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Friday evening with 😂 guess what music we hear right now

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is a tru . He will never leave you. He never gets mad. He quick. He you no matter what. Call him anytime he died for your sins so you dont have to feel bad.

If you give a to a member or that exceeds a specific value, it can be taxed. Here are some of the best ways to leave a gift via to your loved ones:

This is what I am told manufactured in only. True? A yagnesh mehta gifted it. Do manufactures this? And is it in or not? Helps to stick on surfaces.

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Uni life…

One of the worst things about going to uni so far away from home is that you don’t get to see your close friends that often. This sometimes leads to a terrible feeling of loneliness. I would love for my friends to come over for a weekend and we watch silly TV shows and eat pizza but they all have their lives (husband, kids, work, etc)…

Loneliness sucks.

How do you guys cope with it?


My #friend Paul. He’s a Transgender-hopeful, a #strong #warrior for our #local #lgbtq community here in Indio, California. I #respect him for the content of his #character as he does mine. Because although I may #disagree with referring to Paul as Paula, I’ve got #love and respect for who he is as a person. He does what makes him happy, and isn’t hurting anyone in the process. We have a #mutual respect for one another. #realtalk #💯 #🇺🇸 (at Indio, California)

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I enjoyed the customers, my coworkers and the job at Blue Moon, but the real reason I showed up was to see Daisy.

The video pixels don’t show the depth of the actual images;
They are silver

and they pale beside our memories of Daisy;

She was Gold

#daisy #love @bluemooncamera #family #jakes #dog #our #best #friend

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When Your Friends Are Sucking Your Energy | Bernadette Balla