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3(K) | Exercise 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, 3.11, 3.12 | Motion in a Straight Line | Class 11 | Physics

Question 3.9 Two towns A and B are connected by a regular bus service with a bus leaving in either direction every T minutes. A man cycling with a speed of 20 km h–1 in the direction A to B notices that a bus goes past him every 18 min in the direction of his motion, and every 6 min in the opposite direction. What is the period T of the bus service and with what speed (assumed constant) do the buses ply on the road? Question 3.10 A player throws a ball upwards with an initial speed of 29.4 m s–1 . (a) What is the direction of acceleration during the upward motion of the ball ? (b) What are the velocity and acceleration of the ball at the highest point of its motion ? © Choose the x = 0 m and t = 0 s to be the location and time of the ball at its highest point, vertically downward direction to be the positive direction of x-axis, and give the signs of position, velocity and acceleration of the ball during its upward, and downward motion. (d) To what height does the ball rise and after how long does the ball return to the player’s hands ? (Take g = 9.8 m s–2 and neglect air resistance). Question 3.11 Read each statement below carefully and state with reasons and examples, if it is true or false ; A particle in one-dimensional motion (a) with zero speed at an instant may have non-zero acceleration at that instant (b) with zero speed may have non-zero velocity, © with constant speed must have zero acceleration, (d) with positive value of acceleration must be speeding up. Question 3.12 A ball is dropped from a height of 90 m on a floor. At each collision with the floor, the ball loses one tenth of its speed. Plot the speed-time graph of its motion between t = 0 to 12 s.


3(L) | Exercise 3.13 to 3.22 | Motion in a Straight Line | Class 11 | Physics

Question 3.13 Explain clearly, with examples, the distinction between : (a) magnitude of displacement (sometimes called distance) over an interval of time, and the total length of path covered by a particle over the same interval; (b) magnitude of average velocity over an interval of time, and the average speed over the same interval. Average speed of a particle over an interval of time is defined as the total path length divided by the time interval. Show in both (a) and (b) that the second quantity is either greater than or equal to the first. When is the equality sign true ? For simplicity, consider one-dimensional motion only.

 Question 3.14 A man walks on a straight road from his home to a market 2.5 km away with a speed of 5 km h–1. Finding the market closed, he instantly turns and walks back home with a speed of 7.5 km h–1. What is the (a) magnitude of average velocity, and (b) average speed of the man over the interval of time (i) 0 to 30 min, (ii) 0 to 50 min, (iii) 0 to 40 min ? Note: You will appreciate from this exercise why it is better to define average speed as total path length divided by time, and not as magnitude of average velocity. You would not like to tell the tired man on his return home that his average speed was zero ! 

 Question 3.15 In Exercises 3.13 and 3.14, we have carefully distinguished between average speed and magnitude of average velocity. No such distinction is necessary when we consider instantaneous speed and magnitude of velocity. The instantaneous speed is always equal to the magnitude of instantaneous velocity. Why ? Question 3.16 Look at the graphs (a) to (d) (Fig. 3.20) carefully and state, with reasons, which of these cannot possibly represent one-dimensional motion of a particle. Question 3.17 Figure 3.21 shows the x-t plot of one-dimensional motion of a particle. Is it correct to say from the graph that the particle moves in a straight line for t  0 and on a parabolic path for t 0 ? If not, suggest a suitable physical context for this graph. Question 3.18 A police van moving on a highway with a speed of 30 km h–1 fires a bullet at a thief’s car speeding away in the same direction with a speed of 192 km h–1 the muzzle speed of the bullet is 150 m s–1 , with what speed does the bullet hit the thief’s car ? Note: Obtain that speed which is relevant for damaging the thief’s car 

Question 3.19 Suggest a suitable physical situation for each of the following graphs: Question 3.20 Figure 3.23 gives the x-t plot of a particle executing one-dimensional simple harmonic motion. (You will learn about this motion in more detail in Chapter14). Give the signs of position, velocity and acceleration variables of the particle at t = 0.3 s, 1.2 s, – 1.2 s. 

Question 3.21 Figure 3.24 gives the x-t plot of a particle in one-dimensional motion. Three different equal intervals of time are shown. In which interval is the average speed greatest, and in which is it the least ? Give the sign of average velocity for each interval. 

 Question 3.22 Figure 3.25 gives a speed-time graph of a particle in motion along a constant direction. Three equal intervals of time are shown. In which interval is the average acceleration greatest in magnitude ? In which interval is the average speed greatest ? Choosing the positive direction as the constant direction of motion, give the signs of v and a in the three intervals. What are the accelerations at the points A, B, C and D ?


I want to do new edits so that I can practice more but I don’t want to do any fictional characters. For this reason, I decided to make some of you a little happy. If you want your personal aesthetic, you need to subsribe on me, reblog this post and send me your real name or nickname (whatever you want) and six things that you associate with yourself. I’m going to choose 3 or more people. Good luck :)

stranded soul

I guess I’ll be a tourist,

but only for the bare minimum.

I’ll give and gift and grant access

to this growing momentum of my soul

while their eyes and smiles stay friendly.

any signs of disturbance and I’ll leave;

the greatest lesson you’ve allowed is how

truer wisdom comes as I sit alone

and spin it.


besides, I already know, my destiny will

ultimately take me to die

in a dark forest or

dry desert or

cold mountain or

calm sea.

I’ll leave behind a trail of these poems,

words tied together by what we have

in common;

tired hearts.

Was feeling optimistic about watching the new eps of free then I saw all the people literally saying the same shit that I’ve been saying since episode 1 and now imma leave it for a bit again 😂 hopefully we get a season four that’s, you know, not fucking trash?


When I was a kid, I was always alone. The truth was that I hated being alone, but I always wore a smile. I had to keep smiling. I wanted to be the kind of kid that grown-ups would like. So I acted the way I felt was necessary to do that. Being with others made me forget the role I was supposed to be playing. But when I was in the water, I could feel who I really was in a way I couldn’t elsewhere. That was where I met Ikuya… And that was the day I learned how to smile again.

headcanon request prompts

reader insert or ship headcanon prompts! free to use and reblog for your own blog! send me some requests using one or multiple of these please!




‼️ how jealous are they normally? how do they express it?

⛺️ where they would take their s/o on a trip?

💤 big spoon or little spoon? how do they sleep regularly and with their s/o in the bed?

🚼 do they want kids? how many?

🤝 do they like to hold hands? interlocked fingers or not? how do their hands feel?

🍽 how good of a cook are they? do they like to cook for their s/o?

💙 who’s more likely to say “I love you” first, them or their s/o?

❌ what can’t they stand in a s/o? what is a deal breaker?

☀️ early bird or night owl? do they wake their s/o up with them?

💐 how romantic are they?

💍 how would they propose? how long would they take?

👄 favorite place to kiss their s/o? favorite place to receive kisses?

💊 how needy are they when they’re sick? how do they take care of their s/o when they’re sick?

🗣 how do they comfort their s/o? how do they like to be comforted?

🗯 how protective are they? do they worry about their s/o often? what makes them nervous?

📖 how trusting are they? are they an open book? does it take their s/o a while to crack them open?

💓 what’s their love language (words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch)?

💢 what is a fight with their s/o like? how do they apologize?

👠 how good is their sense of fashion? do they have a favorite thing to see their s/o in?

🎁 what kind of gifts do they give their s/o? what kind of gifts do they like receiving?

❓one random headcanon i have about this character


i’m homesick for a place i’ve never been to
lonely for a person i haven’t met yet
feel the push and pull of karma that hasn’t come into being and
i find myself hesitant to take the first steps

i long for adventures already gone on
wish to relive so much for the first time
there’s so much i want to change the tantalizing
light of the future seems dimmer than that of the past.

as i wander into new territories away from what once was
the foundation beneath me collapses underfoot
and i fall into the quicksand, dwelling, sinking,
weighed down by experiences i’ve struggled to distance myself from

i fall faster, numb myself to wailing ghosts of memories again,
and i’m homesick for a place just ahead on my trail