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player , born London 1938. Started as a session player for numerous & artists. Known mostly for his playing with his : “Oblivion Express” - - enjoy!

This is amazingly accurate. A coin I am very invested in is skimming that bottom section right now while hodling member collect staking rewards.

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“Mo Soul” Player Playlist 24 April

1. The S.S.O. Orchestra - Faded Lady
2. Kim Weston - Brothers & Sisters (Get Together)
3. The Impellers - Ed Memes Super Soul Boogalootion
4. Jack Hammer - Swim
5. The Bamboos - One Man Entourage
6. Jazzhole - Love Philosophy
7. Marlon Saunders - For love
8. Timmy Thomas - Why Can’t We Live Together
9. Solsonics - Keep The Rhythm Strong
10. Jazz Rosco - Hopscotch
11. Justo Almario & Abraham Laboriel - God Is Able
12. Freddie Lee - Oh How I Love You
13. Uraz Kurt - Special C
14. Arnaud Rodriguez - Turma Do Pole
15. Gege’ Telesforo Groovinators - Here But I’m Gone

If you really want to enjoy music and help musicians and bands, buy their lp’s or cd’s and don’t download mp3 formats. There is nothing like good quality sound!!!

(Angel Lo Verde / Mo Soul)




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I really wanted to draw a Rutile + Paddy fusion, but I never had that much of an inspiration until Lemon Jade came to mind with the arms and fingers

I only showed half of their faces because they only have two eyes on each head with their hair covering half of their face missing an eye

Also, they go by they/them or she/her pronouns like the Rutile Twins do in canon


Well I’ve lived a life that’s full;
Many times I had to pull
My way to the top,
Never knowing where I was gonna find….
I made my mistakes,
But oh, what I learned
Has led me straight to you baby,
And that’s my only concern.

Coke Escovedo - (Runaway) I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

List of Gems REALLY good for Fusions!

Garnets (Love Stones)

Rhodonite (Love Stones)

Amblygonite (Helps forget past relationships, or learn from them and move on)

Malachite (Love Stone (APPARENTLY))

Chrysocolla (Love Stone, loves to sing)

Lemon Chrysoprase (Love Stone, helps overcome Jealousy)

Moonstone (Love Stone, also symbolizes loss of virginity)

Charoite (Was originally found by a man who worked in a mine and he gave the stone to his wife, out of love.) 

Super Seven (Is basically a lot of Gems mashed together)

Bumblebee “Jasper”/Eclipse Stone (Is basically, a bunch of Gems stuck together, also, this is not a Jasper!)

Hypersthene (Lowers Stress Levels)

Pink (Mangano) Calcite (Love Stone)

Turquoise (NOT Dyed Howlite) (Could be a Gem being protective of another Gem, as this Gem is a Stone of Protection)

Dolomite (Opens the Heart)

Sonora Sunrise (a few minerals Smashed together)

Aragonite (A Trust stone)

Pietersite (Is partially Quartz) (Is a bunch of Gems mashed Together)

Indigo Gabbro (A bunch of Gems mashed together)

Gneiss (A bunch of Gems mashed together)

Victoria Stone (Is a bunch of Gems mashed together)

Celestine (Means new Beginnings)

Covellite (Has multiple colors, really fragile mineral)

Maw Sit Sit (Is a bunch of Gems mashed together)

Shaleanblende (Is a mix of Gems)

Unakite (Is a mix of Gems)

Also, Two good fusion buddies would be Apophyllite and Stilbite, as the stones love each other.

Something that’s been clinking around in my head

Fusion of the sides create…more sides

I haven’t thought more than moxiety fusion is depression (partly for that good moxiety angst, partly because it’s the only thing that gives me emotions and I’m very attracted to moxiety when depressed)

Feel free to add more


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…Nice to know you…I guess…..

Disclaimer (before I forgot) : Error and Ink belongs to their respectful owners!

Before read: I’m drunk so the info gonna be drunk too.

Name: Hix

Pronounce: He/Him

Height: 5ft 4 In (163 cm)

Age: 18 years old

Birthday: 9th May


He likes to tease/bully people(Monsters) just to see their reactions and emotions and call it ‘experiment’ .He does think about the impact on physical things but not mentally. He will never think about other’s feelings (except..he rlly care about that person. You can know it by knowing what he use to call that person!)

Anomaly = ..Idfc

Candidate/ subject = A bit interest. (Their reactions I meant.)

Your name = friend (?)

Sample = Very very interest in that person.

Sample + Your name (switch between) = Special one.

He doesn’t care who’s he talking to. He will always be straightforward and not really polite. He also loves to bugging people and be problematic.



A rainbow tab on his belt(?) allows him to create strings out of it. Its ability depends on the colour of the string. His string can be really sharp and durable if he wants. He can also control the direction and form of his strings whether its ink or string.

He has 5 brushes that allow him to ‘paint’ and create physical things out of his ink magic. However, it won’t last long.

He can erase or cause a world’s code to glitch by messing around with it.

Like other sans, he can use blue attack, bone attack (Just red mix with some black bones) and gaster blaster.

He can teleport and travel through the universes by both portal and ink.

Some facts

He likes Chocolate and sweets.

He also vomits ink out if he gets excited. However, he rarely gets excited.

He has no life goal (yet)

Rough Backstory

Like always, Ink and Error were fighting throughout the multiverse. One day while they were fighting, Error pulled his strings that were wrapping the AUs and accidentally merged them together. It caused a huge glitch and created a big ‘unknown area’ that was literally a pure black area in the Multiverse.The glitch also caused an anti-void to turned into a void which became a part of an ‘unknown area’.Ink and Error got sucked in that area. No one ever saw them again until one day. Hix appeared near the unknown area. Nobody knows what happened in there but the only thing they knew was that Hix had both of Ink and Error’s abilities. Hix decided to traveled to another multiverse that Ink and Error still existed to find the answer. What’s his purpose?

Until ONE DAY, Hix was exploring a new multiverse and found an interesting skeleton who has a very pure soul so he decided to investigate. That skeleton name..iiiiissss



The End (4 now).



Ehh Yeahyeahyeah Yesterday I said ‘Imma go die with my exams till 19th June’. Yup! I made this one before exam and I finally decide to post him here! ._. I made some stuffs up based on Ink and Error so plz don’t keww me.


>w> ok Imma roll away

*rolled away*