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8 actions to introduce enterprise and in a human way

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"When you think about which jobs will be replaced and which ones won’t, what you have got to focus on is what cannot do." by Richard Baldwin via

“Never underestimate the importance of putting in the work.” - Software Developer and Tech Enthusiast

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Quality of living is determined by many factors, from access to public transport to the availability of housing and international schools, to a city’s scene. Find out how cities ranked in ’s report:

Energy, , fashion, film or music… has it all. See how the fabric of a city can help employers in the with 's global research:

Young people's trust in institutions is at an all time low, and rebuilding that trust is key to moving towards the future we want. Our institutions MUST be recalibrated to align with the aspirations outlined in the 2030 Agenda. -

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Employers can help employees minimize costs pre-deductible. shares some ideas that could help employees better manage out-of-pocket expenses.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is causing a large-scale decline in some roles as they become redundant or automated. via

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#AI to help prevent deaths for #women in #Kenya #futureofwork #technology (at Microsoft New York)

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HR Departments Turn to AI-Enabled Recruiting in Race for Talent
Artificial intelligence is helping companies across industries answer human resources-related questions, automate some HR tasks and suggest jobs to prospective candidates. In the future, the technology will become even more common in hiring and recruiting, executives say.
By Sara Castellanos

As the battle for talent becomes more competitive, companies are turning toward artificial intelligence to help with recruiting and other human resources tasks


In 2011, Bill Gates told a group of U.S. governors that a liberal arts education would hold back graduates coming into the workforce. It was an often repeated mantra at the time, as #STEM fields were seen as the key to finding new jobs in the digital economy. But fast forward to 2018, and the #humanities are having a renaissance in the very place many had declared them dead: #SiliconValley.

@newshour takes a look at how graduates with humanities degrees are thriving in the workplace. It’s part of our series on the #futureofwork.

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As #automation begins to dominate the American workforce, experts says workers of color may be impacted at a higher rate. As part of @pbs NewsHour’s #futureofwork series, John Yang explains just who automation may put out of a #job, and what one school in California is doing to make students more competitive in this changing #economy. WATCH a #sneakpreview above. (at San Bernardino, California)

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Here’s how we can make #innovation more #inclusive

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Boston Dynamics up to their old antics. Now they have a robot that can run after you. 👏 courtesy of @BostonDynamics.

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