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Plant-based food market value hits $4.5B, with sales growing 11% in the past year

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“All Bliss. No Booze,” is the tag line of New York-based Kin Euphorics, who developed a product that aims to mimic alcohol’s upbeat cerebral effects with a combination of adaptogens and nootropics-->

There is a rising trend in providing fresher, healthier options at convenience stores. This comes as consumers look for a way to eat well in the face of rising time-constraints. Read more about the trend here: ,

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This mushroom risotto is a delightfully creamy, warm and comforting dish prepared with shiitake mushrooms and filled with lots of love for those chilly winter evening’s.

In the US, retailers are seeing gains in everything from ready-made food offerings to meal kits. Australian supermarkets have taken note and are embracing new ways to win consumers’ hearts through their stomachs.

Trading in a cup of joe for a snack bar might seem a bit unusual, but if the bar provides the same boost in energy — and doesn’t stain a shirt — many consumers are all for the idea.

As consumers' lifestyles evolve rapidly, here are five key ways these lifestyle choices are driving product development (via )

It’s ! The demand for plant-based food products have grown as the number of vegans/vegetarians have increased. Here’s info about consumer trends for plant-based food.

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How To Make a Subway Sandwich| Veggie Delight| Veg Sub Sandwich Recipe

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Best Foods for Overall Brain Health

How do you view the food you eat? In your mind, is it just food, or is it fuel?Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t give much thought to their food and how it relates to their body’s performance. They eat just to appease hunger, and usually that means chowing down on whatever is easy, convenient, or tasty. But the reality is that the right foods really can unlock potential of the body and brain that you didn’t even know existed.

EAT: Izakaya Style

Japanese food continues to boom in popularity as we discover there’s more to Japan than raw fish and ramen, and as we head into 2018 it’s izakaya, or Japanese ‘pub grub’, that’s set to pick up where sushi left off. Similar to Spanish tapas, these casual tasting plates packed full of flavour are served in izakayas, or gastro-pubs, throughout Japan.

Eat izakaya and expect to swap your maki rolls and sashimi for yakitori skewers steeped in miso sake glaze, plum-stuffed onigiri rice balls and endless varieties of gyoza. And if you can’t wait for Japan’s tastiest plates to reach a restaurant near you, you can always try your hand and making your own – here are 15 recipes to get you started.  

Mission Statement

Food can be truly wonderful, it brings people together, fuels a good day’s work and bring us pure uncomplicated pleasure. 

But a lot of food can be absolute bollocks. Fads aimed at our pockets and insecurities rather than our stomachs and tastebuds. Trends promising shortcuts to happiness health and wellbeing, when the reality is guilt and an empty pocket. 

But how can we tell the difference without trying it all? 

This is what I shall do. Ultimately asking; IS IT FOOD OR IS IT A FAD?


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Are you aware of...?

Are you aware of how many resources are wasted when producing food? Consumers want more information on how their food is produced, that’s the latest food trend. Or that’s what advocates think will be the next trend. 

We just found out that we aren’t utilising the available resources as much as we can and that a lot of the water and land of the producer isn’t used or thrown away. Both the EU and US have plans for reducing the waste of water and land. There are already a few campaigns as well that are working on improving the future of developing countries. 
We think that we should be more concious about what we do with our food and be aware of when we throw away our vegetables or left overs. 

Some people are too careless with their food: when they are stuffed, they are more likely to throw the food away instead of giving it to someone else or keep it for the following day. Changes have to be made, as people in developing countries suffer from hunger or lack of water. 

What do you do to not waste food and to help our planet regarding recycling, giving food to others or saving it for the following day?


The Nutcracker

Milo Milkshake na napakalamig na may marshmallows at stick-O sa ibabaw🍹

Mabibili mo ‘to sa #FoodTrend P20 lang!!

Bili ka na bago ka pa maubusan, bilihin mo sa murang halaga bago pa magmahal👌🏼