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Letting go

We talk about letting go and mostly it’s about letting go of people.

Those people we don’t want to let go are more our projections we don’t want to let go.

To some we stay attached,

We desire those people in our life.

Sometimes we are addicted to the pain of not being wanted, or we project that this person will make us whole, or we project our dreams on them, or we project something that doesn’t want us to move on. Even when we think we don’t project anymore, there are still surprises.

Letting go goes so much further then letting go of the person.

There are many layers of projections.

Lower and higher vibrations, first visible ones are the lower vibration projections, those are often egoistic after follow the higher vibrations, “ the person is a aspect of my spiritual growth” by example. A person is not, the universe is, mb the person shows you what the universe wants to let you see, but the person is not doing this intentionally. What kan happen to is that higher - and lower vibration projections get mixed up, depends on your state of mind you are in at that moment.

The connection you feel can be real, but the blabla around the person, even the spiritual blabla is a projection. Much of those spiritual etiquettes like soulmate and twin flame , they just make confusion and mb let you hold on to someone you should let go. If a shaman tells you the person is “the one” it’s mb rather a lesson than the truth.

Love is a dream dreamed with 2. Connection are real, projections are not.



( Gif credit is Puella Magi, Mobito and one more that I found on google. )


A= Adaline Merryweather

Adaline Merryweather is the second child from a wealthy family in Vale. Adaline has an older sister named Analyse.

Adaline’s mother works as a banker, and her father is a pilot. Adaline’s older sister is also a hunter.

Adaline is a dedicated individual. She always gets her work done. Adaline is trying to do better now. When she was younger, she was all work and no play and denied herself when it came to her unserious personality traits.

Adaline loves to dance and will break out in mini dance sessions in public, much to the embarrassment of her teammates.

Adaline and Setrom are the worst offenders when it comes to embarrassment. If Valorie or Raphael or anyone really says something like act natural, the pair will drop into the most dramatic acts they can think of.

Adaline, while freer than she was once, is still a studious person. She is dedicated to her family. She is actually aware of how much money her parents are spending on her education and does not want to let them down.

Adaline is a fighter, she is very good at hand to hand combat. She is strong and fast. She is a practitioner of Jui-Jitsu. All her sparring parents say getting hit by her is like getting hit by a truck. Adaline is also very flexible. ( Adaline is very proud of her splits, she often drops into them to freak people out.)

Adaline’s weapon is a Chain-Spear. Her spear is capable of breaking apart and shifting shapes. Her spear is dust compatible, but it is not a gun.

Adaline’s Semblance: Weather: She comes from a family with weather-based powers, each person within the family has different abilities. Adaline can generate mist and fog, she is excellent for defense and distractions. While not exclusive to her family, Adaline’s semblance is inherited.

Combing her weapon, fighting style, and semblance, Adaline likes to draw her enemies in and subdue them one by one. She can fight in larger groups but tries to avoid it.

Adaline has never had a boyfriend, so she is very shocked when Setrom asks her out. She is kinda dumb when it comes to attraction because she is asexual and does not feel sexual attraction.