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As part of Indigenous Awareness Week, proudly unveils the Faceless Dolls Sister Panels exhibit. It supports healing, creates awareness and further advances reconciliation.

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Enlargement,prep. of EUCO, budget, in 🇸🇰 focus in in . Flexibility&combo of regional&national approach respecting common priorities is a win-win 4all. We also support responsible lead in global action on change. Looking fwd 2 !

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EU-minister Hans Dahlgren företrädde Sverige på EU:s ministerråd för allmänna frågor 18 juni. Mötet handlade bland annat om EU:s budgetram för 2021-2027. EU-ministrarna förberedde även nästa möte i Europeiska rådet.

"Il treno al binario 3 non effettua servizio passeggeri". .

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y han cumplido ejemplarmente sus compromisos para iniciar el proceso de adhesión , pero les fallamos: Francia, Holanda y Dinamarca lo bloquean. Excepcional análisis de en sobre el decepcionante resultado

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Ive realized just how truly dedicated i am to especially my inspiration, the one & only 🖤👻 Note:i did lose some ink in the right wing.

Ομόφωνα συμπεράσματα ΕΕ για παράνομες ενέργειες της Τουρκίας στην ΑΟΖ της ΚΔ. ➡️Στο πλαίσιο έκφρασης έμπρακτης αλληλεγγύης το Συμβούλιο καλεί την Επιτροπή & την ΕΥΕΔ να υποβάλουν εισηγήσεις για λήψη κατάλληλων μέτρων.

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's PM Rama calls the decision "a positive news from Europe", blames opposition for tarnishing the country's image and adds that local elections will be held as planned, on Jun 30.

MZZ na današnjem zasedanju , ki je potekalo predvsem v znamenju širitve 🇪🇺. MZZ so obravnavali tudi večletni finančni okvir za obdobje 2021- 2027 ter se posvetili pripravam na junijsko zasedanje Evropskega sveta. 👉

Ανακοίνωση Υπουργείου Εξωτερικών για τα αποτελέσματα του Συμβουλίου Γενικών Υποθέσεων της ΕΕ σήμερα στο Λουξεμβούργο. 👇 via

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and stabilisation & association process conclusions: takes note of opinion on ’s 🇪🇺membership application. will continue to examine this document thoroughly & revert to the matter later this year.➡️

Today, and expected to get a green light for EU accession negotiations. decided to postpone the decision by October, at latest

Last under . has put all its energy to the service of the and the interest of its citizens. Confident that our work will be continued by our colleagues !

EU meeting took place today to take stock of the countries progress towards the EU. These were key findings for

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Make you happy

Zak Bagans × reader

Summary: the reader is having a bad day and Zak wants to make his girl happy again. (Does that make sense?????)

Requested by the lovely @macabrecakes :3

Warning: fluff , hinting at some sexy time at the end


A sigh escapes your lips as you slide down the large door, finally able to take a breath after the day you’ve had. Your mind focusing on the coolness of the floor.

“Babe?” A voice echos through the open house, coming from upstairs.

A few moments later, the sound of tapping across the hardwood floor begins, quickly accompanied by a heavier set.

“Ah, thought I heard you come home” Zak says once he descends the stairs, Grace sitting right next to you. “What’s wrong?” You sigh again, fiddling with the edge of your skirt.

“Had a bad day”

“That explains why your white shirt is now brown”

“ someone spilt their coffee on me”

“Aw baby- come here” he helps you stand, pulling you into his chest. A hum of approval comes from your mouth, missing the feeling of being wrapped in his arms. “Follow me” he unwraps his arms, opting to hold your hand instead and begins to lead you upstairs.

“Where are we going?”

“Come along and I’ll show you”

He leads you to your shared bedroom, telling you to change as he darts into the bathroom.

“Are you decent?” He jokingly asks, covering his eyes.

“Oh please. You’ve seen everything” you giggle, taking his hand off his face. “So what were you doing in there?”

“Right this way madam” he opens the door, the scent of your favorite bubble bath invades your senses. The soft flicker of candles spread across the room catch your eye. “ alright, you take as much time as you want in here. I’ll be downstairs when you’re finished” He sends you a quick wink before shutting the door behind you.

You waste no time to get in, sighing at the feeling of the warm water, blowing a bubble away from your face.


The last bit of water drains out of the tub as you blow out the candles before heading out the room, and down the stairs.

“Hey handsome” you say, leaning against the door frame, watching him pour two glasses of wine.

“Hey gorgeous, here” he holds out your glass of wine, clinking your glasses together once you grab it.

“Did I ever tell you how much I love you?”

“Might have mentioned it” he shrugs, watching you walk over to him and setting your glass down before running your hand over his chest.

“Come here” you whisper before connecting your lips together. He responds immediately, moving his mouth with yours.

“Mhm- did you blow out the candles I lit?” He asks once you separate for air, his lips lightly brushing yours when he talks.

“Oh? Going kinky on me huh?” He effortlessly lifts you in his arms, your legs wrapping around him instinctively.

“Only for you”



Lemme know what you think! Maybe I’ll do a smutty fic with Zak👀👀



Cameron joins us once again for a trip across the pond! We meet a couple of real characters in this visit at Fort Horsted, the location of both a major siege in WW2, and an ancient massacre involving Anglo-Saxons. And Zak only barely imitates a British accent!

I was going through my Ghost Adventures tag and I know I make a lot of jokes about the guys, but I honestly love them and what they do. They’ve inspired me and saved my life/helped me hold on when I needed it the most. I’ve been watching them since I was 14 (nearly 10 years now). They’ve solidified my belief in spirits, demons, the afterlife, and the like. They’ve even inspired me to do some ghost hunting myself and open my mind to the idea that anything can happen because of how strange this world can be and how vast everything surrounding us is. I’ve known and understood what they do is exhausting and can be life threatening (given the areas they investigate and how spirits or demons can attach to them). I 100% respect what they do.


As the saying goes, “time waits for no man.” Where has the last 12 months gone? I have no clue; I am at a lost of words. This course came so fast and at a time I should have taken another break. I am so glad to be at the end of this road, but a little unhappy, because I don’t feel that I am prepared for what’s to come after there is no more Sunday rush to get my work in before midnight. Not that it has anything to do with Full Sail, it is just I and it is “Life”

Before taking this course, I was preparing to take the Google Analytics Certification; to then learn that this course prepares me for it was so exciting, but I have a little bit of nervousness with where does life goes after this. I will now have two Master’s Degrees and am still at a place of stress and unhappiness. “Living La Veda Loca!”

This course has been very interesting filled with massive information and assignments. I wish I had more time in this course to absorb everything and possibly obtain more material and instruction on digital analytics and optimization. This is one of the few courses at Full Sail that should have a part 1 and part 2 course; there is so much to learn but such little time. As always I must say that I love Full Sail. I wish that they had a Ph.D. program for me to further my education, but just as time waits for no one, I must move on to the next chapter in life. I just pray that it includes a new business in a new location.

Thank you Full Sail for the opportunity.


2019 GAC GS 8 

2019 Detroit Auto Show


EPISODE 70 of Insanely Haunted: NEW ORLEANS

Colin Parker of the Scavengers Network joins us for a trip to a place he once lived - the beautiful city of New Orleans, where great food and great ghosts can be found. This episode of Ghost Adventures has neither, unfortunately.