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Appreciate appearance discuss performance Vital add context to especially stimulus Current ~$250 billion/qtr

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"Wind blows strong / Waves crash on the beach / Amelia walks alone." When your friend is a unicorn you are never alone with KindleUnlimited RT

'Successful growth is dictated by benefits accrued to the customer, not to the company' Article: Disruption Starts with Unhappy Customers, Not Technology by

I didn't know what to write about, so I wrote about it *kanye shrug* Today is the last day to give this gem a read! Link in my bio.

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Republicans stoking ancient hatreds religious conservatives in America & threatens the youth of both nations Young people all nations shouldnโ€™t have to die for ancient beliefs or political egos Iraqi dead

If you haven't had a chance to watch Pastor Kennedy McGowan and Rabbi Allan Tuffs discuss Hollywood CARES for Haiti - do so now!

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#Jesus is #KingofKings and #LordofLords

Do you agree? Yes or No?


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go through it with a smile or go through it with a cry, either way the day will pass

a glimpse of her, a glimpse of us

Hope everyone’s having a nice weekend! 

It was just another sunny day in Amsterdam and we were leisurely having lunch in this vegan restaurant and I’ll be sharing pictures of the food in the near future! Now getting to the main topic is my stumbling into this little tiny thought (I sound redundant I know, tee-hee)

As the years go by, I have come to a realization that as much as we are given so many choices to choose from, sometimes you can’t stop life from spiraling out of control. I’d like to say that I have made peace with the fact and have swiftly come up with a controlled mindset but no. As much as I’d like to be clear minded and face life head on, sometimes it gets a little bit too much - life gets a little bit too much. However the thing about those little but interminable stumbles you face, time does not stop and the sun still rises and sets every single day, hence the best we can do most of the times will be picking up the little part of us scattered all over, and move on. 
Many things in life sounds cliché but most often that little push is what we need to come over the ordeal we’re facing. 
P.s I’d love to know, hear and read what other people has to say abt this .


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World Blood Donor Day is meant to raise awareness about the importance blood donation and its critical role in saving lives across the world. By donating blood, you help someone in need and it can save a precious life.

Be a blood donor! Give the Gift of Life!

And so there was nothing ordinary about that dayย 
I had to attend a night-time lectureย 
Had had a long dayย 
Going here and thereย 
Meeting up with friendsย 
Sharing thoughtsย 

None of those is similar, to any other days I’ve been livingย 
The same ol’ days of letting time ticks byย 
But then in the midst of my walkย 
There was somethingย 
Two questions that I encounteredย 
With sticky notes plastered all overย 
What’s my wildest dream?
What’s the change that you want?
I read through themย 
Each and every one of themย 
I could fine noneย 
Stating that they would like to make the worldย 
A better place

—  a glimpse of me, a glimpse of us 

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