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this was one very professional game,Mad respect to a the players for keeping the fire up,back home we building kings out of who champion for human rights,I celebrate you Rodgers

Most people hold onto the past, look forward to the future, and do not embrace the present. Only those who can appreciate what they have now live fully... 🎧

Blessed to be able to go see some of our family!!!! Evan, Austin, Kelton, Korbin, Hunter, & Ray!!! Every one of you showed up and showed out and showing exactly why you are exactly who you are. Love you all forever

is for the support of our . We are so very and excited to see our clients and we can wait to see what the has in store for all of us...

: In 2019, we and by making sure that our employees stay connected to the , to the and to the . Vote for your fave moment and stand to win in our !

Tough loss for the Knights tonight. 2-3 vs East Ridge Give Las them an idea what the SEC will be like every Knight. A battle to the end. But how about that energy for Youth Knight. Thanks to all those that came out toKnight

Crazy Night! @slumberjackmusic has always been a big influence to the sound. Almost fainted running into them @ - #1720

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Lenay empieza a abrir los ojos, pero todo lo que ella ve esta borroso y en eso ve una silueta negra con una luz blanca en el fondo en eso escucha que le dicen:

-vamos resiste lenay –dice el joven mientras ve a lenay que la operan de emergencia – yo sé que puedes.

Ella no resiste mucho en mirar la luz que sus ojos lo cerro lentamente.

In regard to Pink Pearl’s Crack

Do you guys even really realize what this means? We heard in the episode that is psychological, which means even Pink’s tantrums and her destructive powers didn’t affect her physical form. What it really means is that Pink made Pink Pearl suffer through so much mental pain, that it ended up affecting her physically. That just makes me wanna…


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There’s actually a real life condition that is just that. It is called Conversion Disorder,  or also known as functional neurological symptom disorder. I’ve actually dealt with this in the past and it happened because I was so stressed from school, my body actually became paralyzed. I fell to the floor and laid there for like 2 hours before my family took me to the hospital. I was able to move 2 days later, but if the amount of stress and mental strain just from maybe 6 unfinished assignments made me incapable to move my body, I can’t imagine that shit Pink Pearl went through with Pink Diamond and that shit just breaks my heart. AND another thing; for those people who still try to excuse Pink Diamond’s/ Rose Quartz’s actions, tell me, whats your excuse for this one….?