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playin tonight @ kiva lounge with a bunch of homies tonight basically it’s a party, come thru for more

FARCRY 5でおっちゃんを助けたら、鉄柵との融合を果たされたので記念写真を撮っておきました。

💪 EL FEMENINO PONE PRIMERA Éste sábado, el de tendrá su primer torneo de pretemporada: mañana desde las 9, un cuadrangular solidario que se jugará en Valle Cercano. Además de las , participan , y de .

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| 'Fallen Leaves' is een bijzondere ep van Mihael Hrustélj. De nummers zijn niet los te omschrijven, je moet de hele ep luisteren om het verhaal te kunnen begrijpen. | |

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2k19/ Fusion summer nights 🌃 Vibes 🙏🏻
Like so much 🎧
Music : @chillhopmusic .
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Can i see your crystal gem au fusions?

I don’t have the final designs of most fusions because I’m currently working on other things related to the AU, but I have been making progress on Rubellite. Rubellite is a fusion of Opal and Ruby. Here are some sketches of her and also her gemstones and color palette. This isn’t Rubellite’s final design, just some ideas I have been doodling.

I wanted to let you have a look at my AU Region.

Niji means Rainbow.

Unmei means Destiny

Prism, like a object that when you shine white light through it makes a rainbow

My region is based off colours and music.

I made over 70+ Eeveelutions for my region. Spectreon is the one having the most forms, for one Eeveelution, F/M/H/I. I have made Megas for a few of them.

I have been working on my AU for about 5 years now. The region has unique Fakemon, fusions, alternate forms / deltas , alternate evolutions, and much more.

I will be posting new Fakemon and deltas in the next week or two!

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Donald Byrd “Dominoes” b/w “Wind Parade” United Artists label sleeve 12″ (1976)

Byrd has helped contribute to an endless amount of gems as trumpeter, composer, producer, and key band member of many -tets. Here’s one as a solo artist from “Wind Parade”, essentially sampled for Da Beatminerz’ remix of Black Moon’s “Buck ‘Em Down” (1994). Shown here is the United Artists label sleeve, who helped distributed and re-pressed Blue Note releases from 1975 to 1980.