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Just some of our with join tomorrow.. 22 May 2019... this will be your away from home for 24hrs... see you soon ...

Do you know?🤔 Bay leaves are used to give a distinctive flavor to soups, stews, marinades and pickling solutions. 🍂 🏢581 Cheetham Hill, M8 9JE Manchester, United Kingdom

It may be called a Burrito, but it's fast becoming one of our favourite lunches! Try it with a scoop of coleslaw for an extra £1

Every day we freshly prepare our kebabs so that you can taste the freshness and quality Full of flavour, no nasties, simply delicious and perfect for lunch ⠀

Did you know that you can now have the goodness from our farm delivered straight to your office? 👌 Just follow the link below to order now 👇

Good morning lovely Hungrys! While I'm working out, these beauties are baking nicely (multi-tasking at it's finest) - recipe here: . Sometimes you can't beat a jam-packed treat. Stay hungry! ;) x

Fresh crabs, spider crabs and lobsters all prepared this morning! Platters are available, but please phone to order! They can be made up for you in minutes! Enjoy the sunshine today...again! Card facilities available!


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Fresh finally makes his way up onto the small hill that the treeangle stood upon taking a deep breath as he saw the shapes from before gathered, they haven’t noticed him yet..thats..good it gives him a few moments to collect his thoughts and..

He looks surprised, it seems he hasn’t noticed yet…suddenly 

His eye widens and his ears go flat as he grits his teeth in obvious pain, the corruption quickly spreading up his arms and down from his ears. He lets out an ear piercing screech his hands shoot up to his head to hold it.

The gray is quickly fading, being replaced by black and pink rapidly as he digs his claws into his head, he’s sweating and twitching as he falls to his knees, before falling flat on his face , passed out.

nearby, the group of shapes have been alerted of his presence by the sudden screaming.

The pink shape is the first to look over, in obvious confusion  The blue cube next to him seems to be, perturbed over whats happening, as in he really was hoping he was gonna have a quiet day. He reaches over to shake his shoulder gently
“ might want to…see this??” He says quietly, Tempo, as it seems his name is, seems busy trying to calm the now concerned children down.
“Who’s causing such a ruckus???” He sounds…a  bit annoyed to say the least.
“ want to see this.”  The snake shape moves over a little,
“Is…that… Fresh?!” he sounds surprised like that was the last person he thought he was gonna see today. He quickly made his way over, pausing his ears perked as he looks at the passed out shape.
“I thought…he was…you know…dead.” 
“Yeah, me too.” He watches as the kids scramble over to gather around Fresh.

everyone kind of goes quiet as they look over at him with varying levels of concern. Tempo honestly didn’t want to have to deal with this today, he was having a nice time, well as nice a time you could have chasing around four rowdy children, and the last person he wanted to deal with was laying passed out in front of him. He took a deep breath, catching the attention of the shapes next to him.

M!A over

Fresh is not currently available for asks. 
But i’m sure there is someone else you could ask.




SONG: Fresh Denim (Prod. By A One Beats)





Big #shoutout for our #dogs in our life
This 1 is nearly #11 years old
Everyone #daily ask if he a #puppy
No he’s #old
The #rescuedog I had just before him. Was 22 in #human #years
She is with her other #friends at rainbow #bridge
Still #miss her so much
Remember #dogs are for life not until the #chew your carpets
Oh also it’s getting warmer this side of the #globe
Make sure all #animals get lots of #fresh water

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LmFAO…at #MrCommodore .
This how I feel about that shit nowadays. Especially since I got a kid now too. Long as She #Fresh ..Im good. #YouPhilMe ? Aint nothing wrong with maintaining your #drip though. Its in #OurCulture / #BlackCulture ,so rocc in good moderation is what I say. Shitt..who dont like to look nice (occasionally) right??
Just make sure your priorities right. Right??? #RockWhatYouGot wit #swag and #pride .Yeiii -This #NewYorkComedian be having me #rolling .Hope he #KeepDoingHisThing .Canman

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