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Cheap Gfx designer!! Dm me for GFX!

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/gives u 2 bag of scrap and he smiles under the mask/I'm always prepare but here u go

He took the bags happily “Geez thanks, I really appreciate it,” he said awkwardly but very greatful for the scrap

started playing Fortnite a while ago, never though i’d say this but it is so f u n

here’s that one skin called Drift (click for better quality) which I totally don’t find cute 

not the best bc it was mainly a warmup drawing and just to show that I’m not dead lmao. anyway gonna go get some dubs

I’m trying to get better with anatomy, but still kinda meh. Still struggling with hands. Hands are the worst. Wanted to draw this bad bitch, the Ice Queen in Fortnite. She a cool lady. I appreciate the energy she gives off. I wanted to draw her with her glove pulled off but idk if I will ever finish this drawing


2x 30 Kill Games - Mongraal Fortnite Highlights # 4