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Protect your on the this holiday. in the sun doesn’t need to equal sand in your !

The sun sets quickly in the desert! Making the most of any opportunity to fly in warm weather before returning to the deep freeze in Chamonix for Christmas . . .

Beautiful day in Savannah, the sky is clearing, the sun is shining and it's 66 degrees! Great day to Segway or EBike, book now!

These guys came to The Boardwalk to enjoy the sun but could not manage to wiggle their toes from underneath the sand. Thank you for returning to in

in the ! Catherine Wallace knows how to enjoy her in sunny . She is wearing a white Lyric and a long sleeve from a past Fall season. The weather looks amazing there!

With blue skies and the sun beaming down, our Boardwalk seems like the best vacation spot... until you can't find your way back home! Thank you for choosing in for some fun!

We all get wrapped up in work and before we know it the sun is heading down and wondering why it has been so long since we played a round! Here's a few tips to make that after work round happen...

Only 5 days to the Faraji Fair Christmas Edition! Bring over the fam for some fun in the sun. We can't wait to eat, shop, fly kites and repeat 😎

They were having a bunch of in the until the started to roll in and the thunder started to ! Thanks for coming! We hope you had a geat time in our room. Come back any time!

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"My son and nephew have finally decided to play out in the sun and sand -- it’s a tough job getting them off their screens!" Read the full story -

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Sun, 2001 (Age 5)

Marker and crayon on construction paper.  (Names omitted for privacy)

8.5 by 11 inches.


Teague- Our third girl is the always sweet and adorable Zoey by @thatonebrobo! Let’s see what Zoey had to say about her season and her photo! 

Zoey- I got the season Summer and I was so very happy because Summer is such a fun and relaxing season! Yeah, it may be hot, but you get to play in the water and go to the beach! I mean, who wouldn’t love that! I brought my A game and I plan on making it into the final three. 

Teague- Zoey def steals the show with this look and she is just giving us so much in this photo. I am obsessed and I love it. 

Reed- That hair is incredible and she looks like a superstar! I love Zoey in this photo and i honestly think this is the best she has given us. 

Alex- I don’t know about the best, but I agree that this is one of her top photos she has done. Zoey is very talented and I think she deserves a lot of praise for this photo. Just amazing!

Fun in The Sun (Kai x M!Hayden)

This is for @meeraaverywalker‘s November prompt challenge Day 10: Beach Day

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,611

A/N: This is my first time writing for Hayden so I hope I did him justice! 

Originally posted by t-h-e-v-a-p-o-r-c-a-v-e

Kai and Hayden sat next to each other on the couch, both working on their computers and both of them seemed to be distracted. Kai kept stealing glances over at Hayden, he seemed focused on something on the screen, but it wasn’t his work. Following his gaze, she noticed that it seemed to be lingering on an ad, not just any ad though, an ad for beach vacation getaways. Fun for families of all ages, stuff for kids and adults, not that they had any kids or were thinking about them anytime soon, but Kai knew there was more to it.

Hayden never had a childhood, he didn’t get to have all the same experiences that Kai, Damien and Nadia had, he just thought he had those memories, until that fateful night at Eros. After he found out he wasn’t human, he seemed to be adjusting okay, the truth was he had just gotten good at hiding his thoughts. His memories of his past were fuzzy, blurry faces with no names, feelings that he remembered but had never actually experienced.

“Hayden?” His eyes snapped back into focus as he looked at Kai, that warm familiar smile spreading across his lips.


“Are you okay?” He grinned and wrapped an arm around Kai’s shoulder, pulling her into him.

“I’m sitting here with a beautiful girl in our apartment, why wouldn’t I be okay?”  She watched him closely, sure he was smiling at her, that dazzling thousand-watt smile, he was holding her close, but she could see in his eyes that wasn’t be honest with her. He hated worrying her and so he tried to bottle things up, keep them hidden from her until they came pouring out.

“Hayden, you’re thinking about your childhood again, aren’t you?” His smile faltered for just a second before he completely let it fall with a heavy sigh, dragging a hand down his face.

“I didn’t mean to, I just saw the picture of the beach and then I started dreaming of the sunshine, sand under my feet, your hand in mine, our fingers laced together, the water hitting our ankles as we walked. Then I saw kids playing in the sand, building castles, dashing off into the water chasing each other, for a second, I saw myself doing those things, but they faded away. I realized they weren’t real, I’d never done any of those things. I’ll never get to do those things.” 

Kai watched him and felt her heart constrict, she didn’t know how to comfort him, she didn’t understand, couldn’t relate because she did have a childhood and did have those real memories of summers on long island with Nadia, goofing off, burying each other, building the ultimate sand castles with moats, body surfing through the waves. She wanted Hayden to experience those things, that pure unbridled joy of not having a care in the world other than not getting caught by the person relentlessly chasing you or getting slammed by the wave that seemed to come out of nowhere.

As she wrapped her arms around Hayden’s side, nuzzling her head into the crook of his neck, she got an idea. A lightbulb moment, tearing out of his grip, almost knocking her computer to the ground in excitement.

“Kai!” Hayden gently set his computer down and comforted Dipper who had woken up from her nap because of all the excitement. She had torn into the bedroom like a madwoman, he could hear her shuffling around and mumbling to herself, he was almost afraid to go look. She emerged a few minutes later, wearing a maroon bikini and black see through cover up. Hayden raised an eyebrow with a slight chuckle.

“What’s gotten into you?”

“You’re the one who’s always interested in a spontaneous adventure, it’s summer in New York. It’s 90 degrees out, put this on and I’ll get some drinks packed!” Hayden chuckled, clawing off the swim trunks she threw at him. He knew they needed to get work done, but he was actually excited to take the day off and go to the beach. That look in Kai’s eyes told him everything he needed to know, she had an idea and it was going to easily become one of the best days of Hayden’s life.  

He waited patiently on the couch as she packed a bag pull of snacks, drinks and something from the store. He didn’t even realize she had gone to the store, she was determined and had gone all stealth mode on him, Damien rubbing off on her during their Eros investigation.

“So, what now?” She shoved a bag into his arms smiling, her eyes sparkling with a mischievous twinkle as she headed towards to door.

“Now we go to the beach, and no peeking!” She turned back to see Hayden trying to dig through her bag of stuff.

They hailed a cab to Long Island beach and Hayden followed Kai who knew exactly where to go. She looked beautiful, her curly blonde hair tucked into an oversized sun hat, sunglasses covering her bright hazel eyes, and the small coverup barely covering her curves as she sashayed across the fiery sand. She laid a blanket down and plopped down on it, pulling Hayden down beside her who just smiled.

“Time for you to get the authentic beach experience.” She dumped the contents of her bag out revealing a bucket and some plastic shovels, even a few plastic molds.” Hayden grinned, thinking he knew what they were for, but still unsure.

“Authentic huh?”

“You said you wanted those memories so let’s make them!” She scooped up the toys and dragged Hayden off the blanket down towards the water where other kids were already playing in the sand.

“So, everyone knows the best sand to make a sandcastle with is wet sand. Not too wet to the point where it’s a soupy mess, but just wet enough so that it sticks together, so start digging!” She tossed Hayden a shovel, he glanced around at the other kids and saw them happily shoveling sand into their buckets, transporting it back to their friends on the edge of the dry sand, out of reach of the water. He started digging a little unsure at first, he felt strange being an adult with no kids just digging in the sand, but as he continued he began to care less and less what everyone else thought.

“What now? We’ve got all this wet sand.” Kai grabbed the bucket and dragged Hayden back from the water a little bit, packing the sand down into the bucket before turning it upside down. Hayden was mortified! They had just collected all that sand for Kai to dump in into a useless pile.

“Kai!” she let out a soft laugh and cupped Hayden’s cheek with her sandy hand, planting a gentle kiss on his lips.

“It’s okay Hayden. Watch.” She slowly picked the bucket up and he saw a perfect tower, she used her finger to dig a little hole and he watched the sand castle come to life. A window on one side, multiple tours surrounding the base, they even dug a large trench around it for a moat. By the time they were done, Hayden sat back on his knees in awe, he had built a sandcastle. An actual sandcastle, and he was proud of it, but exhausted and sweating from the sweltering New York sun.

“Is this what you and Nadia used to do as kids?” he asked, Kai nodded and leaned against him.

“This and one other thing.” He looked at her waiting expectantly, noticing that mischievous gleam in her eye again, it was the one she always had after pulling a joke on their friends.

“What other thin-”

“Tag! You’re it!” She squealed, pushing him over into the sand and racing off towards the water, throwing her head back laughing as she ran. Hayden picked himself up and dashed after her, watching as she kept turning back. She hit the water and froze up, the shock of the cold, refreshing water hitting her.

“Ahhh!” Hayden took the opportunity to snatch her up in his arms.

“Got you!” She wrapped her arms around his neck, pleading with him not to carry her into the water, but he kept going, dunking them both under an incoming wave. When he came up, her hair was hanging around her face, the flattest he had ever seen it, all the gel out of his hair had left it looking like a wet mop on his head. Covering his eyes. She brushed the hair out of his face so she could gaze into his big blue eyes. That same smile from earlier on his face was there, but this time it was contagious, reaching his eyes with that special gleam in them. She leaned in for a kiss, tangling her hands in his hair, just as their lips brushed, a wave came crashing down on them, wiping them out. They broke apart underwater, both of them sputtering before breaking into a fit of laughter.

“It wouldn’t be an authentic beach day if you didn’t unceremoniously get taken out by at least one rogue wave.” Kai giggled, tangling her arms around Hayden’s neck again.

“Looks like I’ve finally got all those memories I wanted after all, and somehow they’re even better than I ever could have imagined, because of you.” They leaned in to kiss again, at the last second Kai broke away.

“Last one into shore is a rotten egg!” She teased, catching a wave and bodysurfing into shore, Hayden playfully rolling his eyes as he tried to catch up.

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Hi Guys!

What’s up everyone? I promise I haven’t forgotten about any of you! Over the past few weeks to months I’ve slowly started to feel burned out at work and needed to get away.

So my family and I packed up and a run to the Gulf Coast for a little fun in the sun (but also for a really close friends wedding)!

Anyhow, while on my travels I’ve thought of some really fun things to write about and even add into Road Trip. So please, all I ask is for you to just hang in there and continue to read, follow and support me.

New things are coming.

Fun in the Sun

After a day at the beach,Kathleen looked in the mirror, she was as red as can be.  Her sister Zoe showed concern.

“Are you okay?” Zoe asked.

“Yeah, never better,” Kathleen replied ignoring her sister.

“Oh, you are just really red..”

Entering her room Kathleen responded, “I go to the beach once a year, I’m gonna make the best out of it,” she closed her door only to reopen it to say, “including getting cancer.”

Zoe thought, “…if that’s your idea of getting the best…”