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It's the friends you can call up at 4am that matter. - Marlene Dietrich


WINE AND SWEAT PANTS series: Starting over is tough, scary, makes you doubt your strength, and puts you in precarious situations. Elaina, Tawny, Stephanie, and Grace found out firsthand. 🍷🍷🍷🍷 💕 📚

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No that’s it he’s officially cute
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Personalized double birthstone youre my person necklace ♥ Color: silver ♥ Pendant material: stainless steel ♥ Pendant size: 19mm x 20mm ♥ Birthstone: 6mm, swarovski zirconia ♥ Chain material: silver plated, brass ♥ Length: 15-20 ♥ Treatment: tarnish resistant JANUARY -- SIAM

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Hey Chris! So I'm currently struggling a little to be more open with people, about my feelings in general. I also worry that if I talk about my mental health issues, that's all our friendship becomes about, and I feel like they're worrying about me. Do you have any advice for how to talk about mental health/general struggles without letting that take over a friendship?

hey anon…friendship and the most intimate of relationships INVOLVE being able to open up and be vulnerable…to connect because you are both human and you both experience struggle, pain, heartbreak, etc. being able to open up & trust each other & gain feedback from one another…brings you guys closer and lets you in on each other more intimately to build a closer relationship. i know it can be scary, but you do not have to open up to every single one of your friends. i open up to a handful of people outside of my family and i am picky about who i open up to. but in return, they also open up to me as well & we know each other on deeper levels and i am so grateful for that. but it won’t necessarily become the only thing your friendship is built on :) it’s just one aspect of it.

Poetry: In Sunshine as in Rain

In Sunshine as in Rain

It’s not my fault you’re falling
Quite often I warned you
You didn’t heed my calling
Knew best what was to do

I told you it would and that way
Oh friend, I knew it would
I wish you would not have to pay
I’d help you if I could

But afterwards I will be there
And help you through the pain
I promised I would always care
In sunshine as in rain

- 22nd of January 2019 by DarkenLyght


As I radiate sympathy and goodwill to others, I open the channel for God’s love to come to me. Divine love is the magnet that attracts all blessedness.

What is Friendship? - To March in Difference Yet in Harmony; Agreeing and Disagreeing, Glowingly Improving Diversely

Real love gives tremendous freedom. Real love has one desire and that is to serve - each one wanting to be serviceful to the other, each considering first the welfare of the other….No love can be lasting unless it is based first and foremost on friendship…

Friendship means a respectful relationship, in which there is complete understanding and trust; two people who can tell each other their thoughts as openly as if they were speaking to themselves. If at times they should disagree, or resist each other’s ideas and desires, still there is no severance of communication or regard between them. There is a wish to discuss and learn from one another’s viewpoints. As Guruji wrote in his poem, the ideal friendship is to “march in difference yet in harmony; agreeing and disagreeing, glowingly improving diversely….” That is real love.

Ideal love grows when we strive to see God in others, and to treat them with respect as divine souls. In all our relations with others, we should remember that He is the one Friend behind all our friends, the Love that is the source of all human love.

- Sri Daya Mata, SRF Magazine Fall 20o02 p 27; Affirmation, Yogananda, Metaphysical Meditations p 8.
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All of me loves all of you, infinity necklace ♥ Color: silver ♥ All of me loves all of you pendant material: stainless steel, 19mm x 20mm ♥ Infinity pendant material: silver plated, 23mm x 8mm ♥ Chain material: silver plated, brass ♥ Length: 15-20 ♥ Treatment: tarnish resistant WHAT ARE

No Haunted Dolly fic update tonight I’m afraid…I spent the whole day catching up with a fandom friend from 20 YEARS AGO!  Which seemed like an excellent reason to not get right down the the Important Business that Is one Felix Tholomyes.

He’ll get his.