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Admissions Open for Session 2019-2020 Your child's learning and development is monitored and supported throughout every stage of nursery life.

The Heterogeneity Alliance has finished! We thank all speakers for their interesting talks and we hope to find you in future workshops!!!

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Episode 9 incoming..... Exporting video, still have to edit audio for podcast Show should be up later today or tomorrow morning :)

Change is coming to the world of , but the key stakeholders remain the same. See what governments, employers, and individuals can do to reach in the with a new post from 's :

INVITE: to the final presentations of the design projects of students of the Royal Academy of Arts and of the Delft Industrial Design Engineering Faculty. 'THE FUTURE OF COMMERCIAL SPACE FLIGHT' on 22 January by .

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There are two days in the year that you can’t do anything. The one is called ‘yesterday’ and the other is called 'tomorrow.’ Today is the only right day to love, pray, and mostly, live…
—  Dalai Lama

Hologram A.I. Martis | Hologram Effect

Artificial intelligence hologram Martis talking with human. Future technology concept.

Software : Adobe After Effects


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After that long 14 hrs flight, finally, I’m back home now. No more heavy luggage need to pull behind me but I really miss everything in UK. Honestly, I don’t really miss that much about the stuffs in my country, on the contrary, I feel more satisfied and enjoyable in England. It’s good to see my families again tho, not gonna lie, still, I would love to return back UK ASAP again!!

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