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Agree? I'm thrilled to start my freelancing career. I know there's something great out there! This is one of the greatest decisions I have ever done in my life.

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Today we talked about why a network is important on - so here's my piece on how to tap into your network to help clients (& yourself): Why you need resources at the ready as a PR pro

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I have to somehow make tons of money right now so I can actually take care of Phoenix and Spot when they get sick… Not have enough to actually take care of them …how can I be responsible for these beings, dependent on me…. everyday expenses I can do but not huge ones like surgery and expensive tests and medications…

Need part time freelance at least, more petsitting, work all the time, or somehow my stories get sold or me get some amazing passive income streams like immediately, enough time to help Phoenix….

that blank space

between you and I

the world gave it to you


please take a listen

is it really me, is it

standing here waiting

waiting for this

waiting for you

to see the real

distinguished love for me

the affair between our lies

and the truth inside our hearts

it’s still you since the very start

even under the dark

you’re the light inside my heart

when comforting a friend

we search for validation

when we feel broken inside

when we sense our vulnerability

Reaching its peak

we can only grow with pain

for that results in our upcoming

Changes and decisions we make

two wrongs will never make a right

but you have every single

Second and hour

to make better choices

Then the ones you’ve made

Last night

many people are going to come

Into our lives

they’ll take pieces of us with them

They’ll show them off to new comers

but your mark forever stays

even If the silence

doesn’t sound the same

that’s what touching

people lives mean

when you’re no longer apart of it

But the lessons

you’ve given

Will appear sometimes

or maybe never

in life we will fall in love

multiple times

We will fall into cycles

a couple of more

we shall overcome

Any taunting behavior

Someone tries to imbed in you

your greatest love is you

the greatest confidence

arises in you

you’re a radiant star

that light shall never vanish

it’s you

Today, tomorrow the day after

Hours down and months

against all odds

Through out the years

your light will shine brighter

I hope this makes you smile

because everyone deserves to

Know the sun comes back up

Even if the darkness feels


The world is yours

so is the heart you own inside

you’d run from all you were given

you’d run from all you deserve

sins are mostly forgiven

shall you forgive that heart of yours

the forest seems safe

when your thoughts are leading

the way

run to your safe place

their waiting

a gentle hug is the ground

your feet aren’t touching

everyone deserves happiness

don’t think yours is bluffing

people step in your life

to show you magic can exist

coming from an unknown kiss

serenade your happy place

serenade your heart

let them bring you the freedom

you’ve had a hard time to unlock


School life! 😅😅😅
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Dream Loop
An alternate snippet of a project developed with Pusher Studio
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