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from last 7-8 days it’s following the lines perfectly - let’s see what happens next week

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I am very like this tool named big trade - aggregated agressive market orders. Look at how many buy orders on highs make reversal and trapped traders. One piece of puzzle to trade great setup.

This lunch time many of our staff enjoyed a pop-up cafe experience ran by our very own Sixth Form students which has allowed them to gain valuable experience in preparation for adulthood

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Haawks first on USDA WASDE on 8 Feb 2019, 30 ticks profit in 30 seconds

According to our analysis corn (ZC), wheat (ZW) and soybeans (ZS) futures prices rose initially around 10 ticks each on USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates (WASDE) data on Feb 8th.

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Day Trading The Fifth Wave with Futures - A Trading Journal