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Human, I'll keep staring at You until You give Me something 😸 Our @siri_ragdoll & Siri wants all the Tuna You have 😹🐠🐟 She also wishes everyone a happy ❤️!

サークルの別嬪さんとデート すごい可愛くないですか? 寒い中ありがとうございました

A lot of people are quick to say "oh yeah, she's my " ME: "oh yeah, I know her"... It takes a lot for ME to call you friend, until then be content with being in the "I know her/him catagory" 😁

คิดถึง ขอโทษที่ไม่ได้ไปหา มึงเป็นเพื่อนที่ดี กุไม่เคยทะเลาะอะไรกะมึงเลย เราผ่านอะไรกันมาเยอะมาก กินด้วยกัน นอนด้วยกัน ช่วยเหลือกัน ความทรงจำทุกอย่างจะอยู่ในใจกุเสมอ เพื่อนเหนื่อยมามากแล้ว พักผ่อนนะเพื่อน กุอยู่ตรงนี้ จะใช้ชีวิตที่เหลือให้คุ้มค่า รักนะ

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“Mungkin masalah kita belum selesai, namun kita sudah selesai”

Vilas Herior

Entitled “friend” thinks he owns my Playstation - So this happened in 2016. I bought my ps4 in April and planned to play during the summer break. In august when school was about to start a friend of mine comes to my home and asks if he could borrow my ps4 for a week. He lives nearby and we knew each other for a long time so I thought why not (I wasn’t going to be playing anyway). He comes to my home and takes my ps4. After one or two days, he comes to my home and asks for all the games I have. I give the games to him. After that he starts ignoring me. Even on text it would take him a day or two to reply. So a week passes and I text him asking for my ps4 back, he leaves me on read.At this stage I’m kinda pissed off at him. I decide to wait for 2-3 days (I don’t remember the exact amount). I text him again and get the same response. I decide to go to his home. His mom answers the door. I ask her if he’s home.He is, I go up to his room. As soon he sees me he gets kinda annoyed and says “What do you want?”.I reply in an annoyed tone that I want my console back. He replies back “You will get it back when I wanna give it back”. Now I’m furious, I go downstairs calmly and simply talk to his mother telling her the situation. She says that I should wait till tomorrow so she can talk to him.The next day he comes back to my home and gives me everything back except the controller saying that his brother broke it. I tell him to either get me a new one or pay for it. After like a month he gets me a new controller.I think I dealt with the situation really well. Was I rude?He stopped meeting me afterwards​TL;DR Friend borrows console, thinks he owns it and doesn’t return it. Mom gets involved and I get it back

I’ve been looking for new jobs lately and have found myself a little lost.

The man who runs my local grocery store offered to be a personal reference for me and has sent me a contact who can help me improve my resume!!