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3 Ways Designers And Creatives Can Use Portfolios to Boost Their Success

How To Calculate Your Average Hourly Rate (and What It Should Be) Last week, we took an in-depth look at some handy tips for financial planning for In that post we touched briefly on charging what your worth legiitcom

This is an interesting article on how encourages you to scrutinize your time from an ROI perspective far more than you would as a salaried employee. While I've found that motivation beneficial, it can definitely cut both ways:

From freelance writer to six-figure BBQ blogger and a Guinness Record with Susie Bulloch of Hey Gril... For this episode, you’re gonna get a huge helping of inspiration and let us tell you… your mouth will water... -projects

Top 20 Courses to Help You Reskill and Upskill for the Future Online learning makes it easy to learn new skills. Here are courses you can access from anywhere to learn 20 of the fastest growing skills on Upwork toda... via

Shares of Inc. (: ) opened at $22.40 and closed at $22.90 on Tuesday's . It comprise freelancers in content marketing, customer service, data science and analytics, graphic design, mobile development, etc.

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I’m working on a post I’m really excited about but it’s still taking me forever to write it


Anthem Interceptor Javelin Gameplay - ‘What Freelancers Do’ Mission

We were invited down to California to get our hands on some new Anthem gameplay. This is to show off the high mobility of the Interceptor Javelin class. 

For more on Anthem and everything gaming related, be sure to stay tuned to

Cosmic Funnies turned 7 today!

Woot! I had no idea I was here this long! 

Here’s to a new  year of posting new stuff! Btw, new comic will be up sometime between Friday-sunday. I don’t have an actual time frame anymore because….

I got a stay at home freelance job! 

Woot! It may not be much money at the moment but it’s still something! I’ve been designing textiles for stationary this whole week. 

So, I shall post sometime either Tomorrow or Sunday. 

See you later!