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Drink jij ook zoveel koffie?

Rock the rainbows as much as you can this pride month with Mumuso. Let’s get as much colour everywhere and in as many hearts as possible.

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Dorian: people are writing reports for me, pushing back deadlines to fit my schedule!

Dorian: I’m telling you, you get tought with people and you can get anything you want!

Yrene and Manon:

Chaol: *walks by with his coffee*

Dorian: hey Westfall! Give me that coffee now!

Chaol: *barely glances at him and shoves him with one hand*

Dorian: *falls back and trips on couch*

Yrene and Manon: *check on Dorian then look at Chaol*

Chaol: *sits down with his coffee and smiles*

I’m such a selfish bitch.

I had the option to be happy. To be truly in love again and with someone my parents might actually like. A chance to fix my life. But, would it really fix my life? If anything it might complicate it more. Idk.

When you’re with someone for so long how do you keep the spark? Keep from falling into a routine of nothingness.

4.5years with someone I thought was the love of my life and then I cave. Talk to someone “new”. Get closer to a “friend”. Open up and be me with him. I fell. Hard. Fast. Recklessly.

5 years with “the love of my life” I’ve been caught. I panic. I can’t stand to lose him. Can’t bare the thought of life without him. But here I am, 3 months later, still hopelessly wanting the other.

Wanting both. But I can’t have my cake and eat it too. One slice only. I made my decision. My “friend” shall remain just that… a friend. 😔

Does this friendship still have a chance?

I fought for you and this friendship for so long. I tried so hard to not listen to everyone telling me to let you go that this was poisoning me. It makes me stay. I miss the person that I used to call my friend. I still believe she’s still in there because my heart is so big it has room to forgive. Stop shutting me out and saying you’ll change and just be fucking honest with me. You haven’t been you since December. I’m willing to forgive you but i need to hear it and not read it in a text. It’s to the point where i love and cant stand you. If you don’t want this anymore then I’m begging you to let me go. Don’t lead me on thinking you care. And don’t you dare do this to anyone else. If you ever find this. I’m sorry I wasn’t the perfect friend. I’m sorry that i let you down. I’m sorry For myself for choosing me over you. I’m sorry because this was the best decision not talking to you. After you said you would called me but never did. Ask yourself if you really wanted this friendship to work out you would of told me when you were coming to California, tell me that you weren’t okay with Vanessa coming back in my life, tell me that you didn’t like what i had to say about anything, about posting how much i love my friends when you know damn well that you always meant something to me. If you said you wanted to try again. I’ll be ready. I’m ready.

It’s been a while.

I honestly forgot about this account. I haven’t been on Tumblr in a very long time. A lot has happened since then.

-William is no longer in my life

-Shawn is, but only as a friend

-Phillip, well, he wants to be friends but I’m torn

-I passed all my classes this past semester

-About to volunteer at the Red Cross

-Still unhappy about my appearance 

-Desperately wants friends here