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Unfinished. Should I continue?

My official new OC and fursona Ciel, The tiger demon prince

This originally was only going to be a sketch, and it shows--I was gonna take another lazy day but I wanted to test another way of shading... plus I haven't made any colored art in a bit. The coloring is odd, the face looks wonky, proportions are off, but still.

Sad that this weather is so hot. I feel gross and blegh and it sucks

I'll be bringing this kitty cat to the meet today! So if you see this fursuiter about in today - be sure to say hi! She's a pointed eared cheetah called Tolco! :3 📸

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New Fursona! 
Englie is now an Ampwave! :3 I was growing sick by those stupid protogen jokes and they kinda ruined it. Everytime you write something a joke comes. No matter how many times one says “please stop.” these pleds get ignored fast. Sadly.
Will keep her design though!