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Entrevista a José Ignacio Álvarez Ortiz,, director del área de negocios y aplicaciones de La es nuestra mayor fuerza y ahí luchamos con casi todos nuestros servicios

Do you know ? In the words of its Lead Maintainer : "A web highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful architecture. Inspired by & !"

Live Webinar: An Effective Framework for Improving Cyber Defenses in Your Organization

Nos gusta GamificationNat What if the framework doesn’t fit? — Gamification Nation (GamificationNat) January 17, 2019

Only two weeks left for SME's across the UK to get their applications ready for the Construction Works and Associated Services ! There's a long wait until the next release so do not miss out! Contact us today!

nx-observe is a data binding solution in under 140 lines of . It exposes the observable(obj) and observe(fn) functions, which are used to create observable objects and observer functions - |

This book takes us not into the history or the technical part of , but is a clear and concise guide that shows us how to invest in these emerging assets .

For anyone interested in and , has launched a consultation on the proposed education inspection framework, for use from September 2019. We will be seeking the views of our members. Find out more here:

Este libro nos adentra no en la historia o la parte técnica de , sino que  es una guía clara y concisa que nos muestra cómo invertir en estos activos emergentes     

£30bn is there to be earned by SME's! However, those that are not on the Construction Works and Associated Services have very little to no chance of gaining and their share of that £30bn! Contact us today to discover more!

Don't forget to watch our Mike Divaris and discuss how our developed helps customers architect their mission-critical on with secure in their on February 6. Click here to register:

Calling all 's! You can start your services directly to the for big by applying to and joining the ' Construction Works . Contact GovData to find out how and let's get the ball rolling!

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Why Phoenix templates make web development so great?

We already introduced how you can use Elixir and Phoenix for building extremely high performance and low maintenance system. Now we are ready to answer the question why Phoenix templates make web development so great?
If templates are a kind of function, then it stands to reason that there must …
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Old mill by Hans Otto Schöttle
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Kodak Gold 200, Leica IIIf, Voigtländer Superwide Heliar 15/4.5

I still think on you, the place, the time, and all the solitude. There’s nothing I hate more than pushing you away with my fucked up attitude.

I’ve been counting paces since the last time we touched faces. It’s a lot like trading spaces. Where I’m the dormant one and you’re away.

How’d this happen? Found your way in. So distracting. Splitting me in half again.

Can’t ever sever the ties I made. The knots are strong. The framework’s laid. No matter how many things I save, the tangible will always be what I crave, but I’ve been resting cases and writing just to erase this. It used to just seem so basic when I knew every single word to say.

How’d this happen? Found your way in. So distracting. Splitting me in half again. So distracting. Splitting me in half again.

Thought I’d burn the seams if they frayed. Thought I’d prove the point that I made.

However long you’re gone I will wait. However long you’re gone I will wait. I will wait..