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Preparing for The (Jobs) 🔮

Este año llegará una criptomoneda más prometedora que el Bitcoin Su lanzamiento, según sus realizadores, está programada para la segunda mitad del 2019.

BestPractices_EDU: Teachers' 'How-to' Guide What does an Elementary School Curriculum of the Future look like? Dr. shared his view - a great mix of technical and soft skills. What do you think?

Long and in-depth interview with Alfredo Maglione, president of , in the techno-scientific magazine : a conversation about and the challenges faced by Italian innovative manufacturing SMEs 🇮🇹

Check out the challenges Smart City Saturday teens will be working on at our next hack. Austin teens, if you’re up for the challenge, apply! . . .

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Chiamale se vuoi emozioni.

A volte non provare niente sentirsi vuoti, non fa bene, ti fa sentire peggio. Nella vita abbiamo bisogno di quelle sensazioni che ci provocano gioia o stupore, anche se piccole dobbiamo provarle, se no che senso ha vivere?


Future expeditions: Building the Lunar Base (ISDC 2018)

An overview of what a base build inside of Shackleton Crater could look like. Created by students from #falmouthuniversity in collaboration with DSEA.

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Future - The WIZRD (Album Review)

The Atlanta and trap rap scenes both have Future to thank for helping put them on the map. While Future’s influence and importance to trap cannot be denied, the consistency of his music isn’t quite so. Future’s had ups and downs in his career, yet it feels like he’s never nailing it. The challenge of being a top influencer in a genre seems to get to Future in Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD as filler dominates the record even while he employs current trends.

To keep on top, you have to prove that you’re able to adapt to an ever-changing landscape of music. Hip-hop especially is prone to trends, and Future makes sure to jump on some of them on The WIZRD. This is when the music on The WIZRD shines; particularly because it involves the beats. The highlight of this record is ‘F&N,’ where Future actually delivers consistently throughout the track. From the flow to the beat change, everything about ‘F&N’ makes it one of the album’s most successful tracks. Future also managed a Travis Scott feature in ‘First Off,’ which is another solid track all around, though it’s not terribly impressive overall. Closing track ‘Tricks On Me‘ changes things up with a more summery, Caribbean-type beat and nice overall mood to take things out on a high note.

The WIZRD doesn’t really do too much else well. There are many solid tracks that are simply just inoffensive and don’t bring the album up or down, such as ‘Faceshot,’ ‘Baptiize,’ and ‘Talk Shit Like A Preacher.’ The hook of ‘Crushed Up‘ is also pretty catchy. Otherwise, The WIZRD is a trainwreck. Opening track ‘Never Stop‘ kicks things off with a nice atmosphere, but poor flow prevent the song from really shining. Lyrically, there are — unsurprisingly — some pretty low moments on this record. All of ‘Overdose’ is a mess, while ‘Temptation‘ and ‘Promise U That‘ are just dull. Even the features can’t hold their ground sometimes: Young Thug and Gunna do ‘Unicorn Purp’ absolutely no favors. Sometimes, you can’t even tell what Future’s trying to get at, such as in ‘Krazy But True‘ where you can’t tell if he’s trying to be cool or romantic.

It’s not easy being at the top, but with inconsistency like this, it’s hard to see how Future still manages to keep his footing. Future mostly misses the mark in Future Hndrxx Presents: The WIZRD, offering too many weak filler tracks and not bringing enough highlights. Future seems to think that the weight of the world (or at least, Atlanta) is on his shoulders - and it’s starting to get to him.

Favorite Track: F&N

Least Favorite Tracks: Overdose, Unicorn Purp

Rating: 52 / 100

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Hi. I don’t know where to start. I don’t know if I’m cheating or what, but yes, I am getting married. I am getting married with the woman I love who’s ridiculously barge in to my life. She is so unbelievable. So annoying but because of that, it made me fall in love with her. Not in a short period of time. She knows that I am still on the process of moving on from my 4-year-long time relationship. My ex left without a word on me. I tried getting her back forcing myself to go back home even if I am still recovering from the operation I had on my head. I was afraid to lose all my memory including her. But I wish I just did. After she left and trying hard to get her back, while I’m on my way to her, I heard my mom past away. All of a sudden. And it hurt me more. I had so much heart break losing the woman I love and the woman of my life. I went back to Canada and lived my life alone. Away from my father. The person I hated the most. He tried hard to get me but after he got married to his mistress right after mom died, I hated that I had his last name from that moment. While on that moment of darkness, I met this girl, suddenly introduced herself to me and I don’t know why. She said she finds me so mysterious. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. Anyway I introduced myself back and never talked to her after. But she never gave up. She was always around. And it’s really annoying that she was too loud around me. And it is so embarrassing. I keep on avoiding her but deep inside I enjoyed her company. Makes me forget the whole crappy things happened in my life. The moment I hated my life and my existence and I wanna give up, she came to save me. I didn’t know that. But when she went away and got tired of me, I realized that there was a reason she came. That’s to pull me up from the ground where I want to bury myself where my mom is buried. I looked for her every where. Where she usually annoys me. Coffee shop, park, bar, school, backyard even at the parking lot. But she never came. Until this one moment, I saw her at school. I don’t know what to say coz she caught me looking for her. I was speechless when she asked me. I just ran away and I was like a dumbass going back to her and followed her everywhere she go. She said I was so annoying. I told her that I know. I hate myself too and so much. I suddenly break down by telling her everything I kept inside me. I break down and cried in front of her and I was blaming her that the reason why I can’t understand myself more now is because she came. After breaking down, she just smiled, hugged me, and said thank you. I couldn’t understand. She said thank you for letting everything out and not letting myself get drowned on those crap. I cried more when she said that. I had a companion, I told myself. I am not alone anymore. Then I fell in love. It wasn’t too late for me to realize. She helped me forgot and recover. I was so lucky. And now we are getting married.

One day, my ex girlfriend went in my mind. It has been 2 years now since she was gone. Since she left. I don’t know if I miss her. I just really hope that our paths never cross again. And I know that that will be impossible. Thank God.

I will be staying in Canada for good with Sophie. Though she is requesting to have our honeymoon in Philippines, I promised that it will be one of our destinations. 1 or 2 days, we could stay that long. I also wanted everyone to meet her. Including my childish and ignorant friends, coolheads. Just kidding. Thank you for this opportunity. This is the end of my confession.

I don’t think he fully understands…

I don’t think he fully understands my stress. My concern. My worry. When I try to express my worries his response is not an answer but a promise that I don’t think can be kept.

It’s always, “It will work out.” “As long as we have each other.” “Stay positive, we got this.” These are not answers. I need answers! I need to know what’s gonna happen. I can’t be kept in hlthe dark. And if you don’t know that’s ok just let me know. I need the truth!!!!


[FREE] Future x Quavo Type Beat 2019 - “The WIZRD” (Prod. By TeiMoney)

A renewed search for definition in the planning field is underway today. Aaron Wildavsky’s (1973) challenge, “If planning is everything, maybe it’s nothing,” has echoed ever louder over the years. Planning’s broad relevance and its interdisciplinary inclusiveness have served as both a strength and a vulnerability. Ever adaptable, the planning field has continued to evolve in many directions, and in academia it provides a big tent that shelters scholars trained in many more disciplines than planning alone.

One emphasis that has been identified as central to the intellectual and professional identity or mission of planning is “foresight” (Markusen 1998), “a focus on the future and pathways of change over time” (ACSP 1997, 223), or “persuasive storytelling about the future” (Throgmorton 1992). Recent writers have proclaimed the future orientation of planning as unique to the field’s identity and have called for renewed focus and development of future-oriented skills.

The reasons for planning’s special relationship to the future are fundamental. Evident to many is that the very purpose of a plan or the action of planning is to prepare for future activity. Planners seek not to merely predict but to create better futures. The very substance of urban planning is founded in time, because the process of urban development unfolds over decades. No matter how present-focused may be current debates and decision-making, the actual construction of individual buildings and public works takes place over years and even decades or more. Thus a concept that was approved in the present can only take shape and wield its intended physical or economic effects in the future. In turn, once built, these projects will live on for decades more into the future. In fact, urban planning has been singled out by futurists as a special case where a future orientation is most required: “It is safe to say that nowhere in the society are people’s futures mortgaged so far ahead as when the municipalities plan housing projects, earmark uses of land and build highways” (passage from a report by the Swedish Secretariat for Future Studies, quoted in May 1996, 35). For all these reasons, decision-making in planning cannot avoid addressiug the future. Indeed, the future may be our major raison d'etre.

—  Dowell Myers and Alicia Kitsuse {Constructing the Future in Planning: A Survey of Theories and Tools)

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Happy Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

Today is a day that America has used to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. However, we should honor is legacy everyday. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood for the fight against injustice, discrimination and elevation of your mind to believe that anything is possible. In today’s time, we call this sending “positive vibes.”

Our favorite Dr. MLK Jr. quote is, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

This profound statement describes everything that people desire to do in life, which is to be great. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith without knowing what may be on the other side. It is this mentality that drives us to pursue our goals, create big dreams and flourish in today’s society. Take pride in where you are and take that 1st step to elevate yourself to the next step. Remember to never stop believing in a bigger future because anything’s possible.

What are some of your favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes and how does it relate to your life? Comment below.


Article by: Ash Park LLC