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YouTube更新しました! 今回はクラウドファンディングのリターン動画その1です😌 良ければご覧下さい! チャンネル登録お願いします☺️

"Nie mogę powiedzieć, że Lionel Messi jest najlepszym piłkarzem w historii futbolu, ale jest najlepszy w swoich czasach" ~ Ronaldinho 😎🔝

My fantasy football team this week should hit the 100+ mark, so I can guarantee this weekend will be full of red cards, penalty misses, injuries and own goals, having a nightmare season

We’ll never forget discussions about pictures like this: . “You can have , but then I want from you , , and ” “I don’t have , but is also OK?” “No, then I also want or .” .

And we are off to to watch torn today between my two teams... but regardless hoping for a good match....looking fwd to catching up with ..... are you going? TT looking v serious!

Help us change the negativity surrounding street children in Pakistan. Join us and in creating a football camp for the less fortunate children of Pakistan 🏃⚽ Donate Now - ❤️

U-17 women's team coach feels the side needs to get used to playing quality opposition after they went down to in the opening match of the U-17 Football Tournament at the . Photo: IANS (File)

Liverpool v Watford - bet builder! ⚽️📊 Bet placed & tracked by a wolf tracker user. ——— 📅 Track every bet you place 📊 Get weekly reports on your betting 🎤 weekly podcasts on betting 📜 Check out our daily newsfeed ▶️

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