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Ready to see how we digitally design the real world??? Come join us Monday night at New Relic PDX!!! Tickets:

LoopMe asked very interesting questions about technology, misunderstandings, and the future.

Thank you to the wonderful for the talk today at . Glad to know I'm not the only one that counts my dedicated gaming time as very important industry research.

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A stable higher education is hard to come by in gang-run Honduras, and a loan to accept that Ivy League offer even harder. But we're in these students' to enable them to continue their studies no matter what and give a brighter .

EYFS loved meeting 'Shelley' the tortoise as part of aspirations week! Evelyn would like to be a vet in the future, so she shared her expertise on how she takes care of her pets.

A big congrats to the Technology for Sustainable Development team for a thought-provoking and thoughtfully organized conference!

Great to be here in at the Total Wealth Symposium with ! He provided some great investment trend insights to the audience regarding the of .

*Whispers* Amazon is using its investments in AI research to make Alexa capable of hearing your whispers and listening for trouble while you're out of the house

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WELCOME TO COLONY 22 | A Literate, Original Roleplay

Four years after the end of the world, the remaining survivors struggle to rebuild society and seek a better tomorrow. On a small island just off the coast of England is Colony 22, one of the smallest that has come to rise, and citizens are sorted into houses and trained in skills of battle, survival—and evolution.

It is estimated that over sixty percent of the lives that were spared in this unexplained, natural disaster now referred to as ’D-Day’, are carriers of an unpredictable “infection”. Some have developed stronger senses, such as sight and smell, while others have reported changes such as Telekinesis or Telepathy. Others, have simply gone mad.

With the slate wiped clean and substantial evolutionary changes in their midst, mankind’s only option is to look forward. Colonies around the world come together with a common goal: to adapt to the changes of this new world, to hopefully uncover some answers, and most importantly, to survive.

From the makers who brought you Belvedere Institution comes Colony 22, a literate, dystopian future RP. However, with inspiration imaginatively drawn together from many of your favorite stories, including Divergent, the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Ender’s Game and Looper, this is a roleplay unique to the name.

HOME | PLOT | SURVIVORS | INFECTIONS | 2157 was the end of the world.

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Rin, Nitori, Sousuke, and Momo prom headcanons please!! Thank you lol

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D.Mon: I’ve heard legends of what proms are like for boys’ schools from Casino… They sound pretty terrifying. (Un)Luckily, there isn’t prom in Japan.


  • He had absolutely no idea that they’d be having a prom, but now he has to try his best to hold in his excitement! He’s experienced the Year 10 Formal back in Australia but it’s not like a bunch of 15/16 year old kids can really enjoy a big party.
  • If he stayed back there, he would’ve enjoyed his first time abusing the drinking laws. Now he’s absolutely resolved to eating all the things he couldn’t while he was strict on his diet. He’s heard “weren’t you at the buffet table like ten minutes ago” quite a lot already. 
  • Rin is the sod that gets really emotional once he realises the party’s ending. Nobody wants to hear a sappy goodbye speech, but Rin’s already gotten into regardless… It may or may not require Sosuke physically clamping his mouth and dragging him away for everyone to lighten up again.


  • This guy was far too focused on the end of year exams to actually think about prom. Now that it’s come so close, he’s absolutely terrified of not having a cool suit or preparing some dance moves - he’s not much of a dancer anyways so that other thing is a low priority for him.
  • Nitori isn’t shy in the slightest. It’s one of the last nights he can spend with everyone. He’s talking to everyone he’s never even talked to before. If Samezuka did have a prom king, he would’ve instantly got that title from that night alone. Though, one wouldn’t think when they walk in on him screaming “BE YOURSELF” at the bathroom mirror.
  • It’s actually his idea to round up the team to stay together after the party ends. It’s actually just the bunch of them chilling outside until the sun comes up but it’s just about as much romance as any of them got their whole highschool careers.


  • He’s not too keen on the idea of prom. Of course it’s nothing like what’s on TV. Sosuke’s even seen the prom committee far too stressed out so he offered to help. His plan was actually so that he’d be able to get out of it… it obviously did not work.
  • Sosuke pretty much avoids the dance floor like a plague. It takes Rin dragging him out to “embarrass himself” for the guy to actually start. At that point there is no return and he’s threatened enough people to not record him.
  • There’s no way he’s going to admit that he enjoyed Rin’s goofy challenge to a dance battle. Truth be told, now it would be a shame if he went back to his seat - might as well enjoy the night without worrying about humiliation.


  • You’d think he was waiting his whole life for prom. That’s because he was. He’d always seen this sort of thing in American movies and the idea of finding a cute partner to go to prom with was basically his life’s mission.
  • From the absolute rush of sugar alone, Momo will scream the lyrics to songs that really aren’t ‘turn up’ songs (TWICE would really appreciate his enthusiasm). But at least there’s someone to pick up the party as easily as him.
  • He’s that guy who ends up live tweeting pretty much everything at prom. Group shoots, food and people’s ridiculous dance moves. For someone who’s pretty much glued to his device, Momo’s sure to at least make it look like the party’s live enough.

                                     THEY ARE THE FUTURE.

Twenty years have come and gone for our favorite students of McKinley High school. A few of them had found homes in New York or California where they fell in love, married, created families and achieved their biggest dreams. Our Gleeks are now parents themselves and to teenagers! Some take after their parents with big dreams while others just want a normal life. Parenthood is simply a struggle. Especially to teenagers who didn’t want to move from their home to a small town. 

wafg is a future family-based rp that is based back in lima. we are focused on expanding creativity, character development, creating friendships, getting back to the old roots of good ol’ glee family rps. 

                     It’s back to place where it started all those years ago.

                                 Main | Plot | Navi | Families 


Humans were in danger of extinction, survivors of the plague and natural disasters  seeking refuge in whatever strongholds they could, hiding from the weather and scavenging the remains of civilization to survive. As bands of survivors started to gather together for safety, adapting to the new weather patterns, they found new ways to get by, and some of them started to rebuild.

One such group found their way to the shores of Lake Darrow, where their numbers began to grow. Outside their walled city, humans still struggle to get by, but within the Society, they have found a way to thrive. Under the strict regiment of the Cardinal Authority, their mandate is to rebuild civilization and save the human race. 

But as the city grows, so too does dissent within its walls. Not everyone is happy to live under the boot of the Cardinal, and a rebellion has sprung up within the walls. Is humankind prepared to face the consequences of war in such a barren world? 

                                IT’S TIME TO START ANEW

                                Apply  | Nav |  Plot  | Rules  | Canon


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Bonnie McKee - Mad Mad World (MT SOUL Remix)

Present is the Future

I cannot help wondering how “developed” our modern world is. Like we are driving some weird streamlined capsules and periodically some people sweep on two wheels called “gyroscope”. Just imagine how amazed people from past would be.

There is no limit to perfection.

But just take a little bit of my little childish ability to be surprised by everything around you.

It’s really worth it, guys.


no YOU’RE crying at a Perfume video