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Researchers at Cambridge University programmed a fleet of 16 miniature cars to communicate with each other to avoid traffic jams. The result? The communication improved traffic flow by at least 35%.

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Sometimes your future, is written in your past. -06|20|2019

Let’s talk about “I´m Mother”

Recently I’ve watched this Netflix’s film called “I’m Mother”, post-apocalyptic science-fiction movie that deals with A.I.

As people may know, I got a REAL obssesion towards Articial Intelligence, as from my point of view robots will be the new Humans. And this movie is exactly about that! A robot takes the place of a mother by taking care of another human which she upbrough to become perfect human being, a more ethical human capable to restore humanity (Which had been extinct many years ago).

The first thing that got my attention was how at the beginning It makes you see and think about how awful and selfish people could be but at same time It tells you how wonderful and interesting are. Life is so quetionable, we get to move, to think and to create, we are flesh able to walk and have ideas! Isn´t that amazing!! JUST AMAZING! 

That girl which is responses to the name “Daughter”, while the robot to “Mother” the whole movie, that girl develops real affection towards Mother, because she literally acts like one, you could say that she was a perfect mother who plays, teach and shares beautiful moments with her… The girl only knows what the robot has told her, she lived in a kind of “spaceship” home her whole life with no human interaction, but that lack of human interaction makes her a person who believes that everyone acts by good, which I support, people are meant to be good from birth not otherwise. 

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50 Minutes to Save the World The past 5 months have consisted of traveling with the team to 7 countries around the world, documenting the deg...

This video is so important. If you care about the Earth, care about your future and want to truly help change the world, the first step is to watch this. Educate yourself on what’s happening in the world. It’s not something we can ignore anymore. Soon it will be impossible for us to avoid. I hope we can all step up and do our part in saving the world. Because it’s not just big corporations anymore. We can’t blame it all on business and look away. We’re the ones giving them the demand to supply, we’re the ones dumping our garbage into oceans and using single use plastic bags. We’re the ones driving cars that are polluting the Earth. We’re the ones who litter and who poach animals and who look the other way when people try to inform us that our home is dying. It’s time we stop. Do what you can. Start with education and spreading the word and then put in action. You might not be able to buy an electric car but you sure as hell can replace glass with plastic and buy your clothing from stores that aren’t hurting the environment. We need to go beyond simple use of words. Words are great but they won’t heal the Earth on their own. I hope this affects others in the same way it affects me because The Lorax says it best, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

Sacrificing Her Future (Gruvia Drabble)

Taken from my Royal AU, I really wanted to share this short scene that summarizes Juvia’s character in the story.

I wanted to portray her as someone who was willing to so anything to save the world, even if it meant sacrificing her own future.

I’ve always felt like Juvia was the kind of person who wouldn’t hesitate to give up a chance at happiness if it meant that the people she loved would be okay.

We’ve seen this with Cana during the Battle of FT and Gray during Tenrou Island and Tartaros. However, since I wrote Juvia as a princess in Between Lies, her sacrifice includes pretty much everyone in Ishgar. 

It's just so wonderful and bittersweet that she was willing to get married to Zeref, a man she perceived as evil, in order to keep everyone safe.

She really deserves the world. Hopefully by the end of the story she will find that happiness in some way.

                                   Sacrificing Her Future

As she watched him frown, his emotions for once so clear, Juvia started questioning her decisions. Why had she come back to find him? What had she been expecting from this reunion?

Had this simply been about learning the truth and seeing him one last time, or had she unconsciously been hoping for this outcome?

Even if getting together with Gray was everything she had wanted for so long, she couldn’t just abandon her plan. There were many people counting on this engagement and she couldn’t let her feelings cloud her judgement.

“You okay?” Gray asked after she had been silent for too long.

She loved him and he loved her, but they couldn’t be together. She had accepted that a long time ago, so why was it so hard to think about it now?

“Juvia?” The bluenette sighed.

Why did they have to get themselves into this mess? Why couldn’t they just be happy like normal people?

Because you’re not normal people. You are a princess and it’s your duty to do what’s best for your kingdom, even if it means sacrificing your own happiness.

That had been her mantra for the past few months and she had stood by it.

Although, her stay in Alvarez hadn’t been absolutely unpleasant and she had actually enjoyed her time spent with Zeref.

Still, that didn’t mean that she wanted to marry him. The only person she wished to ever marry was Gray, but that wouldn’t be possible. This wasn’t their future.

“It’s not fair.” He was confused when she shook her head, looking down sadly.

“What’s not fair?” Life wasn’t fair, but Juvia had always known that. Her past had been filled with loneliness and sadness; now it seemed her future wouldn’t be much better.


Good or bad, emotions come and go. In reality, they are just what they are. Our ego accepts situations through our filters, those are our beliefs and childhood patterns in one word a program. Your emotions can help you to wake you up from the subconscious thinking. Think on purpose the things you know that influence pleasantly on your emotions. That’s how you will also know what is waiting for you good in the future. 

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Society is says success is getting in a healthy (and probably unattainable) marriage and having kids and having a good job and supporting your family but I more selfish than that and I wanna travel the world and watch sunsets and fall in love with fictional characters and eat food and hug people I love and be happy not just spend my life working for other people.