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Muere , voz en español de en

Sometimes you’re a bad ass baseball mom and others you’re just fucking super mom!! Made this all for my baby girl!!

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⛪️ Sunken Church So nah kommt man dem Kirchturm im Reschensee kaum. Nachdem der See gefroren war konnte man ganz easy direkt hinlaufen 👌🏼 Hinweis: Gottesdienst findet keiner mehr statt.

🇺🇸 Box Office Weekend Estimates Jan . 24-Jan. 26 $2,55M / $469,81M (Weekend 10). Lifetime gross box office projection + $480M . At the same point : $9,11M/$347,9M. Lifetime gross box office $400,73M

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"My daughter and I loved our experience. It was easy and friendly but also professional. I recommend them to everyone."

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Frozen 2 - Into The Unknown | One-Line Multilanguage (Subs+Trans)

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Erik from Phantom of the Opera (who actually IS pretty psycho)-Redeemable. Draco Malfoy-Reedemable. Hans-IRREDEEMABLE MONSTER. People almost worship the first two, right? The difference? The first two were framed as complex and it was done WELL. If Hans were framed as such, haters wouldn’t be saying a word. There, shots fired.

All I’m going to say is that the amount of hate Hans gets is beyond stupid and utterly frustrating because I consider those who use the words “psychopath” and “murderer” (which he is neither) against him are full of ignorance.

Also Hans “title of villain” is completely stupid and the top of the list of Jennifer Lee (and Chris Buck to an extent)‘s Incompetence Track Record.


Frozen delight 🥶… I love that side of you tomboy girl ❤
Reposted from @jaimiealexander So…my friend, Lance, talked me into doing some “cold therapy” …barefoot. Four rounds. It was -4 🥶😂🙈 I don’t think my voice has ever gotten that high 😂😂😂😂 Also, who runs like that!? Hahaha 😂 #frozen #alaska #snow #omg
#jaimiealexander #blindspot #pontocego #janedoe #remibriggs #alicekruger #taylorshaw #ladysif #intersections #kylexy #jessi #jessixx (em Anchorage, Alaska)

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Idea: Anna & Elsa #1 All Hail the Queen (or sth similar to Google Assistant Frozen Stories - One of My Early Days as Queen) as the next featurette or short film after F2

Sis stories between F1 & F2 are much easier to understand and attractive to most young and grown up Frozen lovers.

As stated by Elsa in “One of My Early Days as Queen”, She is grateful for people still trust and love her after freezing arendelle in F1(also a bit coz parents’ expectation), she serve and protect her people at all costs but afraid of messing up again, then trying too hard to be perfect always exhaust her just like in Frozen Fever.

In the other hand, Elsa is quite social phobic struggling to talk to people, not like Anna, born with the magic of communication. Anna is also revealing her ability to work and help Elsa in more flexible ways in these stories.

I believe this kind of stories explaining F2 well to those never read Forest of Shadows or watch deleted scenes.

Mythos_blog on Instagram: “Cailleach Bheur, sometimes called the Queen of Winter, is the goddess said to have created Scotland. She built mountains and hills to be…”
6 Likes, 0 Comments - Mythos_blog (@mythos_snapshots_) on Instagram: “Cailleach Bheur, sometimes called the Queen of Winter, is the goddess said to have created…”

Cailleach Bheur, sometimes called the Queen of Winter, is the goddess said to have created Scotland. She built mountains and hills to be her stepping stones and carries a hammer for carving out the valleys and dales. A giantess, she is sometimes described as having blue skin, rust coloured teeth and only one eye.

Helsa’s dinner night

(Elsa came home and see Hans has prepared a candlelight dinner)

Elsa : Whoa.. Umm what’s this?

Hans : “I made dinner. Anna & Kristoff went out with Sven and Olaf. We have a few hours alone to enjoy dinner and you”

Elsa : *smiles shyly*

Hans : “Well, I know we haven’t talk about any of this but, I was thinking I thought I take a chance maybe you’ve been feeling the way I’m feeling”

Elsa : “Shush” (as she puts her finger on Hans’s lips)

Elsa : “I have”

Both of them embraced each other and kiss.

This is an addition to my previous post (x)

The picture from @lovewillthaw-j​ is much clearer and now we can see the whole document. At this point I would like to explain again the meaning of the element symbols:


(picture source from @supersandwichslut​ , edited by me)

I will try to interpret the meaning from my point of view:


Elsa/fifth element and her power - it’s supressed - her powers explode, awakening the - four elements (water, fire, air, earth) - Elsa is confronted with all elements except earth and she possesses (?, it’s inside of her) the water element - unknown to me (maybe Elsa is inactive)


Elsa doing something - water element - not clear what this means - the sun - earth element awakes/or at daylight - water element - earth element (reversed?) - water and fire element connected - water and air element connected - ?

I don’t know what these smaller and bigger triangles and dots mean between the clear symbols, maybe it says something about time or about a specific action.


leaf in good condition - dry leaf - a fish that dives into a flowing water ? - one reindeer - Northuldra (the first 2 of them maybe means male/female or separated or different ones like Northuldra/Arendellian or a combination of the possibilities, the next one shows a male and female person together - Elsa is doing something but the water element inside her has changed it’s color


first one half covered - a swimming fish - again these two persons from above - a person (Northuldra?) and a fish on land - a person under water ? - then the opposite (same person) - two hardly to decifer symbols (has maybe something to do with Elsa (inactive) - again these triangles (idk what it isthis is )


this is the last row: same symbol as in the second row - three elements except water (they are smaller = tamed?) - the next two could be the bridge (Anna and Elsa) - this symbol is the same as in the first row, but with a green color instead of blue like above - triangles and again this unknown symbol - the last one could be the end of something or…idk, two little triangles covering a black little dot (a wrong that has been covered up and shrunk but not forgotten?)

So it’s up to you now to interpret my interpretation or to make a story out of it or whatever. Have fun and thanks for reading :-)