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Now this is what you call an emergency rescue vehicle! Hyundai's new prototype for getting rescuers into disaster areas.

Need an extra pair of hands. These stars-on robotic arm could do the trick.

A simple iris scan can detect signs of Alzheimer's before other symptoms appear.

Wasp venom is unlikely source of a much-needed class of new antibiotics.

People seem to get to used to extreme weather and we risk forgetting about climate change.

The World Health Organization is meeting now to establish guidelines for the editing of the human genome gremlin. Much needed.

Approval for Google's new more powerful sensor for wearables may provide more greatly improved functionality, other makers expected to follow.

Back to the future for the AirFish-8 ground-effect amphibious aircraft.

We'll be focusing on your biggest challenges related to , and during on 5/22. Register for this comprehensive 1-day conference to hear from industry experts, including , renowned .

Are e-cigarettes (vaping) a healthier alternative to tobacco, or they a gateway which leads new users to become tobacco smokers?

Morgan Stanley estimates that the space economy to be worth more than $1 trillion in 2040.

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Fransız Film Arşivinden Afet İnan, M. Kemal Atatürk ve ABD Büyükelçisi Joseph Grew görüntüleri. 11 Kasım 1930 Ankara. Atatürk, elçiyle Fransızca konuşuyor.
Yine yaparız atam, yine dikeriz ağaçları, öğreniriz yabancı dilleri… Üzgünüz ama umutsuz değiliz Atam…
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age: physically 22 or so u claim, pronouns and gender: uhm !!she/her and rat, zodiac sign: leo rawr, romantic status: ???? lmao is this a jhoke ansjkskkdkdkkddkdkd, eye color: diarrhea brown, hobbies: be unemployed n funny, introverted / extroverted: extra, favorite season: y’all only get one don’t u


guess these things

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ufgh meri i nevevr know what ur talkin about cos im not woke enough to engage but im always like look at her go! yes bjtch!!!!!! get ur content!! Jsnnd ur so NICE & funny & ur gifs are so fuckin pretty & u were rly nice when i asked u for that url for my friend 🥺🥺🥺ur defijitely going to heaven im psychic i can sense these things.. love u bich stay legendary xoxoxoxox

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Paperboy Message! Sometimes ppl are going to try to remind you of your past when u move on and are in a better place! Laugh it off jus like Tiger did! Dude is wearing a pic of Tigers mugshot to get some type of reaction out of him. He was a billionaire, going to jail was a low point for him but it’s in the PAST. Don’t let ppl try to define u today by your past! Friends, family , whoever. Jus keep walking into your #destiny and laugh it off!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Tag someone who should hear this message #hahapaper #motivation #ItsOurtime #Tigerwoods #mugshot #haters #pastlife #futurist

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🚺👑💜This is about Killer Robots and much to do with Artificial Intelligence. How much do you know about the data that corporations have on you, your children, your physical activity, your purchases? What makes you hand over your BIOMETRIC DNA? What is being done with that data? Who has it? Do you know? 💎
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elastic government

communism, capitalism, and socialism: they each have their pros and cons. the cool thing about technology, is if there is a con to a simpler design, you can add more to the design to minimize or even completely negate the con. i think ultimately, capitalism and socialism are like red and blue paint for a house. they can both achieve the same function, please the owner of the house and protect the wood from moisture. different people will have different aesthetic preferences. you can build a dangerous red house that will collapse and kill everyone inside, you can build a red house that can survive a category 5 tornado, and you can build a good or bad blue house. the color of the house doesn’t determine how or how well the house was built. if a wood house collapses and kills everyone someone may say wood sucks but they could have used sub-standard wood and not used enough nails; how and how well should both be considered. you could also do a wood house with steel i-beams. we need more engineers and less religious fanatics thinking God wants the house to be red.

for my scifi universe, i wanted to maximize diversity, not advocate a single way of building a house that everyone follows, just make sure that every house achieves a minimum safety standard.

for the US, i was thinking it could embrace capitalism to the fullest extent. it would have a government that scales up or down. it would scale up to solve problems, and scale down when the problems are solved, and scale back up if necessary. its mechanism would objectively analyze problems, choose a solution based on pros and cons and dedicate the required resources to actually implement the solution. the red paint may cost more in resources, but if The People prefer red and are okay with spending a little extra, then they should be allowed to make that choice. the government would promote consumer activism to regulate the economy and citizen policing through the use of cultural engineering. it would have a continuous drive to engineer cultures to self-regulate and minimize it’s own size. it may eventually achieve a stable anarcho-capitalism. if the need arises, the government can scale back into existence.

another scenario could be for the government have a Congress and out-source all the executive branch’s products and services to private corporations. it could even allow the existing executive branch organizations to privatize with 10 year contracts, with all citizens being awarded shares, which they can sell.

“We now live in a world that we are connected to everything except ourselves.”

A thought by someone born more than 300 years ago still holds true in today’s world. Blaise Pascal, a futurist of his time.