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Hed missed it in his hurry to find the drugs she carried for him

Everywhere in life, there are predators and there are heroes. More valuable than any medal or championship, these powerful women are actively making the world of gymnastics a safer, better place.

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MMW: The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) will still widely considered to be secure in 2028 (30 years after it was first published and 10 years from now).



Being Uncertain of a better future could bring you down, and such doubt creates worry. Take charge and create the better future you deserve by saying Yes to Success!

The Future After IX- Zidane and Garnet’s kids

I think by the time of my potential sequel Zidane and Garnet might have a rambunctious prince eager to be an adventurer like his parents were. He’d be about 6 and would have a kid crush on Eiko (a bit tamer and more blunt than Eiko’s crush on Zidane)

A possible plot could be the young prince going on a journey to save his baby sister, who has summon magics like her mom. So he joins Eiko’s team and they journey to find her.


Segway’s autonomous security robots may soon roam parking lots near you.

Tarot Spreads

This is some of the spreads I use or have learned. It some time since I last used my cards, mostly because I am trying to make a new bunch from skratch.

The first one is the single card, which most already know. The single card is the answer to what outcome your life or question may have from your current state of mind and lifestyle.

The next one is the 3 cards, a spread that is good to know about a person, but also oneself, it can be used if a problem have happened before, or if you are doing a spread for a person about their future.

Its the Past, the Present and the Future spread, or just three cards.

I use it very often, as I also wants to know what I did in the past which lead me to the present and what can happen in the future.

As I always say, the cards are only telling you what can happen in your current state, but the future is always changeable.

The last one is one that can connect to another post of mine, the chakra post. I havent used it yet, but I am curious about my chakras current state, so when I get to my cards I will do it and post an update.

1. Card is Root, 2. is Sacral, 3. is Solar plexus, 4. is heart, 5 is Throat, 6. is Brow (or the third eye) and 7 is the Crown.

This spread can be used to see how your different chakras is doing, and what they may need.

I just watch the locket episode of Bunnicula and it wasn’t something I expected.

But I still found it to be a pretty sweet episode! I do really want to know how Mina really got into this in the first. I think she would really dig having a vampire rabbit this whole time. No way she would disapprove of Bunnicula! And now this episode is convincing to write a fanfic based on this.


Ha, I’m evil.


Had a very interesting time with this one! Go check it out now!!!!


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