral tie with an eldritch knot. He stands with left hand in his pants pocket and the other down at his side.

ID 2: A shoulders up closeup of Miguel. Grey at the temples, his short, wavy black hair is brushed away from his face. A scar cuts across his right eyebrow. His beard is close-cropped and his eyes ice blue. End ID]