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Enjoy Pakhala @ Hotel Sapphire International.

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is a famous traditional food in Korea. It’s so and affordable in price. If you could ever visit and want to eat over and over again, then definitely try kimchi once.

Crispy, cheesy, spicy baked potato fries that are oil-free! Just 5 ingredients and simple methods required. The perfect plant-based snack!

In 2018, & partners in 🇦🇫reached 5.25 million girls, boys, ♀️ & ♂️ with assistance across all 34 provinces, more than half of them affected by the worst in a decade. Details on our activities here:

You will be connected with our transportation team right after our order has been processed, and they will work with you to execute the best transportation option that will safely and securely deliver the order to your door step.

Back in we looked at our Compliance Guide Part 1 - All Things Electrical. Today we thought we'd look at our Guide part 2. We look at and so much more! Take a look here for more information

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Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

I made me and my dad a mango garlic and cilantro seafood medley with pineapple salsa veggies and it was absolutely delicious 🌽 🍤 🍅 also I highly recommend crumbling corn tortilla chips on top cause life.

Also don’t ask me for a recipe cause chef Nicole’s style is never using one

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I hate how white people think they have authority to say what is authentic (insert Asian country here) cuisine or not like excuse you Mr. Pasty Ass what makes you think a Japanese restaurant owned and managed by native Japanese people isn't authentic Japanese food?

Control of the narrative and image is part of the colonialism, imperialism, and white supremacy. Dictating what is and is not Asian and what is and is not authentic is necessary for them, if they’re to control an east-west boundary where the east is always seen as “backwards, antiquated, mysterious” etc.

Honestly, I freaking hate “authenticity” and it’s one of the particular bits of racism that bugs me more than usual. Super white Republican guy once told me that the take out I was eating wasn’t “authentic”. And I’m thinking “I know what you mean, but we  all know what you mean. You think I’m not aware? Secondly, actual Chinese people made this food. Who are you to say what’s authentic? If you mean traditional, be precise. But you won’t because you haven’t thought about this as much as I have, I bet.”

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