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is seeking a revision. How to take that leap? How to go beyond empathy? elaborates on the method to the packed audience innovation conference

"If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure." - Elon Musk 🚀

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How do you think about the future? : "I look at the future from the standpoint of probabilities. ... and there are actions that we can take that affect those probabilities"

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Are you Future thinking? ➡️ If you won’t take responsibility for your own success, then don’t expect success to drop into your lap accidentally. Manifest the future you desire by taking action right now today and every day yourself. 🔑 Remember that you learn from failures. That on the job learning will get you to your goals. Stop, think and learn from what hasn’t worked, adjust, and move forward again. Failure is never a stop sign! 🔑 * * * #business101 #strategytips #futurethinking #mindsetcoaching #mindset #milionairemindset #marketingtip #marketing101 #marketingstrategy #marketing #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #thebossette #businessowner #socialselling #socialmediamarketing #janzmedia #ideasworthsharing #businesslife #advertising #planoly #rsggroup #rsgcommunity #theoriginalbossette #janicekrako #goforit #becreative #businessstrategy #marketing

Zan Boag: Do you think that the biggest threat to nature and humankind is that we don’t want to protect nature any more because we have no connection to it?

David Suzuki: “Yes, you don’t care about anything that you don’t know anything about or don’t love.”

—  NewPhilospher Magazine - Future Thinking edition, page 38.
When You Aren't Home

I like alone in your room

Letting my hands droop

Breathing the earth of your carpet

Reminders hung up on your walls

You had a full life before me

Do I brim you over or would

Nothing lack if I disappeared

I like reading aloud the names

Of books on your shelf

Secretly stealing from your candy hoard

Anxious for your key in the front

Door locks and I can’t help

But consider how different my own

Key ring will jingle bouncing against

My hip the weight of you added there sweet

Off Topic Note: The Future of Common Sense

So I couldn’t stop thinking about common sense in the Era of the Internet of things.

This is sorta where I got, any critiques, thoughts or additions?

Common sense becomes inherent in every object based upon context (cultural, task specific, desired outcome, laws etc.)

Common sense evolves with the world, grows and expands as humanity does. Is updated and refreshed. Humans gain an expanded knowledge of common sense as their life continues.

When in doubt, the object provides assistance.

A worry free society is created. People are freed from the need to teach each other how to perform extremely basic and menial tasks.

Worry about safety or danger vanishes. Ample warning and preventative measures are put in place to prevent ALL accidents.

Human error no longer leads to undesirable consequences.

Rebellion against the prescribed “common sensical” action becomes present, in order to offend and provide desired individualism.

Common sense becomes commodified, with companies seeking to design to the “most” common sense options, as they become the most popular and prescribed by the Internet of Things.

Creativity expands and explodes. With a worry free society, people push the boundaries of the system, revolutionizing ideas of what common sense is. What it means to be human is challenged.

Freed from this inherent bond of need, with provided survival and safety, want and human exploration becomes prominent.

Illogical becomes the logical. Whimsy and chaos serves as freedom from such a society.

What is life without worry or fear?

What is the human brain capable of when its necessities are inherently provided, when the enviroment around it can run on autopilot?

Humanity becomes a collection of people bred for creativity.

The scope of your mind becomes your commodity.

Common sense is to create and explore.

Common sense is to test of the boundaries of all matter and intelligence.

Common sense is no longer wisdom and means for survival.

Common sense becomes pure expression.

Contributed by: Quinn

Thoughts Of Tomorrow :

When I get older I want to have a extensive library in my house. I don’t need a 50 room mansion just enough for me an mines.. I feel like I will be one of those dads who has his own secret room that only he can go in . I know however life pans out it will be everything but normal . It is def a great thought to hold on to when i cross that path


When I get older, I want what everyone wants. 

A home. A family. A nicely paying job. A good life.

But before all this. I want to experience what it is to be free. To travel to all the places I read about. To see through a different aspect everyday. To live without a care. 

But, I smile cruely at this side of me. I know that it isn’t going to truely happen. Some call me stupid for not beileving that these could be dreams. But I am different. 

Grew up to fast. Keep worrying about the future and never learnt to live in the now. And what do I blame it on. Smriking to myself. 

It’s a fight between me and reality. 

A constant fight that may never end. 

I don’t know if anyone of you ladies out there have this kind of relationship with your mom’s but I don’t see myself bonding AT ALL with my mom during my pregnancy in the future. Not playing the middle child card but things have just always been weird for me. Always stuck between the allstar big brother and the preppy/super girly little sister. While my mom and I have bonded over arts, going places together and such, she has never seemed to like any of my friends/boyfriends. And whenever I’ve brought up eventually moving out she has been a bit defensive/borderline “you won’t be able to do that" aka controlling. In fact she has always liked my older brother’s MANY girlfriends and has tolerated my younger sister’s boyfriends. And for me she says shit like I am making a horrible mistake. Anyways moral of this is I just don’t see me talking to her about my pregnancy issues, or what we plan to name the baby, or what’s going on with the baby and such. I don’t even want her there the day I give birth (or anyone but the father for that matter). Does anyone feel this way? Any mothers now feel like this before they even got pregnant or had kids?? Am I just crazy?

Anyone else have a rough draft of their wedding vows???

We haven’t set a date yet, but I like to add to what I want to say as I go along. I’m not a impromptu person, so I couldn’t ever just say stuff on spot. I have to at least think about things for a bit, even if it’s 10 minutes. I also am not a traditonal person, I don’t want the til death do us part vows. I would like to think we can come up with something that’ll work better for us.  I just can’t wait to set a date and be able to say those vows:)

So after the little dispute yesterday we have decided to make our communication better. Which is what we need. We talked a lot and things are better. We both are still very excited for our wedding. Although we don't have a set date, or anything, we have got some ideas. I was just looking at veils, and I saw one that was $1,750. How on earth can people spend that one a piece of fabric that is only supposed to be worn for the ceremony?
Gift giving!

Yesterday I was called a scrooge for believing easter shouldn’t be a gift giving holiday. I don’t try to get into religion on any of my blogs, but if you choose to celebrate easter don’t do it to have a reason to give gifts. I think with any holiday we forget the true meaning. Aside from religious beliefs holidays are extra special days about being thankful, being blessed for what you have, and spending time with friends and family. As far as gift giving goes, easter baskets are all good and well, but no need to go overboard. And as far as giving someone flowers for easter maybe something representing spring or rebirth, or a flower you can plant. I’ve heard of people giving easter lilies, flower bulbs or other garden flowers. But by all means no need to get your girlfriend a dozen pink roses, just because you think you should get her flowers. In my opinion bouquets of any flower are much more special on spontaneous days. Of course, birthdays, anniversaries and engagements are all acceptable days. Moral of the story is people try to show off on holidays far too much! I posted this on this blog simply because I believe children should be taught early on to be thankful and feel blessed. This flows over into relationships later on in life. While I don’t have any children yet, nor were there any in attendance yesterday, it brought the act of gift giving to my attention. Most importantly I feel like if you give a gift don’t feel prompted to give one. If you are giving such gift because you feel you need to, then it doesn’t seem so sincere. Spontaneous gifts are good and the gift of love is even better! I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and have a great week!!

(This is just my opinion and personal views, if you do not share the same, let’s please agree to disagree.)

life is good

Seeing things on facebook make me a bit sad. I want to get married…I want to have babies. But really I’m not rushing things! I’m glad after I graduate I’ll be able to get a good job, save for a house and wedding. I’m glad we’ll be able to start planning for babies when we’re ready. As much as I want both marriage and babies, I’m really happy with how things are going. So I’m really not envious of anyone, because I’m just so blessed with my life!

8 Ways The World Will Change By 2052...

Will there be enough jobs? Will energy be more expensive? Will the world of 2052 be a better world? Just some of the questions answered by Jorgen Randers, Professor of Climate Strategy.

Forty years from now, how much will energy cost? What will happen with the climate? Most importantly, will you be richer?