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💬No te lo pierdas! Ven y disfruta de nuestro 🍽 menú del día de 📆 martes a viernes (mediodía). Te esperamos c/ Regidores nº 5

Stetson FA U12 boys.Thank you @klyn1210 for the great pics.We had guest players from our neighbor @svscsurf and some of our younger players from Coach Lorenzo’s boys which really made an impact.

Midweek eats up Stokes Croft. Stunning food . Always good to put the world to rights of an evening... With a little help from ... And Prudence of course!

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En la vida hay muchos tipos de amigos (a) etiqueta a tu amigo y comentale que tipo de amigo es para ver si está de acuerdo.

90s Night is officially tomorrow night! Can you answer this trivia question?! We will be giving out drink tokens all night for correct answers! ❓🎉🎟 • • •

Wow! Fab day off! fun with friends, then lots of shopping after & an enjoyable family meal when the shops closed. For someone who hates shopping, I did pretty good!😁🛍💸🙌🏻👪💛

CRŪ, a French term traditionally translated as “growth” and generally used to identify a prestigious vineyard or group of vineyards, has come to embody the spirit of this company well beyond what was originally planned.

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John had begun his efforts with George. His next goal was to be a New York senator, or possibly governor. And then he would have run for President. One morning on the Vineyard we joked about the election of 2012—he wanted to run in 2012. I’d bet the ranch he would have been President
—  Robert Littell

Yo! I’m Nicholas, but you can call me Nico. I’m trans and use he/him pronouns, and I’m also pan ace and polyam. I’m currently 22 until May. Uhh tbh I’m really lame dhdhskdh. I love pop punk and kpop. I play most Nintendo games, but my favorites are definitely Pokémon and Animal Crossing. I watch a lot of crime tv shows, but Criminal Minds is my favorite. I’m a huge potterhead and a hufflepuff. I just recently got into d&d and I’m a slut for half-orcs. Oh and my signs are Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, and Leo rising. I’m really looking for any ace friends, but datemates are cool too dhhdjdhsk. So yeah! You can find me at my blog @trans-clefairy and on snap/insta/twitter as @ faeshibas. Talk to you soon??? Pls dvdjdh


Hi. If you’re reading this, thank you. My life has been fantastic, and I hope yours has too. I just wanted to share with you one of my important goals everyday. It is to be happy. I really just want to be happy everyday or most days. It makes me sad to see others sad or struggling, so I try to help them as best I can, even if I don’t necessarily like them. Try to be the sunshine people need in the darkness. Sometimes all somebody needs is a smile. A simple smile. My goal is to have at least one reason to put a big smile on my face everyday. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic day!

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moon song and mystery of love!

the moon song- already answered!

mystery of love- describe the best date you’ve been on

it was with my favorite ex-boyfriend for our six month anniversary in november. we went on a lil picnic and then i had to stage manage for my lil sibling’s play and he hung out with me there and we loaded up on sugar and danced at his cast party. after that, we went across the street to the big field in front of the science museum and we went stargazing. i showed him all the constellations i knew and we were playing our playlist for each other and there is nothing ever better than kissing someone shrouded in a blanket of stars. it was like a dream, and i don’t think i’ve ever felt more in love than i felt that night.

How do I tell my friends I don’t want to go out every week, because a beech wants to sleep and I’m not into splurging every facking week. I’M ON DE BUDGET!

I ALMOST SHOWED UP AT UBER HEADQUARTERS THIS WEEK WIT MY BELT! That muddasucka charged me for a ride and I wasn’t in that beech. I saw that Chase notification and baby my eyes on my phone were like

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