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💻 Last month news, releases, updates, and many more about technologies. Enjoy our June 2019 digest by Andriy Dzyuba

renforce ses équipes en région Rhône-Alpes et recrute un Développeur Fullstack H/F - CDI - Lyon La maîtrise des technologies ( et C#) ainsi que du (Angular) est un + En savoir plus:

The first speaker whom we introduce today is Gerardo Felipe (), at and who will be with all of us sharing his background. Welcome and thank you so much for your trust.

El primer ponente del que presentamos hoy es Gerardo Felipe (), en y que estará con tod@s nosotr@s para compartir su experiencia. Bienvenido y muchas gracias por tu confianza.

Kto przegapił dotychczasowe spotkania, niech żałuje! 😉 Już jutro zapraszamy na ostatnie spotkanie z z w ramach meetup Edge 👍 👇 Szczegóły! 👇

On this episode of The Morning Drive Podcast, Rey has an interview with Donna Raphael-Rene on what to consider when building the UI and UX for your Minimum Viable Product. Listen here:

I'm finding whiteboarding such a useful tool when it comes to conceptualising a design. It's easy to think 'I got it all up here!' 🤔 but when it comes to coding... hard to keep perspective on the big picture unless I have it drawn out.

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우아한 객체지향

객체지향에 대한 이야기로 의존성에 따라 시스템을 진화시키자고 합니다. 💻

Frontend documentation style guides

In our material about custom software development process stages we talked about the need of good documentation. But aren’t words just words without a proper example? This time we’d like to show you some frontend documentation style guides with best practices.

Thanks to the good…

Monthly most popular JS repositories. It's hot outside!

We don’t know if there is any more challenging and inspirational task than picking JS (and Rails) monthly popular repositories. This is a huge responsibility and pleasure. From the moment you have found something useful and new, you need only a couple of seconds to understand whether you…

I’ve never really worked with Angular before but someone internally at my job asked for a volunteer to work on a project that uses Angular and for the first time in a while, i jumped up and said HEY I WANT TO DO THIS.

There was a black out yesterday in my town so i wasnt able to study yesterday so i woke up at 5:30 am with the help of my favorite feline, Apollo and started this 2 hour LEARNING course for a meeting with the dev at 11:30.

I’m nervous and really excited. I cant wait to begin this project. 😃 i will update here about it along with other projects.

Meet Opal 1.0 - compile-to-JS language for Ruby

It has been a while since the last Ruby releases. And today is a big day as it’s time to meet Opal 1.0 – compile-to-JS language for Ruby. Learn more about possibilities for using Ruby for frontend code. The new features are just amazing!
Opal 1.0 comes with complete maps of the o…