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Interesting Documentary About Eating Good Food That Tastes Great

I have just watched a documentary that was broadcast on the TV, but is obtainable for free online.

Just Google

“David Suzuki Nature of Things Food for Thought”

And it’s available from somewhere called CBC Gem

It’s all about how I am living on junk food, lol, and how I can change by using fresh foods to lower my reliance on processed crap foods.

The most important thing that I noticed was that the brain can be reprogrammed to prefer healthy foods over junk foods. And that by learning how to cook at home you can eat a lot healthier without resorting to food based on lettuce lol.

Anyway I figure that I might start by adding some fresh foods to my shopping list next time I go shopping for my usual processed crap like frozen pizzas and TV dinners

Bon Appetite mon Amis!