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paula’s packing perils

I’m leaving for my Big Independencia Lady Vacay and I’m having a very pleasant time sitting in front of a flashing iPad menu, drinking an incredibly overpriced glass of wine, and eating the beef jerky I bought at the expensive airport sundry store.

Funnily enough, I was joined by an elderly gentleman, Very Canadian, who had a Very Canadian name that is the same Very Canadian name of an old Very Canadian friend. The world, huh?

Cosmic reminders that I can read too much into aside, I wanted to take this time to share my travel “must-haves.” The things I simply had to bring on my eat-pray-love voyage that will be largely comprised of me eating everything I see and just hoping my stomach stands strong.

And that isn’t a jab at Mexican food. It’s just that every time I travel, my body turns into a delicate, frail human napkin that can stomach only jello (on a good day). Anyway, here’s what I’m taking with me on my big 2019 trip to Oaxaca City.

- Teva sandals, duh.

- Sally Rooney’s Normal People (again, duh).

- All the episodes of “I Think You Should You Leave” featuring Tim Robinson. (side note: Detroiters was one of the few truly hilarious shows I’ve watched in a while… the clown episode?? Forget about it. I think Tim Robinson is a genius and I’m very excited to power through this series)

- Several pairs of “undershorts” … anyone with large thighs will understand.

- An empty bag of beef jerky.

- A fanny pack that I am definitely too old for but I will wear with pride.

- Three different sunscreens.

- A brand new “travel notebook” as well as my usual “idea notebook” that is mostly narratives about food I’ve eaten.

- Sounds: several meditation tracks, soft synth playlists, podcasts (Yeah But Still, The Worst, Twinnovation, Experts Podcast), a playlist just called “Oaxaca,” Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5, and The Fantastic Jazz Harp of Dorothy Ashby.

- Two (2) obnoxious hats.

- A google map of hot spots to visit, given to me by the lovely artist who gave me my latest “yolo” tattoo.

- The low hum of stress from work that I will have to do while I’m there.

- My “super” cool, “super” chic, one-piece Nike bathing suit with vibrant “mom” pattern.

- Like seven (7) granola bars, at least.

- The brand new, yoga-lady reusable water bottle I bought as soon as I got to the gate because I forgot mine and my indulgence knows no bounds.

- Sunglasses (prescription and non prescripsh).

- My holy triumvirates of meds (wellbyutch, ‘lex, and quettypine). Some diazzy, too.

- My trusty camera and many rolls of film that will cost about $80 to develop.

There’s certainly more but the plane is boarding soon and writing this has already taken too much time. Someone behind me is getting ready to watch Game of Thrones and I don’t even want to look.

Alright. We’ll see how this ~blogging~ thing goes. Here is a letter my sister wrote me before I left.


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