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FRESH HERBS โ€“ A check of our 5 Senses fresh herbs by our growers. Itโ€™s all about the best constant quality with year-round availability๐ŸŒฑ.

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"Good Food is the Foundation Genuine Happiness" Taste and Savor our Indian Gravy Happy Monday Everyone! Eat with us! And Visit us on our link and website below! Facebook Page : Website Link:

excited for start of Conference tomorrow morning & proud that & are silver sponsors with lots of gr8 sessions and looking forward to learning more about whatโ€™s new in corrections

visit Rebecca Herrmann RDN, LDN, Brock's Dietitian, in the dining hall tomorrow to learn more about our interactive menus for the Swain community! . . .

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RT : This Is a Fantastic Price on This Industrial Style Ash Wood Mobile Serving Bar Cart! Sale Ends October 1st So Order Yours Now. Free Shipping. โ€ฆ

This Is a Fantastic Price on This Industrial Style Ash Wood Mobile Serving Bar Cart! Sale Ends October 1st So Order Yours Now. Free Shipping.

vรญa : Los grandes supermercados desembarcan en el mundo y ofrecen productos listos para comer en sus locales y tambiรฉn a domicilio.

Our Tech Team has had a good week. First they got a brand new open plan working space, then they visited Barbers in Ditcheat to learn more about the process of cheese making. Thank you to Martyn Allcorn of Barbers for hosting them.

Falmouth Hospital is happy to extend a warm welcome to Hannah Allen, a recent addition to the Dietary Team, as Lead Kitchen Helper. Welcome to Cape Cod Healthcare, Hannah! We are happy you are here.

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    As the 23rd of September approaches, a day in which the leaves on every tree shall soon change color, began to think back and remember what I have accomplished in this past summer. Of course, I have read books and eBooks as well as having done my writing projects, so I have no trouble saying that I have been busy this summer. Of course, there was not much else to do other than what I have just mentioned since I had been working at my food service job.
But alas, another summer has come and gone, and I think that I am glad that summer is over, because truthfully, I never really had a quiet one this year than in the previous years because my first cousin’s son had been staying with us for full weeks every two weeks for the summer instead of staying with us every weekend. Now, I do not know why this has happened, and I wish I knew why this has happened, but believe it or not, it has happened. But my guess happens to be that my first cousin’s son never got to spend any quality time this summer with his mom, and now that boy has been staying with us throughout the past six weeks. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but things have been quite frustrating for me because that boy had been here instead of being with his mom, and do you want to know something else? Again, I do not want to sound ungrateful, but I would like for that little boy to be with his mother because I think that she loves him and that she misses him so very much.
    And would you like to hear something else interesting? Almost every day after I had finished work, my uncle would drive me home in the usual way, and with that I could see the farm fields as well as a lake, and then afterward I would see that WSFS sign in the building of that bank in Felton, Delaware, as a sign that we are nearing home. But now, with the fact that my cousin’s son is continuing to be with us, my uncle is taking me back in a much different route than the usual way home, and to me, it is something of an inconvenience, because I like to get home early and to just relax. But with the fact that my first cousin’s son is still with us, I do not think that it is ever going to happen now, and I imagine that it is going to be that way until things finally get back to normal and that little boy will finally get to go back to staying with his mother on full weekdays while going right back to just visiting us on weekends.

    I I also do not know why my uncle would not allow me to be impatient when it came to me wanting to go home or that the time would be for me to take my medicine. I only wish as well that he would understand my flaws and what I am going through in life.
    I do not know what the coming year would bring for me as well as the rest of my family, but what I would like to address is this: I hope that when next summer comes around, then maybe my first cousin shall finally have his own place so that he and his son could live, and then perhaps visit on weekends. I hope that next summer for me would be much different than what I have endured this summer.  

Next time ur in a restaurant or any food service place and it’s really busy and it takes a long time for you to get food, please please please tip the employees. If you can, even tip extra.

They are making minimum wage in a high stress environment and withholding tips just because it’s busy and ur food took longer to get to you is unfair, because the wait is definitely not their fault, so they shouldn’t be punished for it.

I hate working busy nights because it’s so busy and stressful and despite having hundreds of people come through in a night, we get next to no tips because everyone is mad about the wait time.


(Zentangle®-inspired frame art by Jenn Webster)

    This week, I have gotten the best news of my life; On Tuesday, my supervisor called me at the library and told me that the application that she had made for the renewal of my photo ID has been approved, and that all I needed was to go to the visitor’s center that was located at the Dover Air Force Base and to have my photo ID renewed, and that I would be back at work on the day after the next day. And so, after I had done writing a draft at the library, I hopped on a cab and went to the visitor’s center at the Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware. There, my photo ID had finally been renewed, and that I am now ready to return to reality as I go back to work on the day after that day…
    But you know, I had a pretty good time off in the past week, even though it was kind of short. During that time, I get to finish reading that book called Street Gang, which chronicles the history of Sesame Street, then wrote drafts. There was extra time for me to relax and to recharge my creative batteries so that I would be ready for more of what would be to come for me. But in all honesty, I miss work.
    But today, I would finally get to return to work and to go back and do what I should be doing: Cleaning, wiping exit doors, vacuuming, and even wiping the tables. Say, do you know what I enjoy doing the most? Well, it is that that I help with the dishies, er, I mean dishes, stacking them in the moving tray and then haul them out into the dining rooms, and then I could be as fast as any coworker in this workplace.

    I do enjoy the cleaning part of my food service job. It helps me to have the quality of life in which I should have in the early years of my life. I still have a whole lot to learn, I think, but I am still learning. I enjoy focusing on my job, as well as to handle it well.
    As I have mentioned this somehow before, I hope to continue my concentration on performing my job as well as it can ever be.

                  ©2019 Jenn W.


I finished up a 2D short, mostly just to see if I could lol.  Something like this has been in my head for a few years now (no matter how far I can go without working in fast food, my hatred will always burn bright).  It’s called “Sink” and I’m glad to share it!

CW: blood/knives


Video realizzato insieme a Babel Collective per lanciare Sweet and Shake Cup, il concorso organizzato da Debic e Bargiornale.

U.S. Military Teams from All Branches Honored for Excellence in Foodservice on Eve of Armed Forces Day, Joined by Renowned Chef Andre Rush

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (NRAEF) will honor the winners of this year’s Military Foodservice Awards in conjunction with the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. The awards program aligns with the NRAEF’s commitment to support America’s armed forces, veterans, and military spouses through training and post-duty opportunities.

This year’s keynote speaker is Chef Andre Rush, retired combat Veteran who served 23 years in the Army and has received global recognition for his suicide prevention efforts, including becoming a popular internet sensation for doing 2,222 push-ups a day to promote the importance of mental and physical health. Chef Rush has served meals in the White House, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show and now serves as Ambassador for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s After School All- Star Kids Program.

During the Show, individuals and teams will be honored at the Military Foodservice Awards dinner for their commitment to foodservice excellence in management effectiveness, force readiness support, food quality, employee and customer relations, resource conservation, training and safety awareness.

“For more than 60 years, the restaurant industry has honored the men and women of the U.S. military for outstanding foodservice at bases and installations throughout the world,” said Rob Gifford, executive vice president of the NRAEF. “The NRAEF is dedicated to helping the military maintain foodservice excellence across all branches, and providing guidance for veterans transitioning to restaurant jobs and careers.“

Winners for these prestigious awards are chosen by representatives from the National Restaurant Association, NRAEF and the Society for Foodservice and Hospitality Management, who travel with senior military officers to installations around the globe on a yearly basis to evaluate foodservice operations. In addition to the Awards ceremony, winners will participate in a multi-day foodservice training program


Photos from last year’s Military Foodservice Awards; this year, Chef Andre Rush (bottom right) will be joining the event for 2019 and attend industry sessions.

The following installations were recognized as the 2019 Military Foodservice Awards winners:

Winners of the Philip A. Connelly awards, honoring the Army:
The winner for the Best Army National Guard is: 1135th COMBAT SUPPORT COMPANY Minnesota Army National Guard

Winners of the Marines W.P.T. Hill awards, honoring the Marine Corps:
Winner for the Best Military/Contractor Garrison Mess Hall: MESS HALL 2365 Marine Corps Installation Pacific, Marine Corps Base, Camp Hansen, OKINAWA, JAPAN
Winner for the Best Full Foodservice Contractor Garrison Mess Hall: MESS HALL 2204 Marine, Corps Installations West-Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California
Winner for the Best Active Field Mess: 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force-2nd Marine Logistics Group, COMBAT LOGISTICS REGIMENT 27, FOODSERVICE COMAPANY, CAMP LEJEUNE, NORTH CAROLINA Winner for the Best Reserve Field Mess: 6th ENGINEER SUPPORT BATTALION, 4th MARINE LOGISTICS GROUP, PORTLAND, OREGON

Winners of the Captain Edward F. Ney Memorial Awards, honoring the Navy:
Award for Best Aircraft Carrier is: USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN (CVN 72), Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Award for the Best Small/Medium Afloat: USS JOHN P. MURTHA (LPD 26), Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Award for the Best Large Afloat: USS BOXER (LHD 4), Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Award for the Best Submarine: USS SANTA FE (SSN 763), Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Award for the Best Large Ashore: TRIDENT INN GALLEY, Naval Base Kitsap, Bremerton, Washington Award for the Best Small Ashore: RESORANTE BELLA ETNA, Naval Air Station Sigonella, Sigonella, Italy

Winners of the Captain David M. Cook food service excellence awards, honoring the Military Sealift Command:
Award for the Best Foodservice Operation Small category: USNS MERCY (T-AH 19)
Award for the Best Foodservice Operation Medium category: USNS YUKON (T-AO 202)

Award for the Best Foodservice Operation Large category: USNS ROBERT E. PEARY (T-AKE 5) Award for the Hybrid category is: USS FRANK CABLE (AS-40)

Winners of the 2019 John L Hennessey awards, honoring the Air Force:
Air Force Region 1 category winner: Elgin AFB, 96th FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON, AFMC Valparaiso, Florida
Air Force region 2 category winner: Altus AFB, 97th FORCE SUPPORT, SQUADRON, AETC Altus, Oklahoma
Winner of the 2019 John L. Hennessey awards for Air Force Reserves: 914th FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON, Niagara Falls Air Reserve, New York

Winner of the Senior Master Sergeant Kenneth W. Disney food service award, honoring the Air National Guard: 115th FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON SERVICES FLIGHT – Madison, Wisconsin

Winner of the 2019 Forrest O. Rednour Memorial Award:
Award for Large Afloat Dining Facility: COAST GUARD CUTTER ALEX HALEY, Kodiak, Alaska
Award for Large Ashore Dining Facility: COAST GUARD TRAINING CENTER YORKTOWN GALLEY, Yorktown, Virginia
Award for Medium Afloat Dining Facility: COAST GUARD CUTTER CONFIDENCE, Cape Canaveral, Florida Award for Medium Ashore Dining Facility: COAST GUARD AIR STATION SITKA, Sitka, Alaska
Award for Small Afloat Dining Facility: COAST GUARD CUTTER JOHN MCCORMICK, Ketchikan, Alaska Award for Small Ashore Dining Facility: COAST GUARD STATION GRAYS HARBOR, Westport, Washington

The Military Foodservice Awards dinner gala and ceremony and the Advanced Restaurant Management training program are sponsored by Del Frisco’s, Hormel, Sodexo, Computrition, Ecolab, Hobart, Rose Packing, Sysco, Aramark, Barfresh, BJ’s Restaurants, Butterball, Constellation Brands, New Chef, Penfed Credit Union, Trinchero, Victorinox, Cambro, Geezer Consulting, Kitchens To Go, N’Genuity, Sack Family Foundation, and Tyson.

In addition to recognizing foodservice excellence within the armed forces, the NRAEF provides military foodservice training on established industry standards of restaurant management and culinary training, connects transitioning military to apprenticeship opportunities, supports military spouses and provides scholarship opportunities.

Visit to learn how to get involved with the NRAEF and its work to build pathways to meaningful jobs and careers in restaurants and foodservice.

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Reposted from @fateinitiative - The more they say yes, the more questions you should ask.

@JoeySalmingo takes a very realistic approach when I lead these forums for restaurants — because he gets it, he’s been there, and on both sides. Joey understands that there is still a money making business to be run.

Joey aims to incorporate, strategy into preventative safety measures, life saving tactics and general procedure in allergy cognizance in the workplace. That makes for and empowered staff that’s more confident and caring of allergic individuals.

Remember, FATE stands for Food Allergy Training & Education and that’s exactly what we intend to do. Train & Educate.
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“Since the oven is like. 600 degrees. It should burn off any germs on anything you put in there.”

“Oh okay cool, so I could just put my hands in the oven to burn off the germs instead of washing them?”

“I mean, it’d certainly burn off the germs but it would also uh. Burn off your hands.”
Mid Century Serving Platter Stylized Bachelor Button Flowers Platinum Silver Edge Blue Flowers Gray Leaves
For just $25.00 This Mid Century serving platter boasts a ring of stylized Bachelor Button flowers along with a silver trimmed edge. 13 1/2" x 10" . I could no…

For just $25.00
This Mid Century serving platter boasts a ring of stylized Bachelor Button flowers along with a silver trimmed edge. 13 ½" x 10" . I could not find the pattern name or maker, but it would go great with your Taylor Smith Taylor “Forever Yours”. Excellent condition with some loss to the silver trim.
Please see all pictures as they are a part of the description.
Please read all measurements as the pictures can be deceiving in relation to size.
Rocks, fake fruit, candles, books, shells or any other photo props are not included.


Daxwell G10002799 28" x 44" Embossed Premium Cast Polyethylene Aprons, S…


Now this is what usually happens with our Fine Porcelain. Even though Wilmax porcelain is a true fine porcelain. See through and beautiful, it is also double fired (vitrified China). It is super durable and is meant to go through food service industry abuse. It does NOT chip easily and is meant to be used. Dishwasher/ microwave/ oven (450 for as long as you want) safe.

Obviously 🙄 one would not usually use our plates to hammer in nails, but if our Porcelain plates can withstand that, we are sure it can handle your dishwashers.

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