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C'est parti pour l'hackathon de la Licence Pro MIAW de ! 🔥 Conclusion de ma première année de vacataire. cc

We are happy to announce that we have launched the first mobile app based on CxJS. Explore RiseWallet!

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Sometimes it is quicker to copy and paste while other situations require all / persons to back to the /root of the knowledge. Start here: @ the GodFather of Webdesign: Jacob Nielsen from - -

Cuando una empresa como se acerca a tu espacio a conocer nuevos talentos y además trae como ejemplo de buen trabajo a un Upgrader de otras ediciones.. ¡Es que se están haciendo bien las cosas! 😁👍

renforce ses équipes en région et recrute un Développeur Front-End VueJS / AngularJS - H/F - CDI - Paris - La Défense En savoir plus:

I summarized my knowledge of building robust and scalable applications in and published an article available here: [Scalable Angular app architecture]

So whenever you have doubts or debates about loops in the only winner algorithm is the most performant one. Check a dead simple comparison in between filter + map and reduce. Also check that .concat is faster than spread operator 😉

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Join KharkivCSS 2019!

There are 1000+ events for IT specialists, startups and investors are organized in Ukraine every year! That’s why we always try to visit as much awesome and useful tech events as possible, and we couldn’t miss the next one in Kharkiv! On April 20, 2019, you’re invited to join…

GRID is a visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout

There are so many facts about CSS that we want to share with you! For example, do you know about CSS Grid Layout? We would be glad to tell you! GRID is a visual cheatsheet for CSS Grid Layout
CSS Grid Layout is the most powerful layout system available in CSS. It is a 2-dimensional system, me…

Split.js is an unopinionated utilities for resizeable split views

There is a quote that ‘the computer was born to solve problems that did not exist before’. And now we have a huge range of new tools that appear every day. To be honest, for solving those issues that didn’t exist before… However, one of these new tools we’re talking…

Creating a simple Angular app with a Bootstrap interface

We already discussed with you the topic of the best Bootstrap themes in 2018. Free and paid – choose whatever you like, regardless your project budget. And now Let’s see how we can integrate Bootstrap CSS styles and JavaScript files and create a simple Angular app with a Bootstrap int…

Hooks in Vue?

We always have something to tell about Vue. As you probably know, Vue offers stateless functional components, but why would we need to carry the state in a functional component? So, can we use hooks in Vue? Hooks can consume and use state from one to another. This means that if we need chain …

Elixir Supervision Trees vs. React Component Trees

A Supervision Tree in Elixir has quite a number of parallels to how developers using React think about a component tree. In this article, we will attempt to describe parallel concepts between the two – Elixir Supervision Trees vs. React Component Trees.

One of the main building blocks in O…

A new Vue on life

I have had the opportunity in a professional setting to work with a number of the various JS frameworks that are out there and recently I have caught the Vue bug.

Vue.js has moved its way up to what I would consider the modern top 3 frameworks now sharing the spotlight with Angular and React.  While it’s adoption ratio is still a ways behind the other two, it has a pretty lively community there is a lot of development of 3rd party libraries.   It is impressive for a framework to have moved so far without the corporate backing of mega giants like Google and Facebook.  

From a technical perspective Vue.js is easy to pick up and quite a delight especially if you are experienced in the AngularJs world.  I appreciate what the Angular team did when the created what is the modern Angular framework and while I feel it has its strong selling points Vue.js feels more like the natural evolution of AngularJs.  It takes what was there and expands on it adding many concepts and tools one finds in React.  

One thing I greatly enjoy about Vue is the single file component concept.  You write your html, js, and css (or whichever flavor of these your prefer) all in the same file.  One thing that really grated on me in developing with Angular or AngularJS was all the jumping around to different files when working with the same component or view.  This also keeps it simple for a testing perspective because all you need to know test this file is in one place.

Another feature I really enjoy is the Vuex store.  Now Vuex is a plugin to Vue and you do not need it to begin writing in Vue, but it almost feels if you are developing anything that is more than one or two simple pages, you will want to utilize some sort of global reactive store.  Vuex is a simpler implementation in my opinion to the rxjs workflows that were built into Angular.  It takes less time and code to add to the store and its easy to lazy load modules on the fly as needed.    Now this can be double sided.  It is almost too easy to put things in the store and use it as a kind of global catch all.  I have seen quickly how this can lead developers to misusing the store and and causing significant speed decreases in their applications.  I do however feel that quicker development time outweighs the risk in this case.  

I think another selling point of Vue is its ease of use.  It takes very little knowledge to get running in Vue outside of a general understanding of ES6 practices.  There are a few directives and things to get to know but most of it is quite simplified for the developer.   Now you can use Vue with TypeScript or pull in the Vue ESLint plugins to make your Vue code abit more opinionated, but at the end of the day those are choices that you or your team will make.  One of my big resistances to Angular is how TypeScript and extra knowledge is forced on the developer.  I think there is a place for frameworks that require a steep learning curve (lets face it C# .NET isn’t going anywhere) especially in enterprise development.  I do think there is a value in allowing the coder to choose when they want this bloat though.  Vue makes it self very friendly to the beginner or junior and I think that is very valuable.

In short, Vue I think is a great framework that is continuing to evolve.  It has a wonderfully responsive community behind it and I would recommend it to anyone just wanting to do some coding over a weekend or something.  I think to just knock out a POC or to build a small app its the ideal choice of today’s frameworks.  When you start talking about larger scale applications, I do think their is still a place for Vue, but I think this becomes more of a conversation of what do you value most.
Javascript Coding Challenge: Reverse a String
Are you working on code challenges and algorithms? You are in the right place! In this video we will discuss one solution on how to reverse a string with Jav...

Starting a YouTube playlist for coding challenges and solutions in Javascript so take a look and share with your friends. 

Our video on Javascript Coding Challenge: Reverse a String is now live 😊. 
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Vue 2.6 'Macross' is here!

It seems like yesterday we just celebrated the release of Vue 3.0 for web development — and today we are excited to announce that Vue 2.6 ‘Macross’ is here! This release combines a number of substantial improvements, internal changes and new features which are highlighted in this pos…