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What can businesses and governments do to re- and upskill their workers? New report on this by , me + many more:

Can you afford to live in Moscow? 's Cost of Living ranking can help determine how much you should be paid for international assignments:

“The ageing population will have more of an impact on workforce supply than , immigration or , says at the webinar.  Click the link to find out more:  

Here is a fantastic article that highlights that benefits of implementing AI into the workplace and offers great insight into how the future workplace could look. I’d love to hear your opinions. Read more >

Here is a fantastic article that highlights that benefits of implementing AI into the workplace and offers great insight into how the future workplace could look. I’d love to hear your opinions. Read more >

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The is more flexible than it has been previously. Here's what to expect with workplace flexibility in the coming year:

People will always be at the forefront of business success, but the talent market will be substantially different in the . Learn how your workforce is changing and what this means for your business.

Delivered Friday mornings, a free weekly roundup of articles about challenges, and the : trust, transparency, and a thriving . Give subscription a whirl at

Can’t wait to see the future of ? See how current mathematical models can help you improve and prepare for the .

From traditional offices to co-working spaces: Workspaces are still largely considered to be offices in the traditional sense of the word.

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A guide to 101 #IoT terms

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In 2011, Bill Gates told a group of U.S. governors that a liberal arts education would hold back graduates coming into the workforce. It was an often repeated mantra at the time, as #STEM fields were seen as the key to finding new jobs in the digital economy. But fast forward to 2018, and the #humanities are having a renaissance in the very place many had declared them dead: #SiliconValley.

@newshour takes a look at how graduates with humanities degrees are thriving in the workplace. It’s part of our series on the #futureofwork.

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As #automation begins to dominate the American workforce, experts says workers of color may be impacted at a higher rate. As part of @pbs NewsHour’s #futureofwork series, John Yang explains just who automation may put out of a #job, and what one school in California is doing to make students more competitive in this changing #economy. WATCH a #sneakpreview above. (at San Bernardino, California)

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ICT4MEPs: A digital workplace bringing MEPs closer to the EU citizens while working in their constituencies

The way we work is changing. Today Members of the European Parliament need more collaborative and connected environments to work flexibly, mobile and or remotely. This is what the ICT4MEPs project does. It brings new services designed to improve connectivity, anywhere, any time and facilitate MEPs and assistants’ lives by making mobile working more efficient and comfortable.

The core components are collaboration, finding and sharing of information, access to applications and systems as well as to internal communications.

A digital workplace to support the way MEPs work

The ICT4MEPs project is one of DG ITEC’s flagship initiatives aimed at providing extended IT support to Members of the European Parliament and their assistants, both in the European Parliament’s premises and in their constituencies. The project creates a digital workplace for MEPs, which allows for mobility and efficiency anywhere, facilitating a collaborative experience. It is part of the European Parliament’s Strategic Execution Framework and its Parliamentary Project Portfolio (PPP).

To develop this project, DG ITEC started by collecting and analysing user needs and requirements. The feedback received showed that MEPs and their assistants needed to communicate better about European affairs to citizens and to be more accessible to them. It became clear that MEPs and their staff need more and more flexibility, to enable assistants in different locations to work together, using private devices if needed, and to allow access to European Parliament’s tools from outside just like from on-site.

With this in mind, the ICT4MEPs project improves interoperability, communication and collaboration, not only between local and EP offices, but also from anywhere. The proposed solutions focus on a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach enabling easy remote access to applications, offering collaborative workspaces and videoconferencing tools, and extending IT support. Thus, they facilitate MEPs and assistants’ lives, making for a more flexible, effective and comfortable work environment.

What are the services available?

The ICT4MEPs project is looking to the future, offering a truly digital and collaborative workplace, flexible, mobile and seamless, anywhere and anytime. This agile working is enabled by the inclusion of tools that MEPs and theirs assistants need to work effectively within a digital workplace.

  • Provision of IT accounts to local assistants

Local assistants based in Members’ constituencies can now be granted an IT account giving access to European Parliament’s ICT systems and applications and other tools such as infrastructure services and collaboration services.

  • A toll-free number for extended IT support, available in all 28 Member States

To better support MEPs and assistants working from anywhere, DG ITEC provides extended IT phone support. There is now one unique toll-free phone number that can be reached free of charge from anywhere in the EU.

  • Members’ Collaborative Space for document production and exchange

The Members’ Collaborative Space (MCS) is a shared workspace that allows MEPs and their assistants to collaborate, coordinate activities, store, share and display selected.  Available both on computers and on mobile devices, it is possible to work on documents together and keep track of changes thanks to the versioning functionality.

  • Remote access to office desktop computer

The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows MEPs and their assistants to have access from any device to the same IT environment they have their office desktop (software, network, internal sites).

  • Videoconferencing service

To enable videoconferencing from anywhere, using a desktop computer, phone or a personal device instead, DG ITEC has introduces a collaborative tool that provides instant messaging, contacts’ availability, audio, video and desktop sharing, thus improving communication in the work environment.


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Where’s your favourite place to work?

Work is a mindset you go into, not a place that you go to. Whether you’re working from home, your favourite coffee house, a cabin in the woods or the office, you can work from anywhere as long as the conditions are conducive to you finding your flow. 

If you want your teams to come up with their best creative thinking in the office, why not invest some time and energy into thinking about designing your workplace to enable it?