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Cupp: Opponents salivated over Mueller report for 2 years - CNN Video

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un año de flores - Día 82 a year of flowers - Day 82 amarillos pansies

তোর 'না'-এর বোঝা বড্ড ভারী, তাই তো তুই খারাপ মেয়ে, তাই তো তুই আজ খুব অকেজো....

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23/3/2019 जिला काँग्रेस कमेटी रायगढ़ द्वारा आयोजित के चुनाव संबंधी जनप्रतिनिधिगण एवं कार्यकर्तागण की बैठक ... ** ** ** **

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ブログ記事紹介:[Python] 高速勉強 #8 「繰り返し文」

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Looking For Any Working 98 Furbies!
I want to work on some customs as well as try to find some of my dreamies since Ebay is WAY overpriced (Like no, a snowball isnt worth 400$ sorry)

Mainly looking for:
Champagne***** (almost got one but was scammed)
Banana Peel*********
Green Bean

I will look at others as well but these ones are ones I either want to really own (hence the *****) or ones I think would be cool to edit

Entry 383

 “Not tired are you?” questioned Ariadne.  She and Raine had been working together for several hours now.

 Raine looked confused.  “P-Processing.”

 My lip twitched as an idea popped in my head and fought down my smile, which had nothing to do with my current conversation.  I knew Raine couldn’t handle showing us her mind as she had for my wife and me, but wispy illusions of it were probably fine by this point.  Still, I resisted the urge to walk over and suggest for Raine to show us.  If one of her wayward thoughts became too real, someone could be in danger.  The idea of Ariadne witnessing the vastness of Raine’s mind simply amused me.

 “No, Dani, I don’t think you should make requests of Raine quite yet.  Let her keep practicing.” I stated in response to her question.

 “But Daddy!  This would be practice!”

 Switching to her native tongue, I said, “Practice and something not of this world, right?”

 Realizing that she had been caught was showing on her face in the way she smiled.  Still speaking in English, she said, “Maybe…”

 Alma came up behind her and hugged our daughter.  “Dani, behave.  Birthday girls get to make the requests here.”

 “I… d-don’t mind.” stated Raine.  Her figure was blurring between here and where she had stood by Ariadne.

 Vito, Zachary, and Papak all looked intrigued, surely not keeping up with her transitional movements much better than I was, which was not at all.  Ariadne started walking toward us with the second Raine, still instructing as they went.

 As my daughter’s mouth moved, I stared her down.

 She smiled even more broadly as she said, “A playmate for Alberich!”

 My wife sighed before saying, “She probably shouldn’t attempt life yet.”

 “Is that really possible?” questioned Maple.

 “Of course, though creating life takes far more energy than you’d probably expect.” replied Ariadne.  “I certainly can’t recommend doing it until Raine is very confident in her abilities.  Getting something slightly off is very easy and potentially lethal for the new creature.”

 “What about creating an enhancement suit for Pufflewink?” I suggested, feeling the world wasn’t ready yet for Raine’s other pet.

 That idea got Raine to smile.  “I c-can?”

 I nodded, saying, “As long as Jarod doesn’t mind.”

 “That’s an awesome idea, man-slave!” insisted Emma.

 “I’ll admit that I’m intrigued to see what spells go into these things.” commented Vito.

 “Suit design is a trade secret, so no giving it away to anyone.” stated Jarod loudly to be heard over everyone.  “Mila, would you mind adjusting the design for felines?”

 “Already optimizing the fiber configuration.” she replied, sounding amused.  “Master, mind if we borrow your office briefly?”

 “Feel free.  Raine, I think she wants you upstairs.”

 Raine glanced at me, nodded once, and disappeared.

 I then turned to Jarod and said, “I hope you know that she’ll never forget the designs.”

 Jarod grinned broadly.  “And I hope you realize that I have many, many plans that could use her aid.”  He certainly knew that she’d probably help him at the drop of a hat, but he liked to play the villain at times lately.

 “If she comes back with a finished suit, I’ll be most disappointed.” stated Vito with a frown.

 “No need to be disappointed.  I’ll gladly show you the spell.” I told him.  “I just ask that you don’t utilize it for your kind yet.”

 He seemed to study me briefly before nodding.  Since he nodded, I created the spells, holding them in place for him to inspect.  All three brothers seemed interested, moving around the room to get a better view of parts as they focused on it.

 Emma sighed and said, “You guys really know how to bring down a party.”

 “We’re partying?” questioned Noelle, seeming to have forgotten the conical hat on her head.

 “Yes.  Today’s Raine’s birthday.” replied Dejon.

 Noelle’s eyes brightened.  “I should tell her Happy Birthday!”

 “She’s off making something for her cat at the moment.”

 “She has a cat!?  I love cats!” she exclaimed.

 “Me too!” exclaimed Kayla, lifting up Alberich, who had been leaning against Alma’s leg for the past minute.

 The small, white lion looked indignant, but didn’t attempt to attack her, thankfully.  Noelle excitedly went over to pet him, talking about how she never saw anything like him… again.  She really did get to relive her happy moments regularly.

 After informing us that Raine would be indisposed for several more minutes, Mila suggested moving to the ballroom for some dancing, saying that she had finished preparing it.

 I always felt the sight of my ballroom without the computers was odd, but I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to dance with my wife, especially not when the vampire brothers were visiting.  Having seen them dance at my wedding, I’d happily encourage their dancing for many years to come.  After all, who else would be trying to keep dances from thousands of years ago alive?

 When Raine returned, I only noticed because of the spotlight Mila pointed at her, highlighting Raine dancing with her cat at the side of the room.  Alma and I made our way over to her.

 “Were you successful?” I questioned.


 I grinned and said, “We should test it later before Alberich and Pufflewink play too much together.”

 She nodded.  Then she said, “I-I should… visit… with… Ariadne.”  She was speaking even slower than normal, as if forcing herself to complete the words more smoothly than normal.

 I understood how tough she had it far better than I had when we first met.  The movements of most were very slow to me now, but they weren’t practically frozen as they were to Raine.  I really wished I could tell her how easy she’d make things look eventually.  Casually talking and laughing… Even overcoming the fear of herself which had crippled her for years now.

 On an impulse, I hugged her.  Alma did as well, letting herself enjoy hugs far more freely than she once had.

 “I hope you’re having a wonderful birthday, Raine.” I told her.

 She nodded, smiling at us both.  “B-Best ever.”

 “No.” I stated.  Catching her concern, I quickly said, “We plan to make each one better.”  There were many terrible things throughout the universe, but my company would always stand as a light in that darkness, helping things to be better in whatever way we could.

When your in-game screenshot accidentally resembles a movie poster.


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