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Portrait of a Lady Jean-Léon (, 1824–1904) Oil on canvas 1870 ____ بورتريه سيّدة جان ليون جيروم (فنّان فرنسي 1824-1904) لوحة زيتيّة على قماش 1870

Summer scene from a fete in our corner of France. Ahem...unsurprisingly, I had to be dragged away kicking and screaming.

is much more than a stop off on the way to ski resorts.... Check out blog on what to do in Chambery - the gateway to the ! 😍

Looking out over the tranquil from your colonial-inspired at Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, it's not hard to picture what life must have been like in a hundred years ago.⠀ .⠀ Travel back in time in the heart of

“Reading comprehension is not just a matter of intelligence or practice it can be enhanced through different teaching practices” on variation in for reading in , & - speaking systems

family-backed group , which is being targeted by activist investor , said it is striving to improve its governance and will communicate on future changes once they have been approved by its board.


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On continue avec les que j'aurais voulu avoir avant! Quel est le manuel qui ne pose pas la question : « Peut-on rire de tout? » Mais, pourquoi ne pas élargir ce sujet en commençant par une définition de l’humour!

EARLY Vintage Francis Winter for Christian Dior CATS EYE Opal Art Glass Necklace Showstopper!

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constraint: translation of constraint in French

constraint English to French, constraint Meaning in French, constraint French definition

constraint in French

Steven Universe French Fan in distraught

So… I’m a huge fan of Steven Universe and I was very excited about the new episodes and than this week our French website Steven Universe Fantasy which enabled French people to watch every episodes with or without good quality subtitles is being closed by Cartoon Network.

Now what can we do?

Watch on Cartoon Network? They broadcast the episodes in the middle of the night and in a random order.

Watch on Netflix? They still only have season 1.

I just want to whine and see if other people have solutions…