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Time flies when you're busy ... and it's a short week too!! Contact Cornerstone pa services if you need a hand with any of those time-consuming admin tasks!

⚠ ¿Tienes dudas sobre tu modelo de negocio y sobre si tus tarifas son las adecuadas? Mira esto 👉

The creature Angus on the morning after his first night shoot. He doesn't seem too keen to join the rest of the planet today 🤣😇 life👍

RT : If you're thinking about changing up the way you work then get in touch! ✉️ We can provide floating memberships, fixed desks and larger office space.

Looking to get some work done today? Good news - it's our Open Day! We've got floating deskspace which is specifically made for remote working, drop by and we can show you how it could work as a long term option.

Are you a looking to maintain a business ? Ditch the dreary office and think

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A square web tile for The Dame’s Insider’s Champagne Tour featuring Daina Perkins.

TurboTax 2018 Business $57.99. State efile costs additional $ $59.99 Windows
TurboTax 2018 Home and Business $49.99. State efile costs an additional $39.99 Windows or Mac.
TurboTax 2018 Premier $41.99 State efile costs an addtional $39.99 Windows or Mac.
Turbotax Deluxe $ 22.99. State efile costs an additional $39.99 Windows or Mac.

I swear to God himself that I just had the most fucking fun playing Anthem today. My friend and I found two randos who actually talked and where cool/funny so we all added each other and played for a bit and we have all four javelin types and I’m feeling very cry emoji right now because I’m so happy that I now have a full squad to play with.

If you play on xbox, feel free to message and add me!

Let me draw you like “one of my French girls”

jokes aside haha


I draw fanarts and portraits, or everything YOU want!!

Portraits: $5,00

• if you want to add:

- a pet + $1,00;

- another person + $2,00;

- a simple background + $1,00

Fanarts: SAME + $1,00 if the character is too much detailed (like animes characters, for example. )

• If you want a whole body drawing, it doubles. If you want a detailed background: + $3,00

If you wanna something different, talk to me! :)

that is some of my arts:

payment: PayPal


🤾🏻‍♂️Sonderjyske - Skanderborg🤾🏻‍♂️

Do you know all the sport rules and always pay close attention to the game? Would you like to have a really exciting job in the sports industry and travel while you’re at it? If so, we are offering you to become a freelance sports scout who collects live data at local & international sports events.

If you are interested please contact us on Skype (ID: doscouting) or by sending an email to 😊

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I have a bunch of stuff to do. I am not very good at being disciplined. I watched all of these videos on productivity, and fancy apps, and bullet journals. Wanna know what actually made me do my stuff in a timely manner?

I have a post-it with one word on it: prioritize!

I have a Google Sheet called ‘DEAL WITH THIS’. I just colour-coded it as I see fit and dump on it stuff whenever I feel like doing something.

Simple. To the point. YMMV.

Freelancer: Hey Owen, do you want me to do a tarot card reading for you?

Owen: Okay sure.

Freelancer, placing and reading the cards: This one says you have a smile that is as wholesome as sunshine, and this one says that you have a heart of gold-

Owen: Freelancer, these aren’t tarot cards. They’re just pictures of me.

szabadúszó [ˈsɑbɑduːsoː] – freelancer
(Literally::: freeswimmer)

szabad [ˈsɑbɑd]
1) free
2) allowed
(e.g.: Szabad oda bemenni? – Is it allowed to go in there?)

úszó [ˈuːsoː]
1) swimming [adjective]
2) swimmer (person) (noun)
3) fin (animal) (noun)
4) bob; bobber (noun)

szabadság [ˈsɑbɑtʃːaːɡ]
1) freedom; liberty
2) holiday; vacation

1) to swim
(e.g.: Szeret sokat úszni. – She likes to swim a lot.)
2) to float

úszik [ˈuːsik] – he/she/it is swimming/floating; he/she/it swims/floats
(e.g.: A vízen csak egy hajó úszott. – There was only one ship floating on the water.)