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I pay the monthly fee for ALT TV and barely use your Bell Fibe TV app. The one night my wife and I want to watch tv to watch the Grammys, we get this in and out. Internet is perfectly fine and working well.

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that won't work private companies don't have access to Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system and current on going investigations, HC has a contract with RCMP they need to add performance measurements and RCMP more people big backlog and companies

Another game postponed for the U17s! We have played just 9 games in 5 months! 2 League games played (+2 League games giving us points) +7 Cup games

bought 2 sets of square boxes for our cube units but in each pack only 3 bottom base squares included for the boxes so now they don’t slide easily back when filled with toys... what’s happened 🤷🏻‍♀️

and : Jigsaw puzzles are hard to and the one feels after slotting in the final piece of a is second to know. Completing a jigsaw requires persistence and is an important for all ages.

Maybe less stickers would be a good idea on the deli bags, yeah? Every bag gets destroyed and we have to find another container.

Hey , I ordered a pizza from you and got a pizza base with no cheese. That's not , that's no pizza! So, as I didn't receive a pizza, kindly and reimburse me for the pizza - don't offer me £1.50 for the cheese!

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Still 4 hours left to register.... time after time an error occurre! What's going on? Don't want to register trough FB or Google. Via mail

so explain why seven !!!!!!!!!non-electric vehicles parked in supercharging spots at Rodin Place location in Philadelphia and parking garage allows it?

1270 steps difference between my fitbit and pacer via iPhone. isnt synching with - - either way: 👏 walking challenge...

As a I find . It forces but I often need multiple posts to get an idea I alone in wondering...

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4-3-4 No, its not a formation. Its my FOUR UNDER REVIEW for last 3-4 months!!

Absolutely loath Day Running Lights on cars, my evening is littered with dozy car drivers who can't be bothered to turn on their lights! cc

Wish there would have been someone would have been there to help. more than 4 months, 30 emails no response. Why do we have govt. offices? Shut them permanently.

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Just because my relationships are open right now doesn’t mean I’m incapable of being faithful in an actual one on one relationship..

I’ve just not found a person that prefers me to have my focus on them and only them completely yet. So seeing stuff thats said so broadly like that..

I ran outside for the first time since surgery. It was chilly and started raining on me, but I loved it. I ran just over a mile and a half, clocking my first mile back on the streets at 9:06

A badge for running on lunar new year.  cheers to one hell of a year of the rat!

It felt like I would never make it back to this day. It’s been entertaining to see the right hip bursitis has complained more than my newly rebuilt knee. The dedicated PT has brought me back and now I find the other parts of me lazily snapping to attention after atrophying for so long. I have to practice my breathing and syncing with my steps. As soon as I was cleared to push I started doubling my distances… it’s not like it was, but things are starting to feel familiar… it feels really great to get back to me

It’s not actually meant to be, isn’t it?

I don’t know where else to post this, so I’m posting this here lol

During middle school, I liked this one guy in my class. I started liking him when this new girl came out of nowhere and said “you two look good together!”. That night, I had a dream about him. And so, I started to notice him and gradually developed feelings for this guy. He’s actually pretty lame. I rationalized so hard on why it’s a bad idea to like someone like him. It was useless. 

After weeks of struggling, denying that I like him, I finally came around. I told the culprit aka that new girl that I started to like this guy because she said we look good together and it’s her fault. She was pretty happy to hear that and offered to give me some help. I don’t know how but I was like “waaah, really? thank you!”

Two weeks passed

I found out they started dating each other.  

It was really frustrating. I felt like some antagonist coming in between two people who loves each other. The kind of antagonist that will make the lovers’ bond stronger. Remembering how that guy sometimes came up to sit next to me and share his earphones with me to watch anime… Was it to make the new girl jealous? I felt betrayed and stupid. It was the worst.

fast forward to high school

The new girl and I went to study somewhere far away and the guy stayed behind our hometown. I found out during that year that they broke up because they can’t handle long distance relationship. I didn’t care much anymore because I was too busy with being stressed about school. Also, I had a girlfriend at that time. Some of the happiest moments of my life ugh. 

It was the last year of high school.

I went home during Christmas break. One night, my sister’s boyfriend and I went to the convenience store to buy some beer and I stumbled upon an old classmate. He was like “come here” in a small voice so I went to him. 

“Is that your boyfriend?”

“Nah, that’s my sister’s”

“Oh, I thought. Anyway, [that lame guy] said that you’re his girlfriend”

“What the fuck? No”

I was like SHOOKETH. I’ve never talked to him for a long time, what the fuck is that guy saying? I thought to myself. But at the same time, I was kinda happy to hear that??? So weird. Also, I was still with my girlfriend. 

Guy started appearing in my dreams again. Not just once! And in my dreams, we are always on a date or I always want to hold him. SO FRUSTRATING ISTG.

Out of the blue, he started talking to me again. And after some time, he confessed to me through chat because I rarely go back to our hometown.

“I just wanna say this but I like you”

I was so confused, cringing but kinda happy but I was also thinking “you should’ve said that years ago”. 

I replied with a meme. 

fast forward again

My girlfriend and I broke up. Guy was still flirting with me. And I don’t know what to do with this flirting because duh yeah you’re flirting me but you never asked if I want to be your girlfriend. Anyway, I attended his graduation because I graduated earlier than him. We still only talked through chat because we live far away from each other. After some time, I started to see his flaws. I saw how immature he is and I found out how homophobic he is towards gay men relationships but he’s okay with gay women together? I’m like ????????? My friends know all this stuff and they’re shipping.

cut to the chase, we didn’t end up together even though we probably felt the same towards each other at some point. some of our mutual friends said that he still likes me but he currently has a girlfriend (she kinda looks like me lol). he visits my inbox once in a while to share some anime recommendation and some random things. he still sometimes appear in my dreams and it’s still frustrating. i still find the reason why i started to like him to be pretty stupid. i cant see the reason why he would come to like me when we’re so far apart. it’s still annoying how i can only think of him when i try to imagine romantic stuff. is it because i lack flirting - social skills and i don’t have much friend to begin with, that’s why i can’t think of anyone else? i don’t know. i just wanna stop feeling things towards him. i’m tired of this bullshit.

Lightweight post coming up.

My son has struggled some with pre-k, namely I think it’s that his birthday was right after the cut off and he’s the oldest, he already knows his letters and numbers for the most part and he’s just not challenged. He’s constantly getting little write ups because he rolled his eyes, was wrestling with the other boys, will correct the teacher or other adult when he thinks they are wrong…. in other words, we get reports 2-3 times a week on little behavioral issues. At this point, I can’t even take them seriously.

Is he beating people up? Taking someone’s lunch? Making fun of people? No? Then cut me some slack here.

Yesterday, he wanted to dress up and wear a shirt and I tie. Fine. We get this report in his backpack -


I merely said to him, babe, you can’t wear a tie if you are going to play with it. It’s disruptive love. He said ok. End of story.

Today I get a text from my husband. The complaint? That Jamis was ‘licking’ his applesauce out of his cup. What. The. Flip. Who gives a good turd? He’s a 5 y/o boy. Be glad he isn’t farting on you and flipping buggers at you. He’s eating a healthy snack, he isn’t slinging it all over the place, he just didn’t have a spoon. Can we not make a big deal out of every single thing he does?

Yes I’m protective of him. Take up for him. Real talk though? I think they are being ridiculous and absurd. I believe his teacher is focusing too much on this piddly crap and not on keeping the kids busy, and I’m approaching the irritated portion of the school year.

He’s not mean. He’s not unhealthy. He’s not aggressive. He comes to school on time. He is fed, dressed, as presentable as I can get him at 6:30 in the morning and I need someone, somewhere, to have something positive to say about my kid.

Is it unreasonable to assume a teacher can handle an eyeroll? A 5 year old telling them they are wrong? Control the situation in a way that the parents don’t have to get a negative comment in his folder every single day? Yes, I want him to have manners. Be respectful. Listen, for Pete’s sake. Yes we are trying so hard, have corrected, encouraged, limited tv, blah blah blah, but I really want to know how the other kids are performing. Is everyone perfect and he’s acting out? Is he disruptive to the class and no one can learn?

Let’s be a little less politically correct and just call a spade a spade. He’s a boy and he’s 5. I’m not saying boys can have atrocious behavior and it’s ok because of their gender, or that 5 year olds can act a fool all day everyday, I’m saying he’s a healthy, energetic kid, playing with other kids. Let’s all calm down xx

Oh no! Not again! - Never ending story of one paper

There are two of us, who try very hard to go through data analysis to get bending rigidity of the studied membranes and cellular vesicles. This is already a fifth time in the last 3 months we come to the very same scientific paper dealing with the procedure and ask ourselves how the hell did the guy do this step?

It’s infuriating. It’s frustrating. It’s so complicated that even the coauthors of that paper do not understand the individual steps in detail and cannot reconstruct the procedure. And the main author is very busy at the other end of the world.  

I don’t want to be the tough friend anymore. I’m absorbing all these insults, my friends thinking I can take it just because I’m mean and I don’t ever cry. But I can’t handle it. Please, don’t call me stupid anymore. Don’t call me a liar or ugly or useless or frustrating because I’m about to lose it. I just want to scream and be angry and I want you to be angry that I’ve been abused and not be yelled at afterwards because I’m being too difficult and should stop being so weak.

I’m so fucking sorry that I’m taking up space.

so a young African-American woman from Chicago with the last name Scott, decided to criticise a male Egyptian model who represents an Ancient Egyptian royal custom, cause of his reddish-brown skin colour didn’t agree with her idea that everyone in Ancient Egypt is black and accused us “white people” to have killed all native black people. her evidence?


this is King Ahmos the First, killing and kicking out the Hyksos, they were invaders with diverse origins mostly Western Asia, they Conquered and stayed for about a hundred years, after a few revelations they were kicked out. The people in the pic are not the natives.


#pourpainting #fluidart #jayecruesart #pourart #background #frustrating (at Lake Monticello, Virginia)

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Utah, you suck!

This team will be mediocre. They have some of the most useless players honestly. Keeping players like Matheson, moros, laddish, Stengel Barnhart etc is so dumb.

At this point imma cheer NCC…

Ah sh*t I can’t I love Christen and Becky too much!!!

Get your sh*t together!!!