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Accounting Steps Demo in Finance software| home loan calculator |emi cal…

When there are so many people around with a lot of free time.

s'il vous plaît écraser ma tête avec cette conque merci


finished with my finals

Free adoptables, feel free choosing your own colours for them. Choose one number and comment to get one, you’re only allowed to get one. People who got one of my free adoptables already can’t get more then that sorry.

1. {CLOSE} the berry deer
2. {CLOSE} mushroom mouse
3. {CLOSE} foggy yokai fox

// My hot summer plans involve rereading Frankenstein and taking extensive notes on it for fun and possibly making an rp blog for Victor and/or Henry because I’ve got to feel my pretentious lit nerd oats


yes, our press freedom and freedom of speech is eroding. but we can still speak for those restricted and suppressed in china for now. so,

free liu xia.

above is one of the clips  from pen america & amnesty international / youtube on the latest campaign of youtube.

Liu Xia: Paul Auster and JM Coetzee lead renewed calls for Chinese poet’s release

(source: the guardian | 16 may 2018)

Excuse my lousy fingers

“Huh…my dad senses are tingling like crazy.”

“….All Might?”

bo tags

bo 🔥 visage }} the lean and hungry type

bo 🔥 alt face }} nothing new ive seen her here before

bo 🔥 youth }} she will only come out at night

bo 🔥 body claim }} she’s sitting with you 

bo 🔥 closet }} but her eyes are on the door

bo 🔥 musings }} what you think your getting for free

bo 🔥 headcanon }}the woman is wild, a she-cat tamed

bo 🔥 aesthetics }} money’s the matter if you’re in it for love

bo 🔥 desires }} watch out she will chew you up

bo 🔥 bait }} i wouldn’t if I were you 

bo 🔥 starter }} I know what she can do 

bo 🔥 tunes }} maneater— hall & oates

character  }} bo 🔥 beauty is there but a beast is in the heart 

How did I let my inbox get so full…… …

-cracks knuckles- 

welp time to get to work

Cheap Tarot Readings

I need to be able to get my medicine and pay some other things so im going to be doing tarot readings.

  1. Three card spread 7$
  2. Five card spread 11$
  3. Nine card spread 16$

These are just examples. I have other spreads. Pm for payment options, to request a reading, or to see the other spreads.

I have a right to deny, it may take me a while to do it.

Even if you don’t want a reading, id appreciate a reblog.

Thank you.

So I’ve been meaning to make a post for a while now sharing my experiences with top surgery. I’ve compiled a handful of pictures, and I’m going to talk about the procedure, healing process, and the complications I experienced in hopes that it gives other trans man and nonbinary people an idea of what to expect.

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Le serate, quelle belle tra alcool e chiacchiere.
Sisterhood 💙

Protesting the abhorrent massacre of Palestinian civilians this evening

p much fried the fuck out of my brain today studying for my general sciences final (got a 91% wooooo) so im probably not gonna be writing today and instead veg out and play hm on my other blog if any of yall wanna join me over there
Gnome Scheduler help

I am using the GUI as I’m still trying to get my head around doing everything via the console.

However I have a simple python script which creates a file.

To test, I’m trying to set up a scheduled task in the GUI to run the python file.

I have set a one off task executing the following

python /home/pi/tasks/ 

However, when it runs, it doesn’t create the file (which that script does). If I run that command in a console window it creates the file, which indicates I’m doing something wrong in the GUI.

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