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Today’s Lunch Special: Chicken Pot Pie! Soup: Turkey Dumpling!

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This design is based off Brad Leone saying, “It gets the Allicin goin’, Ya know? It’s good for you... I think” on . Was influenced by old school crate labels. Thanks to for his editing wizardry, my latest fav was the Cobra!

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Taiwanese fried pineapple and sweet mayo shrimp

I’d put this under a read more but Tumblr keeps changing how that works and I don’t even know on mobile anymore so…Meh. Content warning for food, diet, and medical stuff talk I guess?


Eating low carb again and honestly I might have to start counting calories. Not because I’m still eating too much! But I’m pretty sure I ran so low yesterday and the day before that I woke up kinda faint and shaky today.


This is hard. I’m actively trying to lose weight more slowly than last time because last time I felt nasty from dropping 30 pounds in about 45 days (don’t do that! It’s way too fast!! 5 lbs/week is like, the minimum and even then you’d probably do better to go slower) but I just don’t have an appetite worth shit on this particular diet so it’s hard to remember to even put thing in face, usually my body will at least make its needs very obvious after a few hours but nope, the moment I cut it carbs it just goes “nothing is food anymore, guess I’ll just die.” Unhelpful, body! Why. Please tell me when you want to eat, preferably before the part where I actually feel ill.

Also if I don’t eat enough carbs at all I go into full on rage Hulk smash mode and that’s bad for everyone’s mental health so I’ve intentionally been adding at minimum a half a piece of toast or similar to breakfast and that’s made an enormous difference in my energy levels and levelheadedness. Brains need fuel, y'all.

On the plus side my A1c is back to normal and I’m no longer in the prediabetic range, whoo. Which means I can stop struggling to get along with nearly as much metformin. Over 1000mg/day gets…uncomfortable, let’s put it that way. (Hahaha it’s so terrible)

I accidentally an entire way to make a single serving of unsweetened ice cream though, that’s pretty cool.

“Sai una cosa? (…) Per tutta la vita ho avuto paura di essere molto felice temendo che il cosmo lo avrebbe controbilanciato con una bella dose di sfortuna. Così non ho mai fatto suonare le campane a festa per niente: né per un ottimo voto, né per una conquista, né per un compleanno. Non mi sono mai concessa un’esplosione di felicità totale”. Respirai profondamente. “E adesso so che la disgrazia arriva da sola. Anche per me, che ho passato molto tempo compressa in una felicità tiepida: (…) fare tutto quello che ci si aspettava da me nella convinzione che questo mi avrebbe tenuto al sicuro. (…) Ma il cosmo, Francisco, non ti ricompensa. E adesso mi chiedo perché non sia stata più spontanea e pazzamente felice tutte le volte che ne ho avuto l’occasione”.

Donne che comprano fiori, Vanessa Montfort 


195.2 last Friday –> 193.4 Saturday –> 193.2 Sunday –> 193.0 Monday –> 191.2 Tuesday –> 191.4 Wednesday –> 189.4 yesterday –> 189.4 today

J and I had a photoshoot last night with some friends who are engaged, and then they took us for dinner on the Brooklyn waterfront. I really wanted to stay 189 for my weigh-in today, so I was SUPER careful. I had:

- one piece of a lobster BLT sushi roll
- two pieces of a wagyu beef sushi roll
- a goat cheese croquette
- one spoonful of fluke ceviche
- one slice of Korean beef
- a bacon-wrapped fig
- a spicy Moscow mule
- half of this Nutella popcorn sundae

It felt like approximately 100 calories of savory food, so I felt comfortable sharing the sundae, and even then, I wasn’t remotely full. 

I got a pretty crazy headache on the way home that woke me up in the middle of the night, so I’m thinking maybe it wasn’t as nutritious as I needed it to be for being my one meal of the day. But who knows, could’ve been not enough water or not enough sodium or a million other things.

I thought I should’ve been rewarded with more weightloss (so greedy), but I guess I’m still stabilizing from that two-pound drop yesterday. I’m going to say this was close enough to mark my goal complete:

9/21/18: 189 pounds ✅
9/28/18: 187
10/5/18: 185
10/12/18: 183
10/19/18: 181
10/26/18: 179
11/2/18: 177
11/9/18: 175
11/16/18: 173
11/23/18: 171
11/30/18: 169
12/7/18: 167
Wedding on 12/14/18: 165

Off to a great start, friends!