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¡Nuevas fechas de MOTi!

Artificial Intelligence isn't taking over the world just yet and we love how it makes life easier! HubSpot take a look at jobs that it is likely to replace and jobs that are safe and why. .

"The future depends on what you do today." -Ghandi Call today to begin planning for tomorrow.

Welcome to Bonaire again ! Looking very much forward to collaborate towards the future to make our beautiful island more known at the European Union.

We’re at the National Manufacturing Summit today, looking forward to chairing a panel later this morning. Check back for updates...

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here’s to never growing up, except when you turn 20 and kinda have to

life really comes at you fast, and sometimes it hits you in the most unexpected ways. I really tried to learn and grow, but I wanted to rush myself so fast that I just stunted my own growth. how incredibly self-destructive of me. either way, I am grateful because I am at the perfect age where this is not the worst decision in my life. part of growing up is just realizing you have to, and after my inner childish tantrum, I realize it’s the next step for me, for me to evolve into a better person.  hopefully this phase in my life taught me a lesson and hopefully the future won’t scare me as much. growing up is just what happens, as much as I hate it, it’s already happened, regardless of what I want. 

to an exciting next adventure *cheers*


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Some time has passed and yet I still am fulled with joy in my heart only. My mind and body are in a stage of transformation that is super uncomfortable. I can’t talk with friends, family, so my only resorts have been to myself and God and now an empty Tumblr. I know better things are coming, and I hope you’re doing alright. Everyone deserves their own happiness😌

Immer mal wieder fühle ich mich schlecht, weil ich trotz meines Alters (20+) ‘noch nichts so wirklich im Leben erreicht’ habe.

Vor allem, wenn ich von meinen Eltern zu hören bekomme, dass andere in meinem Alter schon längst im Job stehen und ihr eigenes Geld verdienen. Bei mir dauert das alles länger. Weil ich depressive Episoden hatte und sehr Beschäftigt mit meiner Identitätsfindung war. Ich weiß, dass ich dazu eigentlich eher weniger kann und es ist halt wie es ist.

Doch das schlechte Gewissen begleitet mich oft. Deshalb bin ich froh, wenn ich dann mal einen festen Job habe und meine Miete selbst bezahlen kann.

I’ve had this same account since I was 14 in highschool, and I really wish I could go back in time and tell that kid where we are now. Like kid you dont even know how shit and amazing it’s going to be. Stay strong all of you kids, believe me when I say hold on because you cannot even imagine the future to come.

Sci-fi question?

Alright, so hear me out. Imagine a far, far future, where the settling of Mars to them is as ancient as the building of the pyrimeds to us, the solar systems history is taught in history class, and multiple happitable worlds have been colonized by several generations of human.

How would birthdays end up working? Would the average amount of years you live depend on the planet you lived on as heavily as what time it is depending on your timezone? An example would be, “I’m 528 years old on Proxima Centauri b”. Or would everyone just always go by the Earth calender like some form of tradition and ignoring whenever the sun is up or down?

Young Thug - So Much Fun ALBUM REVIEW

Young Thug’s big break was around 2014. He’s been around for a little over half a decade and his signature style seems to have transcended hip hop. We can see his influence in newer rappers like Lil Baby and EARTHGANG. Young Thug has put out a lot of mixtapes, which were free. But he’s also put out a lot of projects labeled as mixtapes but people have to pay for it. In my opinion, it’s cheating to call something that isn’t a mixtape a mixtape. He’s marketed projects that have been released on a major label but said they are mixtapes. With streaming, mixtapes aren’t really a thing anymore so Young Thug is labeling his new album, So Much Fun as his debut album. I have not loved everything Thugger has done but I do love his original style and I do love a range of his music. Slime Season 3, JEFFERY, Black Portland, and his Young Martha EP with Carnage are certainly standouts in his catalog whereas I’m Up, Beautiful Thugger Girls and Slime Language fall very flat for me. So Much Fun grabs my attention because it’s executive produced by J. Cole, which is a really odd pairing. Thug joined Cole on his KOD tour and as someone who went to one of the tour stops, it is interesting but very enjoyable. So Much Fun is a fun album that has more personality and energy to it than a project like Slime Language. I don’t love the entire album but some tracks really do stand out as fantastic. The way the album opens right away with Just How It Is is so fucking good. The beat doesn’t really have much to it and it’s relaxed but Young Thug sounds really great on it. I can picture him in the studio recording this song relaxed but also enjoying himself. The lyric, “Had to wear the dress ‘cause I had a stick” is exactly how I would describe his music because he’s very different in a genre that sticks to its trends and starts his own. The quality in the album goes up and down from the first track. Sup Mate with Future is a tedious track that I really don’t ever wanna hear again. The beat on Ecstasy kinda ruins the whole song. The following track Hot, however, has a beat so good that it makes Gunna sound like a good rapper. All jokes aside, the way Gunna’s low mumbly voice contrasts with Young Thug’s high-pitched cadence actually does sound good even though the content isn’t really there. It’s a Young Thug album and it’s called So Much Fun so you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for content. Thug’s flow on Light It Up is nice and the beat is dope too. However, the repetitive hook kind of fucks up the vibe of the song. This hook is not worse than the more repetitive hook on the following track, Surf. Plus the beat isn’t that good. The song with Lil Baby and the song called Lil Baby were pretty forgettable. Thug’s use of his different voices stood out on What’s The Move. However, Lil Uzi Vert’s feature did not. After that song which is track 9, this album became background music until track 15, Pussy. I’m honestly really surprised that one of my favorite songs on this album is called Pussy. As someone who does radio, I can’t wait to see what the edited version of this song sounds like because the word pussy is apart of the whole song, including the beat. It reminds me of when A$AP Rocky did PMW. Lookup the clean version of PMW—it really does sound like a completely different song. The beat on this song was good enough to grab my attention after 5 boring songs. That along with Young Thug’s delivery and switching up his flows was enough for me to like this song. I also really loved the song Mannequin Challenge because of that beat. I swear I’ve heard that vocal sample before in Logic’s 44 More. The hook was catchy and really fun to listen to. I don’t find any interest in listening to Juice WRLD’s music but he did sound good on this song even though he sounds way too much like Post Malone. The lead single, The London with J. Cole and Travis Scott, wasn’t the best way to close out the album. It seemed like a grab for extra streams because the song is so big. I initially wasn’t crazy about this song but I went to see Travis Scott 3 days after the song came out as a single and it went off at the show. Even though J. Cole and Travis Scott completely outshine Young Thug, it is a very fun song. I love J. Cole’s braggadocios line about how much he charges for a verse. He raps, “A verse from me is like 11 birds / Just did the math, that’s like two thousand dollars every word.” So Much Fun is a fun album that is also very repetitive and hard to listen to all the way through. It has some great songs that I see myself going back to but I would not say that this album is better than his past other ALBUMS. 

Fav Tracks: Just How It Is, Light It Up, Pussy, Mannequin Challenge, The London

Hubby: I started joining programs because you gave me hope.
Me: How did I do that? We barely knew each other at the time!
Hubby: You gave me hope that not all people suck, not all people are bad, there are good people in this world, and you gave me hope that someday one of them would believe me and get me out of this place.