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BREAKING NEWS Manchester United make 70 million pound bid for De Ligt! Check it out below!

In football is not about the trophies, the money or the fame, it is about the legacy you left behind for future generations!

Fans react during the 2019 Kibra Derby football tournament between Gogo Boys FC and Kibra United on May 19, 2019 at Kenyatta Grounds in Kibera. Photo by © Brian Otieno ()

NEW £20 > £200 Challenge 😉 Kick off’s are at 19:45. We’ll be attempting to reach that £200 within 3 bets. BET 1: Inter Milan & Fiorentina to both win @ 2.1/1 Who’s in!?

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Still can’t believe there are people fighting about who had done worse this season. PLEASE STOP, BOTH MADRID AND BARCELONA DID WRONG 😩

Next season is a new opportunity to show how much they both have improved! That’s the funniest thing about football, the winner is not always the same ☺️