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सादगी तो देखों उन नजरों की❤️ हमसे बचने की कोशिश में बार-बार हमें ही देखते है❤️ ❤

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Literally wouldn't stress about formal clothes, most gowns cover the majority of what you're wearing. Also the kitchen staff are the ones who let you in, and don't pay too close attention to what you're wearing. Have gone to formal in clothes I'd wear to a club - just don't show too much skin is my advice!

Ah, okay, thanks! That’s good to know :)

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What would be overdressing for a formal? :D

I’m not sure, really. I’d probably say like a big puffy ballgown or a dress that is so sparkly and bejewelled that it’s more suited for a prom or may week scenario rather than a formal dinner. But to each their own and if they can pull it off and feel comfortable, then good for them! :D

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I'm coming up to Cambridge as a fresher next week, and I'm stressing about formal hall outfits. I'm a girl but I never wear dresses or skirts. Do most girls wear dresses etc to formals? I'm really struggling to find some nice outfits with trousers that would be suitably smart for formals - any ideas on what people normally wear in this situation would be much appreciated!

Yes, the majority of girls tend to wear dresses but in no capacity does that mean you have to too. I know a fair few people who wear smart trousers with a nice button-up shirt or blouse. Some choose to accessorize with a blazer too but it’s up to you. I wouldn’t worry too much as long as you’ve made an effort and you don’t look like you’re in super casual wear. 

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Do we have to buy a suit for matriculation and formals prior to coming to Cam?

If your college requires a suit for matriculation (I think almost all, if not all colleges require this) then it’s probably a good idea to get one before you come up, as that way you’re not stressing that you don’t have something. I only had a couple of days from arriving to matriculating, and I think that if I’d had to go clothes shopping in that time I would have missed out on some activities, and also felt quite stressed! It wouldn’t have to be a particularly fancy suit, but it would be good to have one before you arrive.