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NAN® 3 contiene una proteína de calidad superior que ayuda desde cada célula a construir las bases sólidas que tu hijo necesita para un desarrollo óptimo. Consíguelo en su nueva presentación de 1,8kg en Farmacias

cwmexico El cuidar tu salud es tu deber, no le eches la culpa a los años, todos podemos llegar a sentirnos saludables. #

The fact that this is a possibly should really scare y’all. 🤫🐍

Yesterday, we arrived at ! After setting up the pit, we had our Engineering Design Event this morning and will start with the first Scrutineering after lunch.

Współpracujący z nami stworzyli perfumy , które można dowolnie i swój . Niech nie zwiedzie Cię ich minimalistyczna : to jedne z najbardziej zaskakujących w odbiorze perfum!

The 5th annual Toronto Tamil Fest celebration is this weekend! 🎉 Join us on Saturday, August 24 & Sunday, August 25 starting at 11am. 🙂 Stop by and visit our tent! For more details, click here 👉

Grootmaan ' “Help the Upcoming artists don't feel threatened " power statement, I'm forever a fan grootmaan love 👼👼👼🙏🙏🙏

Keet van der Zanden is een van de winnaars van het balansdoolhof -Air. Er liggen nog prachtige prijzen te wachten op: Julian van Mill en Sam Vogel , Matice Clarijs , Stijn Laarhoven 👍🏆 laat van je horen via info…

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has larger impact on human memory than or ..many of us read Archimedic Principle ,few might remember it but am sure "Story of Thirsty Crow" is still fresh with all ,which talks about same principle :)

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Formula One drivers probably feel like turtles while driving on normal highways.

Formula 1 Hungarian GP

A week back I was in Hungary on Formula 1 Hungarian grand prix. I would like to talk about things you might want to know about if you planning to visit F1 live - prices, sanitary facilities, merchandise, entertainment and atmosphere.



We arrived around 9 a.m. - free parking is 5 - 10 minutes by walk from entry gates. There are lot of small shops with team clothes along the way but these shops are unofficial and sometimes they have bigger prices then official merchant centers which are inside.

I think this is the best time when you can arrive because there are not much people. So if you dont have a seat on tribune you can easily find the best place to sit and look around.


In fanzone you can find official merchant centers for each team with drivers collection. Lot of food stolls. Here we had James Bond cars museum which is free. You can also try F1 fitness which is presentation about strength and conditioning drivers training and you can also try a short test where you test if you can become a F1 driver. Also there are a place where you can try to change tyres (3 people), play a game which test your reactions and try a race in a seat with steering wheel on PS (online registration needed ~5 minutes).

Before the main event you can also watch F3 and F2 race, F1 drivers introduction. Sometimes there are some DJs.


I dont know your standars but if I compare prices to our czech prices in a markets. Here is expensive food - for kebab you can pay around 500 CZK = 20 euros, for pretzel 5 euros and for sweet crushed ice also 5 euros for 0.3 litre. I dont know prices for beer or alcohol because I dont drink. Good thing is you cant buy a water because there is a free water in whole area on toilets. Prices is merchant centers are a bit higher but not much - for red bull hoodie I paid around 110 euros.

Sanitary facilities

There are free toilets in whole area with free water to drink. There are toi-toi in some places but for example in funzone is stone building with toilets.


It was amazing to be there, amazing experience. So if you are F1 fan, I can only recommend dont wait for anything, buy tickets and go. I am convinced this wasnt last time I was there.

Please tell me your experiences from F1 events, doesnt matter which places you visited.

Thank you so much ❤️


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The formula for creativity

You make creativity

To be, for me, something full of negativity

You give me forms and words

That aren’t mine and we’re not birds

Not for you, we can’t fly using our wings

To write for you needs to be

Some kind of a formula and we’re not the kings

Not of our own papers and pens

You tell what is right and I write

Not thinking of thoughts to express

But of my grade at the end of the week

Maybe this time it’ll be an A

You can tell me hey

Your text is perfect

But I wish it wasn’t perfection I seek

I wish to go back to a time

When creativity wasn’t a crime

When we weren’t punished for feeling

And thinking and being real

We could make a deal

But my thoughts would never be worth it

Not matter how much I try, I’m not full of wit