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Delighted to have 120 highly focused Year 10 students taking part in today’s Progression Conference.

We are excited to announce our appointment to the lenders panel, 2019 winners of the Best Buy-to-Let Lender of the Year 2019 award. We are the only within the CF postcode to handle their purchases and remortgages

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Safe travels to all whom will be joining us in tonight, it’s going to be a fantastic submerging ourselves into science and what the has to hold!

l'ambiance est lourde ce matin. Gap à la baisse sous les 5940. L'incertitude autour des conséquences économiques du crée des doutes.. On surveillera les 5840 future fev

Tomorrow, Asia Grzybowska will be running an workshop at . Join us and get to experience yourself how you can shape by addressing the needs of the old, impaired or partially sighted.

Interested to be a Speaker? Submit your abstract and reserve your slot. For more information kindly mail us : Reach us through whatsapp: +32466903217

We’re committed to making a more sustainable, brighter . From gender to transformational , we’re at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting to make a difference for our people, our communities, and our world.

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Nachts, wenn das Pendel der Liebe schwingt

zwischen immer und nie,

stößt dein Wort zu den Monden des Herzens

und dein gewitterhaft blaues

Aug reicht der Erde den Himmel.

Aus fernem, aus traumgeschwärztem

Hain weht uns an das Verhauchte,

und das Versäumte geht um, groß wie die Schemen der Zukunft.

Was sich nun senkt und hebt,

gilt dem zuinnerst Vergrabnen:

blind wie der Blick, den wir tauschen,

küsst es die Zeit auf den Mund.

Paul Celan


Liked on YouTube: Rudy Giuliani Common Sense EP. 1: Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed

Forever 29

I turn 29 this week. My last year in my 20′s is about to begin. The age I will forever remain when anybody who intimidates me has the audacity to outright ask me in public during my adult life how old I am. Provided I remain this good looking forever, which provided I quit smoking is necessary to do. Speaking of… I have began this account to track my own accountability on my goals, share my struggles & successes and get tips & motivation to keep me on track. 

Catty confession: when I see a rich, handsome man with a wife or girlfriend uglier than me, it makes me happy and gives me hope. Not trying to take him in particular, of course, but I figure there are others like him who are single or divorced and if she can get one, I can too.

IDK if this makes me a bad person or not. I’m not wishing harm on anyone, just enjoying a little self-esteem boost. And who knows, now that I feel a lot better about life in general (for completely different reasons) and sort-of kind-of have a vague life plan (and understand better why making plans is so hard for me, so I can deal with that and route around it better) maybe I’ll even be good enough for someone ambitious, good-looking, fun, and not clingy.

Like no, I am not going to be able to boast that I graduated a prestigious university with a master’s degree at 24 and made millions by 30. That train left the station, finished its final haul, got decommissioned, and rusted in a junkyard a long time ago. And I don’t look like a model, I’m only above average. But there’s no good reason I can’t do something now. I’m not going to get a family, so I might as well do my best at something else and enjoy my life.