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These Grilled peaches pair perfectly with ice cream,our Aurora Amaretti Cookies and De Nigris Balsamic Glaze. Recipe on our instagram

Solo dos semanas nos faltan para ver el capΓ­tulo mΓ‘s grande en la historia de la mΓΊsica. A partir del 1 de noviembre - Solo en cines. . . . . .

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podrΓ­a despedirse de Netflix y aquΓ­ te decimos la razΓ³n.

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stinky gay


  • friend who majored in astronomy: hey what do you know about neutron stars?
  • me: i have heard the term?
  • friend: well they're stars...
  • me: gathered that
  • friend: ...composed entirely of neutrons...
  • me: ... i did not know that but in retrospect i guess it makes sense
  • friend: ...slightly more massive than the sun...
  • me: a reasonable mass for something star-sized
  • friend: ...about the size of Rhode Island
  • me:
  • me:
  • me: ... I'm sorry they're ~how~ dense

Everybodies got that ☝🏾 friend… 🤣 Tag them in the comments
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re: Revanstila re: this scene

Vrook Lamar: “Wow, you guys … sure have a lot of books about being a lesbian.”

Oaia Zsigmond, straight-faced: “Well, you know, you have to take course. Otherwise, they don’t let you do it.”

Bastila, in the background, her face in her hands: “Oaia, please.”

Today’s Walking Photo: Well, today marks a Pat’s Walking Photos first. Namely, the first time I’ve consumed alcohol in the course of my walk. Don’t judge! The thing is that I switched up my route just slightly and ended up walking past the house of some friends I’ve known for a long time, since our kids were in school together. And lo and behold, they were out in their driveway when I got there, just finishing up an important first step in preparing some newly-acquired grapes for winemaking. I’m already out of my depth, so please don’t ask me any clarifying questions, but waterproof outerwear and a hose and a lot of water were definitely involved. Anyway, since they were just reaching the end of their little work party, it was clearly time for celebration – so these very tasty Corona Familiars were broken out and I was offered one. What am I, some kind of mannerless monster?! Of course I accepted. (And btw, the Corona Familiars are going on my shopping list. Yum.)

My walk was briefly (or maybe not so briefly) ignored while I chatted, caught up and laughed with these pretty neato people…and then, when every last drop of that 12 ounces had been drained, I said my goodbyes and hit the trail again.

That was fun! But limiting the beer-enhanced walks to once every nine years is probably just about the right interval. Stay thirsty, my friends.

uselessvalshit  asked:

Hibari + living room? <3

How does the character spend weekends?

Honestly this guy probably just drinks tea, reads books, and naps either inside or out on the veranda of his house when the weather is nice.

What kind of movies does the character watch?

NATURE DOCUMENTARIES but he doesn’t watch them very often.

What do they do with friends?

what friends I feel like Hibari would only really hang out with Kusakabe and even then, all they’d do is have meetings about the disciplinary committee. In which Kusakabe would sort of be the only one talking because he would just be giving Hibari reports about that past week of school asjflshfsdah

What’s their favourite pasttime?

Napping or spending time with the little animal friends he has. Or fighting strong opponents LMAO

What’s their favourite TV show/Film?

Honestly, I feel like he wouldn’t have one since I can’t really see him being into TV shows or films.

musso-musso-black-forest  asked:

Hey, Krissy~! For the character meme: Gokudera and Attic.

Thanks for requesting Nima <33

What is the character afraid of?

Bianchi’s poison cooking Gokudera is afraid of losing the ones he loves. Especially considering his past with his mother, he fears suddenly losing his friends or family in an event that is unforeseeable, something that he can’t control or stop.

How do they deal with bad memories?

He shuts himself away from other people and tries to deal with it by himself. It usually ends up with him sitting down, his legs folded up to his chest as he screws his eyes shut and tries to will the horrible memories away. It’s also very possible that if he gets so overwhelmed, he could start tearing up, wiping away his tears in frustration as he doesn’t fully know how to cope with the emotions he’s feeling.

What is this character’s role in a horror movie?

He’s definitely the character that kinda goes off on his own to investigate whatever the “horror” part of the movie is and ends up getting attacked and either becomes seriously injured to the point where he can’t explain what attacked him or dies as a result of his injuries.

How do they hide their secrets?

He just won’t share anything too personal about himself unless he absolute trusts the person he’s speaking with. If his secret has to do with something physical, he’ll definitely try to hide it somewhere in his home, but probably not in the most…hidden place. Whatever it is will probably end up either on the top shelf of his closet or underneath his bed

Which of the Seven Deadly Sins does the character relate to most?