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Modelo: Rata Diseñador: Richard Galindo Flores Plegado por: Juan Flores Catunta(me)

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Laundry is stressing me out lol! 🤦🏼‍♀️ All needs to be sorted and folded. The black garbage bag needs to be folded as well. 😩

Almost there! I start my internship on Feb 10th (so nervous) than I'm done March 3rd. My average remains at 92% but accounting my bring it down. Still very proud of myself. 53 and starting new. Proof you r nvr too old!

はしゃぐ姿 あまり見せない そのプライド 目をまるくするやっちまった感 「見られた!」

😍🔥 يتوفر سامسونج جالكسي فولد المذهل الآن في معرض أنصار! 😍🔥 The amazing Samsung Galaxy Fold is now available in Ansar Gallery!

Quer saber mais sobre a tendência (ou seria modismo) dos smartphones dobráveis assista vídeo gravado em colaboração com meu amigo , falando de , Mate X, Razr, Samsung Fold 2... Caberá no seu bolso?

O novo Samsung Galaxy S11 já tem unpacked marcado! 😍 Vamos ver o que a Samsung nos preparou de tão especial. Fica atento é já dia 2 de Fevereiro! . . .

Hope mentions first novel ! "The Tinderbox. Soldier of Indira" ! ; (Available on Amazon)

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Преемник Galaxy Fold может поставляться с 8-дюймовым дисплеем, 108-мегапиксельной камерой

Ожидается, что Samsung представит свой второй складной телефон на предстоящем мероприятии Unpacked 11 февраля вместе с серией Galaxy S20. В отличие от прошлогоднего Galaxy Fold, предстоящий складной, который, как ожидается, будет называться Galaxy Z Flip,…

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I swear, Fold is a masterpiece. It is so delicious. You write in such a beautiful, subtle, sexy way that never feels jumbled or forced. You are so wonderful

This is truly one of the most wonderful comments I have ever received and I am over the moon! Thank you so much, I can’t tell you what this means to me, thank you! 💕

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