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Good Friday

It may only be 9 o’clock but is already looking fabulous for and the and bursting with life - , , all out enjoying one of ’s greatest parks.

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Weekend is finally here..... Turn SATURDAY magic on with Shek's poetry at Social Monkey - bar & bistro Let the weekend begin.....

"You make me happier than I ever thought I could be. And if you'll let me, I will spend the rest of my life trying to make you feel the same." -Chandler to Monica -- Can't help but cry because of these two ❤

Quand ta meilleure amie t'annonce qu'elle peut t'offrir 1️⃣ semaine de sport chez CMG grâce à son abonnement 😍 ! Les conditions, c'est par ici : ➡️ 🥳

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I love some of my friends more fiercely then I’ve ever loved my girlfriends.

You know when you’re just hanging out having a good time and suddenly you’re struck with the sight of them and how happy they are and it’s just a pure joy.

When you just sit with one of them and talk for hours about anything bad or good. And you just know that there’s no place where you’d rather be. I love them.

Maybe we all should realise how much we love our friends, ‘coz once you realise you can get soon much love from friends, life gets a lot less lonely.


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You know that one friend that when you two get together your iq level literally drops and you always end up laughing over some stupid shit so hard you start tearing up or drooling and everything goes wrong and nobody can stand being around you thank you


one unforgettable weekend … @bessieocampo @satyanaocampo #mylittleprincess #mifamilia #weekend #weekendgetaway #termbreak #family #familytime #friends #subic #yacht #vitaminsea #roadtrip (at Subic Bay, Philippines)

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Remember someone. It’s the most genuine compliment you can give.

I think one of the most wholesome compliments someone can give you in this day and age is “I remember you.”

One Friday, I began to text someone I had only just met through a dating site. We only saw about three pictures of each other, many of them blurred or at bizarre angles, as you do when you’re trying to make yourself look interesting.

The following Saturday, I went alone to an event downtown. Not only were there thousands of other attendees at the event, but the venue itself was in the heart of the city, full of families, friends, and tourists. This was on purpose. My introverted psyche demanded that I spend the day alone, even if it were alone in a crowd. I observed the children and couples meandering, walking slowly around the area during breaks in the event. Invisibility was all I wanted.

The Sunday afterwards, I met this person face-to-face on our first date. The first question he asked me was: “Were you downtown yesterday?”

I replied: “Yes, I was.”

He said: “I recognized you. I wanted to say hello but I wasn’t sure if I should.”

I could only stare at him in response. After only an exchange of about three poorly-shot photographs, and a few messages, he was able to discern me, me, out of half of the population of the city. He remembered me.

And rare as it is for young people, who often discard one another to form new and shallow relationships, this person was not distracted by the many other women around him on Saturday. Somehow, my image remained. He caught value in it and held on to that memory long enough to ask me. This is how you show interest and respect in a world that would otherwise gladly leave you behind.

Please, think humanely of another person. Pay attention. Remember them. This may be the most genuine compliment you can ever give.

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Where do we turn in the Friend application cuz my friends of the past decade no longer care about me and Im looking for friends too

Ashley’s Friend Application:

1) Can you hold a conversation of a minimum length of an hour of: a)Marvel/DC comics b)Harry Potter c)Manga/anime d)miscellaneous 00’s punk bands?

2) Are you able to withstand my severe lack of social skills? Willing to help me with them?

Columbine shooting survivors reflect 20 years later
Saturday will mark 20 years since the shooting at Columbine High School. CBS News brought together five survivors, each with their own story. Each has their ...

My heart is with you all. Always has been. Unbelievable it’s been 20 years. Principal DeAngelis, you will be forever one of my (and many others) heroes. Thank you for sacrificing your life to help bring some normalcy back to Columbine.