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43 👱‍♀️ 🏀 players showing up DCC to support Stratford Lady Spartans.

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Vaut-il mieux se former où se déformer ? Dans la vie on a le choix, on a toujours le choix, et là aussi c'est un choix non sans conséquence...

43:18,19 the ; in their ; , doing a ! God has new plans & new places & new people & new things kept before us ! Get ready to embrace the new beginning !

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✨eteri appreciating her former students ✨

okay guys i know i freaked out about team cricket, but we NEED to talk about team tutberidze! 🤭 as we all know team tutberidze is a russian team filled with talented skaters, ranging from alexandra trusova (quad lutz queen) 😱, alina zagitova (olympic champion) 🥇 to anna shcherbakova (2019 russian national champion) 🏆. eteri’s team is very talented!

anyways, evgenia leaving her team caused a bit of drama, especially in the russian figure skating world. 😬 but today eteri posted pictures of ALL her former students. i thought it was so heartwarming! 😭💘 yulia and evgenia were my fave former eteri students, and it was just nice eteri recognized them one more time. maybe it’ll stop all this drama! 🤞

Former Winners of The Children's Cover Award

2010 Children’s Prize, Jurate Laugalyte, Anglia Ruskin University

2011 Children’s Prize, Niklas Sagebiel, University of Fine Arts, Hamburg

2012 Children’s Prize, Tim Parker, Cambridge School of Art at Anglia Ruskin University

2013 Children’s Prize, Vicky Mills, Coventry University

2014 Children’s Prize, Craig Cox, Leeds Metropolitan University

2015 Children’s Prize, Lucie Williams, University of Wolverhampton

2016 Children’s Prize, Ailsa Johnson, University of Edinburgh

2017 Children’s Prize, Beth Ewens, Leeds College of Art

2018 Children’s Prize, Fruzsina Czech, University of Ulster