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Conocé cómo preparar a tu empresa para los cambios que se vienen con Gabriel Gurovich, experto en Tecnologías Exponenciales de Singularity University. en . - ✔ Pre-inscribite en 📅 14 y 15 de marzo.

Here's my latest column titled, "The 2,000-Year Test." As we think about the world around us, how much of our society today will still exist 2,000 years from now.

As autonomous, self-improving and self-replicating machines and machine workforce evolve and acquire more advanced performance capabilities, the traditional model of work is at risk.

LAST CALL FOR PAPERS for LSR 2019! Seeking presentations that highlight new advancements and commercial uses for LSR and related materials! If interested, send your 200-words-or-less abstract by MARCH 1. .

"The future is unfolding as a fountain of endless excitement, driven by infinite anticipation, set against a landscape of stunning possibilities, as we enter a world of boundless opportunities!"

"En vamos a aprender cómo generar inclusión a través de plataformas digitales"

Arranca el lanzamiento de 2019 🌟 El cambio es movimiento, el movimiento es evolución. MKTrends ahora es Future Trends.

This evening at the 19th Annual General Assembly - for knowledge & insight into the areas with the greatest technological development. Thank you 4 being the soul of this EP MEP study & research visits

Deepak Daswani es uno de los mayores expertos en ciberseguridad en el mundo y en nos va a hablar sobre cómo prepararnos de los ciberataques a nuestras empresas e información personal. ✔ Pre-inscribite en 📅 14 y 15 de marzo.

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This survey found Top-Paying IT Certifications for 2019, with top 15 certifications reflecting U.S. market demand and salary levels, paying on average $121,514/year.

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Imagine a world being overly controlled by technology. Exciting, but scary right? But if you are media and information literate, you have nothing to be worried about. A better and convenient future can be seen with media and information literacy. 

Being media and information literate can help us in many things in our daily lives. It could help us gain various content that would help us in our studies. It helps students, who could not be physically present in school, in learning lots of information that would help them in the future. It would also be easier to interact with people across the world. Through MIL, we can attain interconnectivity which means that we can easily connect with other people. It would aid us in accessing information and learning through the easy way. 

Besides the 2D technology that we have, we also have 3D technology which we acquired through continuous research. Our displays are becoming more realistic as years pass by. We could also print three dimensional outputs which resembles actual objects. Researchers had also invented 3D pens which we can use to draw lines up in the air without falling or collapsing. 

Lots of people often wear their gadgets literally such as the smartwatch. It is very fashionable and at the same time very advanced. It is also very convenient to wear our gadgets for different purposes.

If only all of us would be media and information literate, a bright future is waiting for us. Lot of things in the future will be run by technology and will use different media as platform of spreading information. MIL will literally be a big help in having convenience about everything. We can trust MIL with our future. Just imagine, from 5-10 years from now, a lot has changed when it comes to technology and other aspects in life but everyone is media and information literate, you feel no fear, right?


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Emerging for 2017: the cyclist short 🚲 ✨🚀- slowly but surely coming back from the 90s and beyond. Read the full report live now ➡️ link in bio.
And enjoy our one and only Neneh Cherry’s “Manchild” video by Jean Baptiste Mondino . We all need a bit of poetry today…

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What conclusions can you draw about the future of television viewing?

With technology growing at the pace its in, we are seeing numerous changes in many industries around the world, particularly television. Our ways of operating as consumers have been transforming and the major companies are desperately trying to keep up. People nowadays want to view their content on their own time and want access to these programs on the go as well. As this major shift in consumerism continues to unfold, what can we say about the future of television?

According to recent ratings data, many shows have been increasing in DVR views while “Live + Same Day” (L+SD) viewing is on the decline. People are starting to question the point of having thousands of channels when most viewers watch maybe 7 or 8 different shows altogether. Products like Apple TV and Roku support this by allowing users to have all the shows they want without all the clutter of the shows they don’t want. In addition, consumers want to watch their shows based on their own schedule, which DVR allows users to do as well.

I feel that the future of television viewing will continue favoring the use of mobile and digital devices such as Roku or Apple TV for the reasons stated above. “The Black List” has higher DVR playback ratings than it does L+SD, meaning that more people watch the show on their own time, than they do when it airs on Thursday nights. This also affects advertisers because people are seeing ads days after they are intended to; meaning that advertisers are forced to adjust not only their strategy, but also their pricing. I could see cable prices declining and streaming services increasing in the next 5 to 10 years based on the currents trends in the industry.


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