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First for 2020. A about the complexities of , coping with and how the helps to and turn them into

Who will you bring to paintball in 2020? Family? Friends? Or complete strangers who need something awesome in their lives? Keep up the good work and let's keep growing paintball.

Replying to and

Kindness motivates me. towards and , those you love and care about. Kindness to strangers, those you don’t know, those in need. Finally kindness to yourself. ❤️

Merry Christmas Twitterverse. To all no matter what you celebrate. No matter what color you are. No matter if you red, purple, or alien. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all.

New 1.2.8 is available! Download now and choose 10 to generate better matches with people around you. Now you are able to see and strangers nearby your saved locations. See y'all in !

Writing on the t-shirts and saying goodbye to the strangers which became family during the College period is very rough time

Strangers "You may not dance their dances, but be a to them." ~ Maya Angelou

Thankful for a year of discoveries, excavating and building . Thankful for , , , , and strangers who have brought blessings, encouragement, wisdom, honor and truth to life through challenges and journeys! Blessings to you & yours!

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours! We hope you enjoy the day with family, friends, neighbors and /or strangers. The goal is to be thankful, not boastful - and DON’T go shopping!!!

The beautiful thing about is those members you with, who were once strangers, turn into lifelong you build a bond with.❤️ Connect with one of our to learn more about your !

Are you open to every day? It requires , though, w/ & strangers alike. Today, I’m throwing it back to 2013 when I was uncomfortable talking to strangers, but noticed them. Now, in 2019, I talk to strangers all the time! All it took was a spark 🌟

- where can become - as you are about to find out Ian 🐀🐍🐛🕷️🦀(maybe the other type too) - these little strangers will get very close - as you shout "I'm A Celebrity Get me Out Of Here"

And our journey from to to it's just so amazing 💖💖 Itna jhgda aaj tak kisi se nhi kiya jitna tumse kiya Or itna pyaar bhi kisi se nhi kiya yahan jitna tumse krti hu. You are a family n I mean it 💖

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