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Amigos são formas de amor atemporal.

Friends Connect Foundation is celebrating today! 🌎🎉👫 Our world would not be as beautiful without the smiles, intelligence, creativity and positivity of these individuals!

founder ' deep voice isn't fake, family insists. PLUS, 's over it with , ready to move on from . More NEXT on !

After a fearsome battle and a small chat over cold brown morning potion, Bait plush has agreed to call a truce with Bait plush. Is this the beginning of a new friendship?? :0

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An evening spent with great friends a friendship which has only become stronger over the years! The mayor of Navan Jim Holloway welcomed the Mayor of Broccostella, Italy Sergio Cippitelli to Navan!

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out." ~ Walter Winchell

Outdoor Learning fun today with our friends as part of our ongoing transition work to

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Reading the Quran always brings me so much peace alhamdulillah.💕

Whenever i am sad or in pain i read from the Quran and i feel instantly freed from any worry. It helps me see things from the right perspective. It helps me look to Him subhan Allah.

My friends and i play a game sometimes: we open the Quran without looking at it, read the verse and try to understand the lesson that Allah is sending to us. These moments are priceless alhamdulillah. 💖😊 Those (whose hearts have attained to rest and contentment) who have believed and who do good, righteous deeds – for them is the greatest happiness and the most beautiful of destinations. - The Holy Qur'an (13:29)

But when the bearer of the good tidings came (with Joseph’s shirt), Jacob laid it over his face and he regained his sight. (Soon the caravan of the brothers reached home.) Jacob said: “Did I not tell you that I know from God what you do not know?” - The Holy Qur'an (12:96)

I always think before I do or say anything around my best friend bc I don’t want her to get mad at me.

Every time she complaines about smth I’ve done it is mad at me ( well she gets easily mad or rude when she’s hungry or tired or in a bad mood in general)

I get really nervous and sometimes I have panic attacks bc I don’t want to discuss with her.

In our last three big arguments she always said hurtful things to me and I‘m always the one who says sorry but well, she makes the same mistakes and stuff but she doesn’t see it or she just doesn’t care.

And I really try to avoid arguments and I try to be passiv and neutral. I DO have flaws and I understand why she’s made sometimes but on the other hand I do so much for her and always tip-toe-ing around her. She’s very moody and she doesn’t really care if her words hurt or not.

Don’t take this wrong, I love her but I just think this is NOT THE WAY A FRIENDSHIP SHOULD BE.

I don’t want to get panic attacks just BECAUSE I AM AFRAID OF MY BEST FRIENDS BEHAVIOR.

Besties since 1968

I love their friendship. Brian and Roger can count on each other. They’re look like a married couple, but when you spend most of your time with people you like, you tend to become a couple.

They lost a friend and their life changed. But they managed to overcome this ordeal, support each other and continue to live their lives.


Yesterday was really hard - I have many days like yesterday- I felt really alone. I craved the company of another human being (friend, family, love interests) but yet still I felt like I had no one there for me, and to be honest I don’t really know who to blame. These are the times when I start to over think my relationships. Counting the amount of times I’ve reached out vs them reaching out to me, wondering whether I make myself too available or not. It’s very damaging to my relationships but yet still I hold on to the pride, I don’t know any other way. I once accused one of my friends or hoarding - hoarding friends, and I think I was seeing a reflection of myself when I made the accusation. Yesterday it felt like I had no friends, but something deep inside of me knew that wasn’t true. I had just forgotten how many friends I’ve actually got, I’m hoarding friends. Not in a sense of keeping them and not making use of them; but in a sense of not acknowledging their presence in my life sometimes. Sort of like your favourite top you used to wear in winter, and now it’s summer and you wanna wear it again; but then you feel sad cause you don’t have it anymore. Not knowing that it’s hidden deep inside your wardrobe. You still have that top but you forgot you had it and you really like it. That’s how it felt yesterday. I had some amazing friends that I love hanging out with. But I forgot they were there, just because a few of my other friends weren’t available at the time. So I spent the whole day in be, in my room. And I hated it.

Fruits Basket was my childhood.

So, is anyone else thinking they are gonna have a hard time watching the anime? Like. I’m full blown ready for it. But like. I know I’m gonna be a bawling mess 😂I cry basically every time I see screenshots of the trailer. IM A MESS.

Please send all the luck to @everythingaffectseverything because she’s who’s gonna be dealing with my emotional ass 😂(will also be her first time introduced to this series apart from all my babling I’ve done about it, since I couldn’t convince her to read the manga.)


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Hey, could you do crackship gifs between crystal reed Like Allison argent and Holland Roden (Like Lydia) lydia surprise saying "Allison you are alive", and another with Allison saying "You forgive me?" And Lydia responded "I will forgive you, you have to great reason "

Hi, of course sweetie. Always happy to get a request from you 😊

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