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💫💫 Good afternoon my lovely friends! 💫💫 Have A Lovely and Joyful Day. Happy Thursday!

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Judo can raise you for life. All the values which Judo carries out have crucial importance and similarities and are necessary fundamentals towards our day to day life.

Thankyou so much to my friend and teacher for the beautiful cards and gifts . What a talented artist. I love each and every card.

We’ve got a MAJOR life question coming from ! Her friend was messing with her TV settings. 😡🤬🤯

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Real friends are hard to find, the ones that stay when things get tough, real friends the lasting kind, the purest of heart. You know who you are, no need to tag, you are so special to me, you are my inspiration, love I send to you from me 😘❤️

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You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Our new “Buddy Base” applications have been popular - 70 applications! Our Buddy Base will be a place of support, friendship and fun during playtimes and dinnertimes.

Friends in love with common values, respect and, of course, one another. . 📣 Image Clorinda Galasso from the Friend-Ship Photography Award. . 👭 -ship

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lucas mendes

For my friends, Thank-You

This time of year always makes people review choices. It’s the time of year when you evaluate how you feel, and who makes you feel it. Some of these decisions can be based on external factors; some are essential so that you can find peace internally.

When a real friend comes along, I pause, never sure that it’s real. I have welcomed several friends over the years I put in this category. Each has come into my world, softly, but made a significant impact. On how I see myself and showed me what it is I could be.

I have opened myself up to these people, showed the real me, the person people get a surprise with. I have bared my soul in tears and anger and received no judgement, but support on a scale that makes you think you can move mountains.

I always worry that I am not good enough. I get concerned that I have not paid enough attention to there issues when so much energy is spent with helping me. I want them all to know, I do try, I may not always remember on time, but I do remember in the end. There have been days when I have written down questions, taken notes so that I can follow up on important events in their lives. Being a failure as there friend is a real fear.

But I worry for nothing. Because I know that although time and space separate us, I can still call upon you. I know that because of the type of person you are if I called, you would come — all of you. The same goes for me to you.

People talk about a woman’s woman. These women are known as members of your tribe. These women, show support, are caring, mindful of you, but brutally honest. You can trust a woman’s woman; she won’t take your man; she will also help protect your brood.

My tribe spans the globe. But its there. At this time where change is again coming into my sphere of orbit, I ponder. I worry. But I should not. Real friends never leave; they move a little further out.

My life moves on with thanks to all those in my tribe.  And like all fledgeling birds, the time has come again to spread my wings. To walk tall, to face the world on my terms. For each bend in the road, a lesson shall be discovered.

People hide behind others for many reasons. They feel left out and lonely. Guilt, jealousy and envy are all feelings people show towards each other.  My friends help me cope with all that life throws at me. My tribe helps me deal when these emotions are thrown at me, and when I am feeling them. Support in the form of a real friend is one of the most underrated coping techniques.

So I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for listening. Thanks for being there. Thanks for bringing wine. People don’t always know how much a small gesture means to another. I hope that all my friends are reading this smile. They know that in some way, you have all been there for me, in just coping with life in general. I value each of you. Come the new year times will change again. Dynamics will adjust. But my real friends will still be there.

“Meeting you was like hearing a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favourite.”


My name is Marty, I’m a 17 year old junior in high school. I’m kind of a mess but it’s all good, it makes things interesting. I’m a pretty open minded person and I’ll talk about anything. I listen to literally the same 7 or so artists (Saywecanfly, owl city, yungblud, Avril Lavigne, our last night, to name a few), but I’m always happy to receive any music recommendations. I’m quick to reply and I will always try to keep the conversation going. A bit of a warning though, I have major depressive disorder, but I try to not let that keep me from having friendships. I’m looking forward to chatting with you!

Hei! 🌻

I am not that good in writing something like this but well here we go. 😅
My name is Ayleen and I am 21 years old and from Germany. I am currently still visiting an university but my plan is to become a kindergarten teacher. And I am in a happy realtionship with my girlfriend. 🌈

I am a huge fan of TV Shows. I could binge watch so many different shows. For example my faves would be Gilmore Girls, Wynonna Earp, GoT, Good Witch, One Day at a Time, Orange is the new Black, The Chilling adventures of Sabrina or Friends. But I watch many, many more. Always love to talk about a new show or even movies. 

I am really into art and books. I love to be creative and I want to draw more again because I did not have the time for it the past couple months. My fave painter (I know basic) would be Vincent van Gogh. Also on this list there can be Frida Khalo or Camille Claudel be found. 
My fave book series would be Harry Potter. Major Hufflepuff over here! 😁 But I also love the books from John Green. Fanfics are also always welcome (mostly stuff about the marauders or wolfstar). 

My face musican is Hayley Kiyoko! But I also love Fletcher, PVIRS and so many more. 

I am currently pretty interested in Wicca and would love to find a Wiccan friend. But not a must! 

Also I do not care about your gender, your ethnic, your religion or anything like that. Just be nice and open for new stuff. Would be really happy to hear from you! 
You can write me here over tumblr (my tumblr is ) or over Instagram @aylo_x 🥰


I aspire to be like Tsuki. He left the city and quit his job and just live a simple life. Change is constant. Yes, but I hope that I still have my best friends with me when that time comes. Maintaining a friendship isn’t easy. According to a study, friendships only lasts for seven years. I hope that no matter what happens in the future. I hope we could still have our milk tea dates and gossiped about everybody like Moca and Chi, having sleepover like how Tsuki dozed off at Chi’s house, and go on a roadtrip at Jugafuchi Forest. (no pic because ya girl is still broke) Also, swipe x7 and you will meet the Queen of the Village.

Unta sa atong mga kaugmaon makuha nato ang atong mga gusto sa atong kinabuhi biskag unsa ka lisod, kahadlok, ug kalipay bahala'g dili nata mag uban. Pero unta maguban unta japun ta og dili mo buhii parehas sa pag gunit ni Tsuki sa tabanog.

Who Wants To Play A Game Lets Tell A Story Using Only Gifs Hmm What Could Possibly Go Wrong😸


What Happens Next❓❔⁉️

In the market for new friends

What is a friend?

How do you make one?

Are you a friend?

Can you be one?

I’m in the market for new friends

Funny, caring, now friends

Silly, loving, there friends

Come one come all, I’m in the market for new friends

Searching for a now friend

Hoping you’ll be here friend

What is a friend?

Is it a smile, a manipulation, a destruction?

How do you make one?

Through a smile, manipulation, through destruction?

Are you a friend?

With words and reaches, with songs and speeches?

Can you be one?

With laughs and cries, with bad goodbyes?

I’m in the market for new friends.

Can you be one?

What is a friend?