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Brothers Fun Club battles it out with the and Blasters! Watch how easily Morph transforms from a into a traditional blaster. It's two toys in one!

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Acabo de descubrir este gif...y a colación del regreso de y la posible marcha de del me parece súper acertada la Échale huevos y plántale cara a

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One time....

A person said that Dean(Science B.) looked like professor membrane from Invader Zim,and well,i decided to mash up them together(since the enter the florpus released and it was a good moment for membrane) so….that’s the result:


THEY ARE PERFECT TOGETHER(it could be like if Baldi was membrane)


okay so like i rlly love making fusions and the other night i happened to doodle up a wilford/dark fusion that i’ve sorta just??? rlly love now??? I call him Madhouse and he’s pretty out of it xO


Finally, the inescapable Lapidot fusion, Paraiba Tourmaline! Shes possibly one of my favorite fusions I’ve made. Also, yes, she does talk to Lapis and Peridot lmao. She likes to include them when she’s out and about, so she talks to her components. I had the idea that when Lapis and Peridot first fuse, their fusing causes a rainstorm to roll in and when they start realizing they fused, they look at the raindrops falling on their shared arms and that’s when they realize “WE FUSED??? AND ITS… OK??”

I didn’t have a theme for her, except maybe buggy? I kind of wanted their eyes and wings to be more bug-like, and their visor, too.



Part 2 - @bigattikus ’s verse

REMEMBER. Remember all that they gave you and they time they spent with you. Always remember them and honour their memory. They are watching over you. Know that.

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ardynson prompt by @starsilvereld “fractured lightning ardynson au, Ardyn finding out”

He hasn’t even stepped into the facility because his magic starts reaching, curling towards something in the building, and Ardyn’s eyes narrow.

There’s a child with magic in the facility.

Besithia’s insolent bragging made more sense now; he’d managed to find a child with magic (because Ardyn very much doubts he managed to create a child with it. Besithia was a genius, yes, but far too rooted in science), probably a Lucian bastard, and he ignores how the thought of that leads to the thoughts of his own–

He ignores the guards - as if they could stop him - and follows his magic to the child’s all the while seemingly wandering aimlessly, whistling a nonsense tune.

Ardyn ignores the vague sense of familiarity in the magic.

And then he’s coming to a stop before a blond toddler who is staring at him with curious, hurting eyes, and his magic is trying to bury itself within Ardyn’s, instinctively.

Raising an eyebrow, Ardyn allows himself to reach back.

Only to startle as he catches a hint of the warmcoldlightningstormchocolatestarsinapredawnsky of his son’s - his son’s - magic mixed in the child’s blueskywarmfeathersvoicesafetycinnamonspice.

Shielding him, guiding him, protecting him.

In the same way that Ardyn had wrapped his own magic around his baby son’s, years before.

The child is in his arms before he thinks about it, bond snapping into place as he holds his grandson, and he scans the documents beside the tube, reads samples harvested from male Galahdian aged approx 15 and his heart is heavy with the knowledge that his son is alive.

Alive and taken from him.

His ‘escorts’ come up behind him and are dead before they even hit the floor, magic and scourge lashing out and burning them where they stood.

Ardyn takes his grandson and leaves, uncaring of the blood. He has a son to find.

The lab burns.

ardynson/styx-verse fusion where nyx is ardyn’s kid and styx is still wesks but she grew up calling ardyn papa and basically has two dads and everything is fine until she remembers

until she remembers that story in that other life of a man who destroyed the entire world for his revenge and his death and then tries to mesh those memories with the man who she calls papa and who bought her her knives and was such a good father to nyx and selena and her

until the first time that she sees ardyn after her memories come back and her eyes burn with unshed tears because there is no way, no way, that she can’t try and save this man as well

because he’s her dad

try and fail, because how is she supposed to fight against ghosts and gods?

her eyes burn with tears and ardyn looks at her with worry and styx just turns her head towards the sky and says “i hate you old man” because in that instant she does

and then she collapses in her papas arms and listens to him breath and tries to pretend that everything is okay

(everything is not okay)



So I randomly remembered this scene from Steven Universe where Stevonnie has a dream that ends with Her/Pink Diamond smashing a window reflecting our first visuals of Pink Diamond and I realized that ITS FYUCKING FORSHADOWING.

Pink Diamond was “shattered” -> Pink shattered her reflection -> PINK DIAMOND FAKED HER OWN SHATTERING/SHATTERED HERSELF

I feel like I’m the last person to get this reference but nevertheless: REEEEBBEEEECCCCAAAAA!!