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, , : We are praying for you! Wherever you find yourself starting this new year, our is that your eyes would be fixed on the Lord and with Him at your right hand, you would not be shaken.

Sometimes we stumble 🙏 Sometimes we even fall 🙏 and we can't find a 🙏 Can't comprehend it all 🙏 And we are lost 🙏 with nothing to hold onto 🙏 When we can't find the answer 🙏 Sometimes a will do 🙏🙏🙏... Straalan Mccallum age 12 💞

Joe and Iggy joining Brento, Netto , Ero and me tonight as we honor Joe and Melissa and all of their years of service to Australia.

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this poem is for you, friend



why are you here?

am i really talking to you?

can you hear me?

no, you can’t

these are just words

written by me

a nobody behind a

behind words

my words


FABIX 🤗💐❤️🎸🎼🎹🎵🎶
Happy happy Sunday ☀️ #freedom #song #video #namm #musicbusiness #relax #sundaymorning #musicproduction #fabix #friend #family #california #holliwood #losangeles #la #ca #musiclife (at Hollywood Hills)

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Like yeah, romantic relationships are cool and fun. But the real best thing? Solid friendships. I would die without my friends.

Do I yearn for a gf? Often, yeah.

Would I still rather have a friend, if I had to choose? 100% of the time.


We could talk about the ice cream stand where you first touched my hand

I could say something about your taste in clothes for you to brush it off

You could leave without a word or place kisses down my neck

When it all comes down I just want my friend back

I could ask you to tell me about the time you fell in love

You would shake your head, take my drink and say you’ve had enough

We could lay down in bed while you read me to sleep

Cause right now I just want my friend back


I miss your crooked smile

I miss your hand on mine

I miss I miss I miss

I miss your hazel eyes

I miss our longer nights

When we would kiss, would kiss, would kiss


Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back


I think you know just what to say when my mind’s running loose

Truth be told I missed our little ruse

I could go on talk about my favourite baby names

But truth be told I’m too old for our little games


I miss our little getaways

I miss our silent nights

I miss asking you to stay

I miss our long goodbyes


I could get lost talking about the northern lights

You would say let’s go but then I’d say no but this time I’d say yes

I wouldn’t hesitate to get those three words off my chest

You would ask if it’s true just to make sure and then you’d kiss my neck

Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back


I can’t give up hope and dreams

I refuse to

I won’t give up my hope and dreams

I do it for you


Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back

Oh I just want my friend back


So I looked up a couple of kids that I met last week crazy…. Credit via: @ujbaby (@get_regrann) - Welcome to IMG Academy, where we train with a purpose. 😳

A+ today Mr. Walker 🤩
45’+ Box jump
BOUNCEOLOGY 101 sign up ✍️ - #regrann
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