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keeperscompanionsdai  asked:

How about 3,5,8 & 34 for the apprentice asks? :)

!!! :D


3. Any familiar?

Fox does not have a familiar as of now, but he will at some point in the future uwu and when he does, it’ll almost definitely be a Fox 😂 (He would honestly probably call it that too just to annoy Asra who wouldn’t be able to say Faust or Fox without two head turnings.)

5. Best strength in magic?

Hmmmm I’ve been trying to think on this a lot, and I think magic I really like for him and I think he’d be good at, would definitely be clairvoyance. Glimpses into the future without the Arcana cards (more straight forward too), being directed with magical pulls more so than often, perhaps even getting glimpses into people’s minds. His third eye is wide fuckin’ open 😂 other than that though, he’s good at setting stuff on fire.

8. Sexuality?

Pansexual uwu

34. If they weren’t magician, who would they be?

Fox grew up on the streets as a thief in Vesuvia along with Asra and Muriel, so if he wasn’t a magician, he’d probably just still be doing that. He’d live with Asra in the shop, but he wouldn’t really be involved with it. Instead he’d do more smuggling type jobs I suppose, specifically to the black market under the coliseum.


The Simpsons Tapped Out Hack Tutorial

Trying to get some hype for a little gaming channel I started a few years back! So far it’s got four average game clips on there of me playing pulling plays I found cool or funny. If it picks up any subs or views I’ll get on to sharing a few of my newer clips on there which would include a wide variety of games and consoles ranging from PVP to single player to Couch Co-op and everything in between! Get involved and take a look! Cheers!


The Turing Test
Part 1
Morning, Ava.

Morning, Ava, T.O.M. greets us as we are awoken from our cryosleep chamber aboard the ISA Fortuna. Something is not right inside the research and mining station on Jupiter’s moon Europa.
Our waking has been sanctioned by the ISA itself, we are needed to perform recognisance and maintenance. However once we get inside it becomes clear that something is has affected the crew, they have developed a intense distrust of T.O.M. (Technical Operations Machine), The AI built and tasked with the running of the station.

It seems as the crews distrust is so severe that they have modified the station to not only keep others out but to test and evaluate whether anyone trying to get in, may actually not be human.
This is where the Turing Test comes in to effect. It is believed only a true human could possibly pass it.