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17 Mint Chocolate Desserts for St Patrick´s Day | Round Up compiled by FlavoursandFrosti...

昨日取引先の業者さんから、お中元を頂きました! 日本の夏と言えばスイカ!🙌 お店の皆で美味しくいただきました~ ありがとうございます!✴️

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of chia seeds? We ll your in luck because here is an article for you to read that explains it all. Benefits of chia >

You'll need softened cream cheese to make sure your dip is really creamy.

Join us at India's best restaurant, @Indiapalaceregina visit us at 4030 Albert St, Regina. SK S4S 3R6 +1 (306) 347-9999

Finally, the full report to the on Agroecology is out (full transparency: I participated in the high level panel): a complex subject because it means so many different things to many but so timely in view of the need to rethink many parts of &

: Henry at Life Hotel, a Pan-African Restaurant in Midtown, Has Closed The end comes weeks after its acclaimed chef, JJ Johnson, opened a new rice bowl shop in Harlem.

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#100happydays 2019, day 24 : Ate at Pedro Alta, a Portuguese seafood restaurant which serves the biggest portions I’ve ever seen - but everything is sooooo good

😍 Found them.

🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥/5 perfect little snack. I’m a 90s baby, I grew up eating cookie dough with the egg, so I literally don’t understand why it’s such a big problem now to have cookie dough without eggs so you do die. But that just means I get to try new snacks.

These are little nuggets of perfect and it makes it so I don’t have to make cookies just to eat half the dough before it makes it to the oven. Peanubutter is my favorite, it has a string peanutbutter taste. Chocolate is also good.

These have been in my fridge for almost a month and they haven’t gotten hard or change texture at all so that’s dope. Found them at Publix buy 1 get 1 free. Original price was $4.99.

HAPIfork will tell you when to chew for $99 starting October 18th

The bossy utensil that got the mainstream media all worked up at CES will be available for purchase for $99 starting October 18th at the premiere purveyor of all things you didn’t know you needed: Brookstone. HAPIfork, a Bluetooth-enabled fork that vibrates when you shovel food into your mouth at a pace that exceeds pre-programmed intervals, is already shipping to Kickstarter backers. Pre-orders start today, with direct purchases available exclusively from Brookstone online and in-store starting the 18th. If you’re having trouble measuring your mastication, check out the press release after the break.

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3D systems buys sugar printing firm for future breakthroughs in tooth decay

3D Systems has been on a bit of a shopping spree lately, snatching up companies left and right for its portfolio of print offerings. This latest deal is a bit sweeter than most, however. The company has picked up Sugar Lab, an LA-based startup that prints edible 3D objects in sugar. This isn’t quite the breakthrough in 3D-printed food we’ve been waiting for, but it certainly suggests that the company is taking a much more serious look at the space, as CEO Avi Reichental suggested during our interview at Expand back in March.

We reached out to the exec for comment on this latest acquisition, and he told us: “We are all foodies at heart, and for as long as we could remember, food provided a great canvass for our creativity. Adding third dimension to food creation is one of the most exciting initiatives I am involved with.” At the very least, it takes us a step closer to the Star Trek cake we’ve wanted since we were 10.

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How to make Brazilian Coxinhas



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