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Orthanc REST client in using Retrofit on ( coverage 50%) -> |

is important because it provides , and a of values to each of its members. Family is the single most important influence in a child's life. ➡


' create a renewed drive for people & services to work together in providing accessible, high quality in partnership with people receiving the care, their families & carers'

One reason we use in our practice is b/c it provides a for repeatable . We continue to work on in today's workshop on and design thinking w/

Learning about the Public Heath Transformation in Colorado with Deborah Monaghan from with regional School nurses!

Turning a into a app requires a few mods to & some patience to step through code again

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Watts are proud to announce we have been appointed onto the North of England Estates Consultancy Services , having been awarded two Lots. To find out more, click here:

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Where do we host our framework? It can be hosted in an Cloud environment by us (), or by a client itself (). It’s all about flexibility!

Vue.js is one of the top 3 frameworks alongside and , as many reports show. But what is it that makes this so popular? Discover the track at and become a mastermind of this framework:

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Little Greenhouse


This video will show how you can fetch records from MySQL database using Vue.js and PHP with Axios package.


The Making of 21 Savage’s “a lot” Video with Aisultan Seitov | Framework

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OMG, I'm not gonna have a good time with the Framework am I? It does make me wonder tho, whatever happened to the Avengers in there? Did they never came to be, or were they defeated or did they drink the kool-aid and sided with Hydra?

That… is a very good question. (I personally really liked the framework as a concept, but be prepared for all the angst yes.)

Haha, its actually funny to think about the fact that 5, “behind the scenes” type people’s lives could change the entirety of the world so massively. And not even all of the rest of the worlds heroes, including the Avengers, could do anything about it.

But to answer the question, they never existed.

Agents of Shield started a several months after the Battle of New York, the first time the avengers were called and came together. Bahrain happened a few years before that, in 2008. The Hydra takeover happened sometime shortly after, after Katya killed a lot of people, while the fear was still fresh. SHIELD didn’t exist anymore and the Avengers were never created.

Coulson and Fitz’s changes happened a large number of years before that.

Coulson never became a Shield agent. He appears to have been the leading agent in charge of the avengers initiative. Was it his idea? Maybe. He was certainly a huge part of its creation, with T.A.H.I.T.I, with gathering them, uniting them, etc.

Fitz is pretty much the leader of hydra. With his tech on their side, they become that much more of a formidable enemy. I’m fairly certain we have canonical proof that one of Fitz’s inventions saved Fury’s life. Who knows what could have changed because of his life and decisions.


ヨガフレイム。 🧘‍♂️

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