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There is only a few weeks left to apply for the . If you are a with an annual revenue under $500,000, and you are looking to expand your into , this is the opportunity for you!

Deciding to move your business into is exciting and can bring great . These 5 steps will help you to get started and accomplish a successful business :

I’m live on Higher Learning radio via Skype, FB, and YouTube. You can call in on Skype @ 1 (515) 605-9325.

[China Daily] Song Wei: Firms should look before they leap into Chinese enterprises have gone global, but due to their lack of sufficient awareness, some of them have suffered setbacks in overseas projects

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Are you thinking it’s time for growth? Tap into & scale your company quickly with the CIAP. Our program will help prepare you for entering a foreign market, provide access to key marketing experts & more. Apply today at !

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The FAO Global team has extensive experience working in the U.S., China, and Emerging Markets. We can help streamline the process for business expansion and pave the way for your organization to succeed.

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