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NightRide+Friends+Rain+Ambience+Lemon Tea+Cricket = Perfect Night

Look at all the wonderful food stories people attending have contributed today! We’ve had such fun talking to people about food!

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Hello semua! 🌞Jangan lupa saksikan rancangan-rancangan menarik yang akan bersiaran hari ini di Suria! 🌈⁣ ⁣🔻⁣ ⁣: Saturday, 15 June 2019 ⁣⁣⁣🔻

Late night tweeting - we’re on the hunt for great food stories. Have one? Or know someone who does? Drop us a DM and tell us about it!

Local is the most sumptuous way to the stomach.... If you agree say hi ☝ Let the conversation continue Show us how much you love that meal..... Kudos @ghanafoodnetwork

New episode day tomorrow! We took a roadtrip to Leicester to meet the women behind - who work tirelessness to reuse & redistribute surplus food. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Hello semua! 🌞Jangan lupa saksikan rancangan-rancangan menarik yang akan bersiaran hari ini di Suria! 🌈⁣ ⁣🔻⁣ ⁣: Saturday, 8 June 2019 ⁣⁣🔻

After losing her father, writes about taking homemade pho for granted as she anticipates and recovers from surgery, in “The Best Bowl of Pho”.

Coffee culture is at the heart of my work, no need to wait for international coffee day to celebrate been born in a coffee land producer... NOW ON 👉

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What am I doing? Mama Isa’s Cooking School
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Mi madre y mi sobrina cocinan juntas un postre de arroz integral

Desde su primer año de vida mi sobrina ha disfrutado de los beneficios de la cremosa de arroz integral hecha por mi madre quien se la daba como compota de varias maneras, esto hace que hoy en día ella tenga una apreciación por el arroz integral y sus adaptaciones.

Postre de arroz integral


1 Taza de arroz integral

1 Coco Mediano

4 Pastillas de panela y 2 clavos de canela

Un puñado de nuez del Brasil y un par de ciruelas pasas

Se quema el coco para que se pueda zafar más fácil de su cascara, se abre contra el suelo y luego lo rallamos

Dejar remojando el arroz el día previo a la preparación en una taza de agua fría.

Hervir 4 tazas de agua, Licuar el arroz previamente remojado y verter esta mezcla poco a poco en el agua hervida, una vez espesa se baja la temperatura y se continúa revolviendo de vez en cuando por 40 minutos

Por otro lado, se quema el coco para que se pueda zafar más fácil de su cascara y luego lo rallamos.

Ponemos la panela con 2 clavos de canela a cocinar a fuego lento en una taza de agua y dejamos que se convierta en Melado

Una vez el arroz se ha convertido en un cremosa le agregamos el coco rallado y en una copa de postre ponemos una capa de melado, luego la cremosa y finalizamos por encima con nuez del Brasil rallada, 2 ciruelas pasas y otro poco de melado.

My mother and niece cook together brown rice pudding

Since her first year of life my niece has enjoyed the benefits of the brown rice porridge, she was given it as a compote in several ways which makes her have an appreciation for brown rice and its adaptations.

Brown rice pudding


1 cup of brown rice

1 Medium Coconut

1 brown sugar loaf and 2 cinnamon cloves

A handful of Brazilian nut and a couple of dried prunes

Let the rice soak the day before the preparation in a cup of cold water.

The coconut is burned so that it can be easier to peel off its shell, open it against the ground and then grate it.

Boil 4 cups of water, Liquefy the previously soaked rice and pour this mixture little by little into the boiled water, once the mixture has thickened the temperature is put down and continue stirring every now and then for 40 minutes

We put the panela with 2 cloves of cinnamon to simmer in a cup of water and let it become toffee

Once the rice has turned into a creamy one we add the grated coconut and in a dessert glass we put a layer of toffee, then the creamy one and we finish over with grated Brazil nut, 2 prunes and another little bit of toffee.


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