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It's always a pleasure to chat with one of the finest scientific minds and my dearest friend, Dr. Hong Chu. He is the man behind laseroptek, a brillant innovator and an equally humble, ever smiling soul.

1 book grasp of 150 sub site:Why did Pakistan need external enemy from start

Do you have a friend who is often in hospital, & you are at a loss on how you can help them or show your support during their admission? Pop on over to

Wristwatch Annual 2019: The Catalog of Producers, Prices, Models, and Specifications 🧙‍♂️

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I’ve been seeing Crazy Rich Asians content all over my dash and it’s the greatest thing because I read the book years ago


Haji Qurban udahi adahi eid عيد الأضحى
اشتري اضحيتك الآن بسهولة من أضاحي

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♥ Random cute lil Mana fact; despite her being 5,000 she still has a huge collection of stuffed animals that she is continously adding to cause she loves cute things. Though her favorite stuffed animal is a very ratty and torn up stuffed rabbit that her mother made her for her second birthday. It’s in great condition for it’s age tbh. ♥

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AHJASH I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE IT MILA 💖💖 thank you so so much for your kind words omfg this means so much ! the edit didn’t got that many notes and I was like ‘okay people just don’t like it too much’ ahajs so i’m so glad that now people tell me that they like the edit ahhhh

Sometimes I look at my thighs and I can’t see the scars that were there a couple years ago and I feel grateful but I also feel guilty because it makes me feel like I didn’t actually hurt myself to feel things and maybe my depression was fake and I just wanted attention and then I see the one scar that seems like it will never go away and it reminds me that my pain was real and I hurt myself right before one of the worst days of my life and it’s a constant reminder that things really were bad for me and I’m really nervous for December to approach again because that’s when I have the hardest time coping with my mental illness and also this year will mark 2 years clean and it seems like a rinse and repeat thing because every 2 years I end up failing myself and I rip my skin open one more time just to feel something other than the numbness of the month

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i just had the heart attack of a lifetime. i went to ur blog to look thru your edit tags (jk i was gonna send u anon love) and it WASNT THERE and i thought u deleted/got deleted and i was literally about to cry but it was just my wifi so bless

AGHSJA KIRA 😭💖 I’m like crying ahsja this is so cute omfffg and like that would be me with your blog too tbh and like you’re honestly such an angel like ahsja idk how we deserve you 💖💖


Yesterday my friend and me went for a walk in the woods to do a photoshoot for their media project. It was so beautiful and we took a picnic and had by the lake. I feel like yesterday was another example of how pushing through the anxiety before going out and doing something is so needed because I ended up having a really lovely time again. He also brought me over some of these protein balls to try which were so good!! I’m definitely going to have to go out and buy some more but first I’ve got two more flavours to try!! 🌟 On my own today but going to try and keep busy and productive to try to not let myself get so low. I’ve got a doctors appointment this morning which is a little walk away so hopefully the fresh air will leave me feeling motivated. I’ve been trying to fill my time more for this week and it seems to be working so far. I know it’s only Tuesday but I’ve got things booked in 🙈 I just hope it doesn’t get too overwhelming. I’ve also been trying to get back into journaling again because I find it so helpful, it’s just hard to find the motivation sometimes. Anyway I’ll stop rambling now and go make some porridge. 💕