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these 2 guys are my gurus, Khaleb and Boas as the Jakarta Birder. gue yg suka having deep talk to myself, selalu merembes mili kalo randomly inget seberapa beruntungnya gue punya temen2 yg masyaallah baiknya luar biasa alhamdulillah. GBUs 🥰

Happy MLK Day, We Rockers! 🇺🇸Today we are reminded that with love, understanding, and kindness, differences don't matter and we are all on the same team 🤟 We hope that you enjoy your day off. .

I so appreciate those who know when to reach out, who ask if I'm okay, who share what's going on for them, who are gently there.

Against a dark blue background of stylised flowers, the words "I so appreciate those who know when to reach out, who ask if I'm okay, who share what's going on for them, who are gently there."

In celebration of the life and legacy of Dr. King, all National Parks are free of admission today. Happy MLK Day, friends. 🌵✨

I'm a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down. ―Abraham Lincoln

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we’re not where we used to be -

evening light and porch swings and

lying down on the floor between the shadows the blinds cast,

everything about this just a little unusual,

a little bittersweet,

a layer of infinite space over it all,

just a little bit of distance between

having and not

and the air around us doesn’t conduct electricity in the same way anymore.

and here i am,

dodging the same shadows,

and you’ve forgotten what a night without stars looks like,

because you’re there,

but even if we don’t have what we once had

i’m still here,

i’m still here,

i’m still here.

- a night without stars, k.e.m.

you don’t have to wait for me,

I tell them,

because for me

the world is always sliding sideways -

molasses pouring down carpeted stairs.

the universe and i

have some catching up to do.

I see it in you.

I hear it echo in the walls.

we’re running on parallel wavelengths


and you can’t quite make out

my SOS through the static


you don’t have to wait for me,

I tell her,

because I know I may never catch up.

because I know our wavelengths aren’t the same anymore.

because I know that we’re on different planes now;

a tectonic shift,

and I am on the ridge below,

pressed against the heaving earth

knowing you won’t hear me scream.

building mountains made of agony.

- vessel for distance, k.e.m.


Prompt: Friendship

The kid couldn’t have been more than five. Yet here he was, freezing outside in a New York winter with only a holey sweater on. Jack noticed this boy on the way home from selling papes around town. He had seen him before, but never in circumstances like this. Alone. Unprotected from the wind.

Jack stopped in front of the kid. He didn’t look up. Smart one. Knew the street life of New York. Jack bent down, only to have the kid crawl away from him in defense. A lot of the other newsies were like this at first. But after warming up at the Lodge, they were fine.

“Hey, I’m not gonna hurt you,” he said, gently, “The name’s Jack Kelly.”

The kid said nothing. Maybe he didn’t talk at all. He coughed. Jack felt helpless. It was a feeling that he had felt enough times, already, yet wasn’t immune to it. He needed to help this kid out somehow. He sat there, patiently. At least he was trying to be. When his younger brother and sister had been alive, he had to be patient.

“I’m Anthony,” was all he said.

Two words. Hey, it was something. Jack took it as an invite to get closer. Anthony didn’t flinch. In fact, he moved closer to Jack.

“Hiya, Anthony. Do ya have a place to stay tonight?” Anthony shook his head, so Jack continued, “I have a place. Come with me.”

So Anthony picked himself off of the ground, wobbling. Jack just assumed that it was from the cold. He pulled his own coat over the kid as they walked. Anthony nearly slipped on the ice, Jack was just able to sweep him onto his feet. His skin was as warm as the stove.

“What the-? Kid, you’ve got a fever or somethin’!” Jack exclaimed, trying to clear his head.

The last time someone he knew and cared about had a fever, they died. His mother. Jack trembled at the memory. How pale she had been. Anthony wasn’t much better. He couldn’t die. Jack wouldn’t allow it. If they could get to the Lodge, one of the older newsies could help him out.

Jack wrapped Anthony’s arm around his neck. He struggled because of his weak frame. Anthony was a pretty light kid. That worried Jack further.

As always, the Lodge was full of newsies. Jumping around and shouting. Heck, some of them were singing their hearts away. Not Jack. He didn’t sing anymore. Their leader, Oaks found Jack.

“Jack Kelly, you were supposed to be here ages ago!” he scolded. Oaks was like the father that some of them never had. To Jack, he was the older brother that he had never had. “If your old man needed you home early, you were supposed to warn me earlier than this. I nearly had a heart attack-” Oaks noticed the kid leaning against Jack. “Who’s this?”

“His name’s Anthony. He doesn’t have a place to go and he’s sick! We gotta help him, Oaks! He gotta,” explained Jack. Tears ran into his eyes. He couldn’t cry now. Not in front of Anthony. He needed to be brave for the kid.

Oaks got down to work immediately. He got a newsie to give up their bunk for the night and sent another to fetch some supplies. Jack stayed by Anthony’s side the entire time. He could trust Oaks with his life. He hoped that he would be able to with Anthony’s as well.

Jack stayed until suppertime when his father wanted him home. When he stood to leave, Anthony moaned and clung onto his arm. He was clueless as to what to do in this situation. Both Anthony and his pa needed him.

“Heya, Oaks, can you come here?” asked Jack. Oaks arrived, patting him on the shoulder. “What should I do? He doesn’t wanna be left alone, but I gotta go.”

“I’ll take care of him, Jackie. Promise.”

“You sure?”

“‘Course. I’ve done this countless times.”

Jack flashed his leader a grateful smile. He turned to leave, but once again Anthony begged for his attention. Torn still, he sat down.

“I gotta go now, Anthony,” he whispered, “But I’ll be back early in the morning. Before the bell rings, even. And Oaks’ll take good care of you. Right Oaks?”

“Promise, kid.”

Anthony still didn’t look convinced, so Jack whispered a lullaby into his ear. He hadn’t sung in ages. It was a little rusty, but alright overall. Anthony was sound asleep by the end. Jack looked over his shoulder before closing the Lodge’s door behind him. The kid was fine.

Early the next morning, he came back. Anthony was still sound asleep. Oaks was right next to him, catching some well deserved shut eye. When Jack felt his forehead, he let out a sigh of relief. Back to normal.

“Jackie?” whispered Anthony, without opening his eyes.

“I’m right here, kid.”


Jack’s heart swelled. “Anytime, Anthony. Anytime.”

I remember that day
You sent me a text,
Then deleted said text.
And said it was nothing,
When I asked what had been in it…
And I said that thing,
About curiosity killing the cat,
And you being your classic clueless self,
Missed the meaning of the phrase…
So I explained it as best I could…
And we left it at that…
We were adorable… for the smallest fragment of time, we were adorable…
Things spiraled out of control pretty fast after that
And soon we weren’t even talking anymore,
And I hate how hard I had to fight
The urge, to send you that post about curiosity killing the cat,
And satisfaction bringing it back…when I found it
I hate how l’ll probably always think of you,
Anytime I think of curiosity killing the cat.
I hate how you’ve claimed an entire idiom in my mind,
forever…for life..
And there’s nothing I can do to fix it…
just like there’s nothing I can do to fix us..
—  Iziz // that time I  missed an old friend // finally some poetry about you// goodbye old friend

“ Shadow of Sky ” by crown00graphy
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Trolling Alya - Part 5

Start from the beginning on AO3: Trolling Alya


When she and Adrien got to the campsite, Alya and Nino were already setting up their tent to the left of the fire pit. Marinette looked around and then walked to opposite. She set the tent down and examined the instructions for a moment, which turned out to be pretty simple. In less than ten minutes, she had the tent up and Adrien was crawling inside to arrange their bedding to his liking.

Marinette knew better than to offer to help; he was such a cat, and that meant he liked everything just so. So she crouched down and watched, smiling, as he spread the sleeping back across the ground and then fussed around with the blanket, putting out their blankets and setting their bags on either side – keeping in mind that he liked to sleep on the left and she liked being on the right, of course.

“So, what do you guys wanna do first?” Alya said, clapping her hands together. “We could go hiking or swimming… I don’t think I’m ready for lunch yet.”

“Me either,” Adrien said, poking his head out of the tent. “Are there trails here?”

“Babe, pass me the map,” Alya said. Nino brought it over. Marinette and Adrien joined them, and they all stood for a moment, staring down at the map, before Marinette smiled.

“Look, they have tubing!” she said, jabbing a finger at the map. “And the entry point is only a couple of hours away. All told, it’ll probably take four or five hours. By the time we make it back, we can have an early supper and then toast our marshmallows later tonight!”

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