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Looking into the This Is the Gorgeous One-Off Ferrari P80/C

All set up for Irelands 2019 grading season 2 week 4, halfway point to World Championship qualification. JDC Ireland highest score so far 1852 (Keane Barry) 🇮🇪🎯💪

Innovare ed educare vecchie e nuove generazioni, per costruire un futuro migliore! Ti aspettiamo dal 9 al 14 Aprile a Milano, in Porta Venezia.

Seriously your current . Where are they you? Consider your long term as you may need adjusting. Do not get in the moment

have confirmed that there are ways in the of the to extend the of people to a thousand years. But which consequences would that eternal life have on our planet? 🤔 Check it out tonight at 7pm on DocuBox 👉

"Sales people in 2029 will be highly efficient, fully accountable & completely honest! They will do the key task that VR, AI & other tech still won’t be able to do as good as a human, that KEY task is simply being HUMAN!"

Petita mostra de fotos de les dinàmiques de treball d'ahir i avui sobre transformació digital a la . Un plaer participar-hi!

The of our society depends on the and healthy of our most vulnerable citizens – our nation’s . Join us in advocating for the funding of public and private programs that support U.S. children and their !

School funding deficit even worse than previously predicted! Are your teachers and support staff having to use their own money to help pupils!? This must change.

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just imagine that you are in your 30s having life of your dream& people who make u cry because of your endless laugh and jokes. came back home feeling delightful and everything in the world seems so insignificant.

then u came into your kitchen, took a bottle of wine and a book that uve always wanted to read. and u just look through pages, thinking how happy you are.

u truly live the moment and enjoy ur life. and the most important thing is that u need nobody to make u feel alive. because u do it for yourself. you are your own hero.

one day u will get out of that shit that u put yourself into. u will survive. get stronger. this darkness wont be here all the time.

It’s very important

to know that IT’S OKAY to not be good at something or not as good at something as the person next to you.

And as is known to everyone, practice will definitely make it perfect.

Want to take pictures…start by taking ones of something around you… absolutely anything. That’s how it will have to start in order for you to learn more about that skill and develop it further.

Want to paint or draw…do a little something can see the changes in a month and eventually you’ll realise your own style and progress in it.

In times like these, our generation has way to many options to choose from in terms of our future, which is why it gets hard to understand where our potential lies and times filled with doubt are totally justified.

I go through that everyday.

And let me tell, the fact that you are able to acknowledge that feeling itself is a great strength or so they say.

Believe in yourself. Your now is not your forever. Learn from things and experiences. Meet people. Maybe go out of your comfort zone to try something new or different.

If not anything, you’ll definitely evolve as a person.

I’d be glad to hear from anyone, who is willing to share their story, maybe it’ll give me a different perspective to things.


23.03.2019 - 1:00 pm

Some people just make it so easy 
So terrifying easy 
And you just lay your past
In the small palm of their hand
Losing focus on the future for a moment

Then I blink and it’s over
Mentally shaking my head, i realize
What I was abut to do
Breath caught in my throat and a
Wildly beating heart in my chest
I try to focus on the present again


『evoluir @ 静岡店 営業日変更のお知らせです』



「 evoluir @ kanazawa 」
Daily WEAR & New WEAR + Cafe & Gallery
CLOSE : 木曜日+and more

「 evoluir @ shizuoka 」
Daily WEAR & New WEAR
TEL/FAX 054-284-5237
OPEN/CLOSE : 11:00〜20:00
CLOSE : 不定休

Must read for your future fam 👏🏽

Just an FYI for anyone going to college/university.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure you’re taking classes that pertain to your major(s) and minor(s)!!I’m not sure how other colleges/universities work but I go to a Liberal Arts College and let me tell you, they say “4 year college”, but it’s REALLY set up for 5 years.

You have your core (math, history, etc), major, and minor requirements. Get 👏🏽 those 👏🏽 done 👏🏽. Learn from my experience! After this semester I’m 100% done with my core requirements, in the summer I’m taking my last two minor requirements, and in the fall I’m taking my last 3 major requirements!

But that’s not all! You will have a set number of credits that EVERYONE has to complete to graduate. For me, there are 5 classes per semester (15 credits). This being said, I literally have to take extra classes just to be able to graduate. That’s 8 extra classes with NOTHING to do with my major or minor, that’s more than a full semester. So I will be taking 3 random classes during my fall semester (2 added classes on top of the 5) and 5 random classes during my spring semester before graduation.

PLEASE make sure you guys are ahead of the game! It goes by so fast and you’ll regret not being as far in the lead as you can!