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: beheerder DWO - Rotterdam - € 100,00 - 12 mnd - : - Check op : -

Stay positive, work hard and make it happen! It's a new week, what goals have you set yourself?

recherche un(e) développeur(se) pour un client final basé en Ile-de-France (92) 📱 Cette mission en vous intéresse❓ Alors, RDV sur le site pour en savoir plus et postuler 🙂 👉

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Hola, no soy una gurú, ni una influencer. Soy una redactora con alma de escritora. He terminado Diario de una Redactora Peculiar, un homenaje a todos esos escritores que entregan sus ideas a los demás. Gracias

School is back... For poor Yvonne. 😔 But the kids don't go back until Thursday and I've an important video call in 20 minutes. 😑

"Et ce n’est pas parce que vous êtes seul dans votre entreprise ou que vous avez une petite structure que vous êtes moins crédible qu’une entreprise avec 15 employés, bien au contraire."

Weet jij alles van het terugvragen van btw? Op zich is dit geen ingewikkelde materie, maar er zijn een aantal valkuilen waar we je graag voor willen behoeden. Welke dit zijn? Check dit artikel!

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Graphic designers/illustrators wanted!

Hey guys, I know this isn’t my normal post but I’ve been working very hard on something special and want to see if any of you guys are willing to join.

I’m looking for any freelance graphic designer, illustrator, editor, or fashion designer who wants to help. Whether you are a college graduate or a high school student with a love for fashion I want to give you the chance to show the world your art. If I decide to use your submissions you will be fairly compensated and your help will be highly appreciated.

feel free to dm me here if you are interested or email us at

Requirements: experience with editing software, a short portfolio


Commissions time!! I finally remade this totally up to date w/ some nice examples.

ALL PRICES ARE USD, done over PayPal (which I believe has currency conversion too)


My email is

I also will talk over tumblr or twitter messages.

Please attach references of your characters in the email!

When you’ve sent me the information I need, I can give you the paypal to pay! The first email is just to discuss the commission!

Please include your social media link so I can tag you when your commission is done! I will be sending WIPs through email or Tumblr Message.

(If you would like to stay anonymous or keep the commission private, please let me know in the email! With specific requests I may ask if it’s okay to keep it private (ships in popular fandoms that might get major hate).)

I refuse to take any commission that can make me feel uncomfortable, or that I feel I am unable to draw.

If you give me a text or low res visual reference and I do not complete it perfectly then that is not my fault.

Thank you!

(If you’d like something specific like an icon in a certain page size, or your commission in a wallpaper format, let me know!)

(Extra note: I am able to draw Mechas, but I don’t have any recent examples, once I get them done I’ll be posting them if you’re interested). 


Made this intro for the outside videos I do. Need to add a some sound effects and haven’t decided if It goes at the beginning or end but #wip #video #intro #glitch #after effects #creative #art #motion #motiongraphics #motiondesign #musicvideos #animation #lafayette #louisiana #ontheave #freelance (at Lafayette, Louisiana)

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More 🐢 ✍️ slow progress. “Mooncatcher” 33x46 inch - Inspired by my darling @emskiartuk ❤️ - #mooncatcher #freelance #moon #artnouveau #luna #stars #sky #fantasy #norse #viking #fantasyart #psychedelic #psychedelicart #detail #love #creative #design #art #sketch #illustrator #illustration #sketchbook #artistsoninstagram #instaart #instaartist #shrewsbury #darkart #darkartist @dirillustration @hireillo @theaoi @timlordart (at A5 Shrewsbury WB 8)

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1987 + 1996

I see you babygirl

you got some new friends,

the same ones you claim

didnt like you, the ones who chatted shit on your name,

yet still , now yall together , its me that gets the blame,

all of a sudden my irrelevant ass has risen to fame

and its a damn shame

you can’t see this is no way to treat a real ass Queen

But since you wanna lay down and pretend

you can stay with your fake ass friends

you can keep playin this game till the end

you can keep mentionin my name , to them.

the way it all looks, you wouldnt like

You clamin im no good

but have you ever understood 

me? Have you ever been there for me?

Or was I passin you by

was I just a convo starter? 

Somethin for you and your fake friends to find laughter

in, There’s no happpily ever after

for what you guys want

the foundation you building on isnt strong

Cowards flock, Leaders lead.

You wanna be a sheep so bad!

Its soo damn sad

I figured , I was to real for you babygirl

I figured my voice , my presence was to intense

It makes no mother fuckin sense

You know they fake

and still you seat down there

and wanna see me walk around yall showing fear

bitch ? where?

Who have you got me mistaken for?

All Ill do right now is pray on all fours

Cos, If I pay attention to all the strife

you’re tryna put me through, Ill grab this knife

and It will be all over for you 

and that dumb ass lil crew……


Another view port render of an animation I’m working on. PAPERTHIN: Chaos CH13

Animated on 12 frames per second. Trying to make it look like it was drawn by hand like an anime limited animation style.

#freelance #animations #blender #NPR #paperthin #chaos #newgrounds #lionx #lionxanimations #youtubeseries #indie

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Do you know someone looking for a #sharedoffice space? My usual office mate just started preschool. I’m going to miss her running around in circles but also looking forward to being able to get actual work done 🤣 The back of the shop is an almost 800 sq ft office space with a large work table, central air, high speed internet, lots of storage space, bathroom, full size fridge/freezer and more. Get in touch if you’re interested 😃
#coworkingspace #coworkingcommunity #atwatervillage #eastside #entrepreneur #selfemployed #freelance #glendale (at Atwater Village, Los Angeles)

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Today’s “puppy minute” is a little octopus . 🐙🐙🐙
Leave a comment if you have a request for the next one. ☺
See you tomorrow. 😊

#art #artist #watercolor #painting #illustration #illustrator #drawing #pencil #work #freelance #sketch #sketching #doodle #croquis #commission #tattoo #free #animals #puppy #octopus #ocean #sea #puppyminute (à Besançon, France)

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#Drawing as the world goes by ✍️ 🚗 🚙 🚶‍♂️… More seemingly never ending work on “Mooncatcher” 33x46 inch - Inspired by my darling @emskiartuk ❤️ - #mooncatcher #freelance #moon #artnouveau #love #earth #luna #stars #sky #fantasy #norse #viking #fantasyart #psychedelic #psychedelicart #detail #love #creative #design #art #sketch #illustrator #illustration #sketchbook #artistsoninstagram #instaart #instaartist #shrewsbury #darkart #darkartist @dirillustration @hireillo @theaoi @timlordart (at Shrewsbury, Shropshire)

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