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Om drygt två veckor öppnar vi anmälningslänken till 👇

Are you and your based in the West Midlands? If so, you may wish to know more about The West Midlands Churches’ Further Education Council. Find out more about how they can be of support to you here:

More than £860 million is going into measures for 2018/19 year to widen access to universities & colleges for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. More than double what was being spent in 2009. Read more in our article -

. has announced its educational framework which will help educational institutions digitally transform. They will be joined by to discuss the technologies and their impact on the college.

Have a great day if you’re attending Annual Conference today!

Come & meet current students & teachers at our TONIGHT ! Find out what & we offer 4.30pm to 7.00pm -East Dulwich Homestall Campus (SE22 0NR) -East Dulwich Rye Campus (SE22 0AT)

A huge thank you to all delegates that attended Post 16 Progression Routes Event . Supporting students research for & beyond Fantastic forum for all in attendance!

We're all about so we're turning our stand at into a networking hub! Come along and see who you'll meet! Read about how it works here:

QQI Reference Group for Award Standards Levels 1-4 eager to get started.

Thursday 15th Nov 4.30pm to 7.00pm Come & meet current students & teachers Find out what & we offer -East Dulwich Homestall Campus (SE22 0NR) -East Dulwich Rye Campus (SE22 0AT)

Did you know is in the top 10% of colleges nationally and officially Oxfordshire's most successful college? With a great community and fantastic new facilities, there’s never been a better time to join! Apply today:

Our School Liasion Officer Sarah, Trudi from our team & Rhianna, our Womens Football Apprentice are having a great time today speaking to Yr 11 students about post 16 opportunities at Bath College

Would you like to try online training for university, college or school? Elearning includes Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding, Student Mental Health, GDPR Data Protection, Information Security & more!

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A terrific week of sustainability action at Strode with a ‘One World Week’ highlighting sustainability issues and a particular focus on how we can reduce the use of single use plastics. Great visiting speakers, events and tutorial resources and though provoking quizzes. Also an accumulating, and shocking, pile of plastic bottles presented in the Learning Resource Centre to highlight how many plastic bottles we send for recycling in a our college each week. We all have to make change happen.


It’s the annual ‘Zombie Workshop’. Great afternoon playing with SFX make-up, wax, gelatin, prosthetics, wounds, costumes and plastic weapons. 40+ students form the art, media and make-up programmes all working together and having a lot of fun. Good preparation for the half term ‘halloween’ holiday and new skills and possibilities for progression into make-up and SFX university courses and industry. 

Great start to the Autumn term with a lot of positive discussion about reducing and ultimately removing single use plastics, provision of reusable drink bottles and cups, sustainability fundraising and a continuous rolling out of discriminatory/recycling waste bins throughout the campus. Lots of great conversations with teaching colleagues and ideas from the student association.
What are the experiences of individuals with psychosis in further education and if this affected completion of work.
I am currently a 3rd year student studying a BA in SEN and inclusion, for my dissertation i am researching the effects of psychosis in further education and the type of support and understanding you did receive if any. This questionnaire is to try and gain an understanding of your experiences in further education, and how your condition of psychosis could affect your experience and efficiency of work. For this research, I would need participants who have been in, who have completed or those that are currently in further education - to feedback their experiences of further education, and whether you have or haven’t been supported, accepted and understood within this educational environment. what will you have to do: the study consists of a questionnaire consisting of 8 questions, it should only take 10-15 minutes for you to complete the questionnaire. There are no risks to taking part in this study not personal information such as name or age is needed and all results will be kept anonymous and confidential. If there are some questions that may be sensitive for you, you may skip these questions and you have the wright to withdraw. the data will be secured on a password protected computer that only i have access to. the data will be used for analysis and results which will be marked by examiners but all your details will be kept anonymous during this process. This study is aimed at understanding the experiences of individuals who have psychosis and the impacts this can have on them within a further education setting.

When trying to encourage the use of correct terminology in the classroom, I found it useful to develop a subject specific glossary for each area. An example, as above for sculpture, can then be updated as required, shared, printed for the classroom wall, placed onto ‘moodle’ and copied onto the back of hand-outs.

It’s a simple thing to do and certainly helps students with their use of language and to demonstrate technical understanding and an appropriate use of terminology in their reflective note-making and evaluations.


Mono printing
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One Man’s Trash, Another Man’s Treasure

Education and giving back to the community are valued equally at Holden. Rarely are spare parts and engines pulled off the line and placed into scrap piles – instead, they are given to local TAFE institutions and research centres for educational purposes.

Holden recently donated a VE Calais V sedan to the Hunter TAFE automotive section at Glendale Campus, NSW.

Head Teacher - Automotive, David Allen said the vehicle will be used by the students to gain insight into the latest technologies used in Holden vehicles.

“We are very appreciative of the support Holden has extended to our education initiatives. It benefits our students greatly,” said David.

“Holden has been a loyal partner of our automotive section and over the years has donated two new vehicles, 25 new engines and various transmissions.”

Holden also supports the Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre (RTRC) and will this year donate a VE Commodore sedan which will be converted into a half shell to help rehabilitate patients with a broad range of physical disabilities.

RTRC Occupational Therapist Driving Assessor, Jacinta Buzacott said donation was a crucial part of the RTRC patients having the ability and confidence to get out into the community.

“For patients, the need to access the community – as a driver or passenger – and their ability to transfer into and out of a vehicle is a fundamental goal of rehabilitation,” Jacinta said.

Holden Community Relations Manager, Maya Donevska said these donations demonstrate Holden’s ongoing support of the communities in which the company operates.

“These vehicle donations reinforce Holden’s commitment to the community and being able to assist students and people in need,” Maya said.