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Added Redux DevTools support into Observable Store (a simple yet powerful front-end state management solution)! You can find more details about it here:

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HOJE às 22:32 (Brasília) ao vivo pela abro as vagas para o curso , que tem o objetivo de forma pessoas Desenvolvedoras do zero ao nível pleno. Apareça para tirar sua dúvidas de como ser dev FrontEnd!

CALIFORNIA: Victoria Tire and Auto Care needs and for their Los Angeles facility. Also, additional hiring incentives for technicians with brake and suspension skills. Follow link for information,

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Como cuando eres el cliente y piensas que todos los sistemas son iguales porque se parecen en su Front-End

Experienced - - USA based candidates only Frontend resources that are relatively familiar with . Needs to be available 10-40 hours/week beginning Monday, 12/16, for 6 weeks or more. Apply:

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Oh, Xing hat eine neue Oberfläche.

какое же классное чувство закрыть все таски недельного спринта, а ещё вечером вдохновившись сделать почти полностью ту задачу что дана на следующую неделю, каеф ребята, вы бы знали


Speed code: Accessible Medium tag selector form in HTML and CSS.

I avoid using state managment libraries by structuring my components according to data structure (which generally also matches the UI concepts).

When data does not match the UI (symptoms: properties need to be passed around too much), I just keep the view/dom in the component where the data lives.

It is very easy to move parts of the dom from the component to somewhere else in another component.

Example of how I move stuff dom nodes where they belong on screen, in vue’s mounted() hook:

let sign_in_out = this.$el.querySelectorAll(".header-auth-container")[0];
// header is in another component
let header = document.querySelectorAll("header")[0];

The magic about this is that it reduces drastically the amount of data passing between components. The apps stays darn performant. Vue functionnalities, like v-if, keep working even if you move the dom somewhere else.


Simple social card in HTML and CSS with hexagon Material Icon. Used pseudo-elements ::before and ::after, Flexbox, position: absolute, linear-gradient(), transition and etc.