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Monday Party ...Just because!

Subtilement, j'envoie des messages à mon supérieur à propos de mes prétentions salariales.

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Oggi giornata di per nakpack, il rivoluzionario sistema di imballaggio per la spedizione di bottiglie di vetro.

In it intrigued me to see the different food worlds: from tech-based innovations, small and trend stores and age old . How has our evolved and has stayed behind?

Raquel Bravo for : in Italy, over 25% of time in restaurant space is invested in marketing, and social network is the preferred ADV channel.

for : Before consuming a food, our mind creates simulations of the taste. Communication of food is actually relevant.

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New YouTube video: Pinterest tutorial… setting a pin as your wallpaper!
Link to view entire video…
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100-Page Publication /2

Food as a status symbol.
This is my second direction of exploring the food culture aspects. I screen captured the scenes from the movie Downton Abbey to show how food played an important role as a class status in the past. Is it still happening nowadays?  Do people post a photo of food on online platforms just to share their experience or to represent their luxury lifestyle, in another term “to use food as props”?

I tried to visualize two different hidden meanings of food through this publication using the photo from two sources. The first one is from the British documentary photographer, Martin Parr, which show all the real food in everyday life and another is from the contemporary food staging and photography design book named Visual Feast. These visual comparations lead me to some questions. What is food communication? How do people communicate through food? How does food in reality and ads create the different feeling?